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Holli Miss Pettigrew lives for a day is really good :) I liked that one alot. Laura....didn't you just love this movie?? I really liked it. Have you seen Made of Honor yet? 27 Dresses? Another one I really liked was The Wedding Planner.

And Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the guy in the band ......

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments Oh man, I see what you mean about him. He was def. smokin!

Loved PS...haven't seen Pettigrew, Made of Honor or 27 dresses. Saw Wedding pLanner, I think, but that was a while back. I think I saw that. I might be getting mixed up w/Wedding Singer.

Even my husband liked PS. I mean, he wasn't jumping up and down, but we both liked it.

Holli Watch those 2 also. Made of Honor and 27 Dresses. I think you will like them :) Wedding Planner had Jennifer Lopez and Wedding Singer Adam Sandler. LOL

Sonja (crvena_sonja) | 305 comments MOVIES
I completely agree with My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Chocolat, and Ever After. Some of my other favorites that are very tastefully done are:

Sabrina (with Harrison Ford)
French Kiss (who can resist Kevin Kline...)
Roman Holiday (always a classic)
Wimbledon (a chick flick with a sports twist and a male main character)

Some of my other favorites are 10 Things I Hate About You which is an edgier teenage take on Taming of the Shrew, and Bride and Prejudice which is Bollywood's take on Pride and Prejudice.

Terry Pratchett and Bill Bryson are some of my favorite authors for a laugh but one of the best books I've read recently is Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires. In it she talks about her year as the restaurant critic for the New York Times and everything she went through to keep her reviews sincere. As a bonus this book comes with some recipes from the editor of Gourmet magazine...

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments Loved Sabrina, and will check the others out Sonja, thanks!

Heidi Notting Hill, Love Actually and Four Weddings and a Funeral are some of my fave Brit flicks... can watch 'em over and over (probably because Hugh Grant is pretty darn easy on the eyes).

Feel good movies for me include movie musicals so I can sing out loud (badly) and cheer myself up... like Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Rent and Sweeney Todd... and each has an actor (or two) that are equally easy on the eyes...

Holli I like all your Brit movies Heidi and also Chicago and Moulin Rouge....I could watch all of those all day long.

I liked The Family Stone too!! Did anyone see that one? Oh and Dreamer....I'm surprised I haven't mentioned that one yet. Laura you would love Dreamer.

Katie (cowgirl-up) | 319 comments What a fun thread! It's always nice to be reminded of things to make us smile.

For books, my go-to series for a good laugh are the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. The Agatha Raisin series by MC Beaton is usually good for a chuckle, too. Paulo Coehlo's books are pretty deep, but I find them mentally refreshing.

My feel good movies of choice are Seabiscuit. Pretty much any Disney movie, too. Specifically, Finding Nemo or The Brave Little Toaster.

Hannah (hannah7299) | 268 comments Oh, I love French Kiss! I could watch it over & over.

Karey (KareyShane) | 116 comments Wow, where was I when this thread got going? It's great! I'm going to go through everyone's posts again and write myself a little list to run to the library with. I haven't heard of a lot of them.

Ditto to Sonja's list of movies. Except for I go with the Audrey Hepburn version of Sabrina ;). (Trivia: Paramount just came out with a Centennial edition that's been scrubbed up and cleaned visually.)

Princess Bride
What About Bob?
French Kiss
Roman Holiday

in no particular order.

Good laughs for a book? To Kill a Mockingbird or anything by Mark Twain.

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments I LOVE What About Bob! LOve that one. I love Bill Murray anyway, he is so funny.

checking Dreamer out, Holli, thx!

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments I LOVE What About Bob! LOve that one. I love Bill Murray anyway, he is so funny.

checking Dreamer out, Holli, thx!

Oh - that one's already in my Netflix queue. Thanks!

Sonja (crvena_sonja) | 305 comments I haven't actually seen the original Sabrina so that would probably make a good holiday feel good option. I hear the two are quite different from each other in plot and such. Roman Holiday was also recently remastered so that was exciting as well.

Must look into What About Bob? I've never actually heard of it...

Allyson | 7 comments Ditto on Enchanted April, Seabiscuit and The Holiday. And Princess Bride is one of my all-time favorite movies. I'll have to check out the Faerie Special Romances, Rowena. They sound good. I've been reading some YA books for my own writing project and they can be really refreshing. Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdoch is a delight. For adult books, I'm currently reading Hannah Tinti's The Good Thief which has some sad parts, but is also heartwarming.

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments Heh...Bill Murray. I saw Groundhog Day for the first time earlier this year and loved it.

*SIGH* I just watched You've Got Mail for like the millionth time. I sat in my pj's with my bathrobe, feeling sick and tired and wishing someone would bring me daisies. :)

message 116: by teri (new)

teri | 540 comments See Emily, now I can't even see those words "You've Got Mail" without compulsively posting in and saying how much I do love that movie. My daughter and I have been watching it together for years. We have 5 or 6 movies that we watch over and over when we just want to feel good. My son used to come into the room and see us watching it, reciting the best lines together as they said them in the movie, and just shake his head and walk out. And I agree with you...I mean, don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?

Holli Laura....let me know when you watch Dreamer ok? I loved that movie but I have my own weird little reasons why it struck such a chord with me. I'm curious to see what you think about it.

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1771 comments Totally agree with You've Got Mail; always makes me feel good, over and over and over....and will have to look for Dreamer, thanks Holli!

Holli You are welcome Cindy!! Enjoy :)

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments Teri, every fall I want a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. :)

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments I will let you know Holli - and I've suddenly got a yearning to see You've Got Mail again!

Hee hee!

Angela | 19 comments Feel good book(s): The Shopaholic series (Confessions of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan, Shopaholic Ties the Knot, Shopaholic and Sister, and Shopaholic and Baby).

Feel good movie: Made of Honor. Just rented it this weekend and my husband even thought it was laugh-out-loud funny! (And he prefers shoot-em, kill-em movies).

Sonja (crvena_sonja) | 305 comments I just rented Made of Honor! I'm really hoping to add it to my list of feel good movies...

My entire family teases me that I can watch The Holiday or French Kiss many times over and never get sick of them. I'm really happy to see that I'm not the only one who can do this...

Holli I saw a movie this weekend on AMC and immediately thought of this thread. This would be my ultimate feel good movie I'd have to say....Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Love this one!

SarahC (SarahCarmack) | 4 comments Has anyone mentioned Kate and Leopold? Hugh Jackman is the out-of-place nobleman who courts Meg Ryan. By the way, you know what he was just recently voted by People mag......

Heidi I think it's time for a Hugh Jackman movie extravaganza... if only to gaze upon People magazine's perfect choice for Sexiest Man... and I adore him in Kate and Leopold!

Looking forward to seeing Australia (maybe my new friend Holli wants to go... )-- definitely looks like a winner.

Holli Hey Heidi.....I would LOVE to see that! When is it coming out?

Hannah (hannah7299) | 268 comments I loved Kate & Leopold! Hugh Jackman, oh my....saw him on Oprah the other day w/Nicole Kidman discussing Australia. I think the movie looks great from the previews so far & I could just sit and watch him all day. :) I liked him in that movie w/Ashley Judd & Greg Kinnear too. Can't remember the name of it though.

Cindy (cyndil62) | 1771 comments Oh Hannah, I bought Kate & Leopold on a VCR tape but have yet to watch it. Will have to relax and watch it.

Hannah (hannah7299) | 268 comments You'll love it! I discovered my crush on Hugh Jackman after watching it.

Emily (ejfalke) | 576 comments Yes, K&L is a great one. He is very attractive. :) Not so much as Wolverine, but, you know.

Sonja (crvena_sonja) | 305 comments Hannah - That movie is called Someone like You and I LOOOOOOOOOVE that movie! The old cow theory... ah yes.

"Whats that on your neck?" "I bit myself shaving..." Totally priceless!

Hannah (hannah7299) | 268 comments Yes, that's right! Thanks, Sonja! I loved her old cow theory.

Sydney (SydneyH) Oh I LOVE "Someone Like You!"

I agree with so many of the movies mentioned here. Here's my lists:

Classics: - Some Like It Hot, The Philadelphia Story, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Roman Holiday

Recent Movies: The Lake House, Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood, Devil Wears Prada, Love Actually, Someone like You, Notting Hill, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, What About Bob, Funny Farm, You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless In Seattle, A League of Their Own, Stealing Home, Shakespeare In Love, Sliding Doors.

Whew. Sorry... that's a long list... but I love feel good movies!

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments Me too! Thanks Sydney!

Rowena (Rowenacherry) | 44 comments Hugh Jackman has a page on Facebook with some very nice photos. He accepts friendship requests, too!

Heidi Just want to thank all of you wonderful ladies for the half-box of kleenex I went through watching Love Actually the other night... now I've got to find my 4 weddings and a funeral so I can finish off that box of Puffs!

Holli Oh Heidi.....that's my all time favorite Christmas movie!! I'm so glad you liked it :)

We'll have to chat about that Saturday at our Australia movie day..........

Sonja (crvena_sonja) | 305 comments So, as a little bit of a change of pace... Does anyone ever have times when a "feel good movie" does not necessarily mean a romantic movie?

As an example, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. (By recently I mean Friday...) And the whole break up didn't really make me sad so much as angry at the way he did it and how I had handled the relationship for some time. So I went over to a friends place and she asked me if I wanted to watch a movie like The Holiday or Pride and Prejudice but I said no. I wanted to watch something with violence, maybe some espionage, and we ended up watching The Bourne Ultimatum which was exactly what I needed in that moment.

Does anyone else have moments like this? Some of my favorite movies are The Italian Job and some James Bond movies like The Living Daylights and From Russia with Love. These make me feel good as well as others that have been mentioned. What do you guys think?

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments Hey if those make you feel good, go for it! I haven't been in a mood like that for some time LOL

Sydney (SydneyH) Weird... but I LOVE the movie "Gladiator." Whenever this movie is on I stop and watch it. I also love "The Thomas Crown Affair" with Pierce Brosnan, "Oceans Eleven" w/Pitt, Clooney, et. al; and "The Italian Job."

message 142: by Maria (last edited Dec 03, 2008 03:34PM) (new)

Maria | 92 comments My feel-goodies to add to the list!

Author Bill Bryson makes me laugh out loud
David Sedaris too
Janet Evanovich of course

"Down with Love" - w/Ewan Macgregor and Renee Zellwegger
"The Secret of Roan Inish"
"Antonia's Line" - a sort of feminist fairy tale
one more strange one to add - "Wristcutters - A Love Story" - I love Gogol Bordello's main song "Through the Roof n' underground"

I also love a good blockbloster action flick to get you revved back up - including my recent fave Iron Man !

Maria / Walnut

Holli Ocean's Eleven is SUCH a great movie!!

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments I liked O 11 too!

OK, after a LONG conversation w/the lady at Blockbuster today (who is just like me I swear, we were bemoaning the death of the classic romantic comedy without all the nudity and with lots of good humor)'s what she recommended:

1. Once (a romantic comedy centers around music - this is the one I got)
2. 47 dresses (I think it was 47)
3. Bonneville

Any opinions on any of these? She and I liked the same movies, so I have a feeling I'd prob like any of these.

Holli 27 Dresses and you will love it ;)

Kristen (Kristen120378) I didn't understand "Once", I watched about 10 minutes of the movie but I didn't get most of what the actors were saying because the accents are soooooo thick. Call me dense...

"27 Dresses" was great.

Never have seen "Bonneville".

Just went to see "Four Christmases" last night and I think that's the best movie I've seen all year. I was laughing so hard, I think I missed out half of it...

Sophiene Once is great, it's a wonderful, wonderful love story and beautiful music to top it off. I always watch every movie with subtitles, so that's a way to go if you don't understand the accent.
27 dresses was ok, and if you like romantic comedies you'll love it.

Laura (apenandzen) | 1445 comments Thanks everyone! I love romantic comedies, Sophiene, so I will prob like it. I'm looking forward to Once.

Stacy (sjhensley) | 100 comments Some of the books I like to read for fun and laughs are the Stephanie Plum books and books by Peter Mayle.

My favorite movies are the chick flicks with Hugh Grant--it seems he's in most of the good ones (Love Actually, Notting Hill, 4 Weddings, etc).

I also like While You Were Sleeping, Legally Blonde, Clueless, and Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. I recently saw The House Bunny, and it was very funny--very much like Legally Blonde.

Sophiene Stacy, if you like Hugh Grant, you can also try Music & Lyrics. I found it a very fun watch. Threw me back to the 70's and 80's immediately, and although I was young in the 70's (LOL) I still remember enough to appreciate it when I see it portrayed in movies.

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