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other SCI-FY/ROMANCE recommendations??

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Aestas Book Blog anyone have similar other SCI-FY/ROMANCE recommendations??

Valine Much heavier in the Sci fi and very different from Born of the Night, is a series called the Quantum Gravity series by Justina Robson. She doesn't write out long sex scenes, but there is romance between and rock-out elf and a cyborg (which reminds me of the girl in the Matrix) and then later between her and a demon (she has two husbands on two different worlds, but they all know about each other and not in a jealous fit way). I love that you really have no idea what is coming next and it is like nothing I've ever read, but be warned that is NOTHING like the predictableness of your typical romance (and I don't even think it is catorgized under that genre). So you won't find lines like, "he's so hot" or "yummy" (which kind of sound like a teenager's writing in my opinion, but it seems to be in all sorts of romance novels)! The first and last books were my favorite and I was a bit confused in the in-between sci-fi, but it was definitly worth the read!

Paige They're action as opposed to Sci-Fi, but the Crazy series by Tara Janzen is amazing. Starts with Crazy Hot.

Valine The Jax Series by Ann Agguire is great too! Goodreads kept recommending it to me based upon what I read, and it didn't disappoint!

Ashley You should check out the world of ascension series by Caris Roane. Not really sci-fi but an awesome series. And as always The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

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Barb Jayne castle series and robin d owens series? Try using fantastic fiction to get some other optionsor to see the series listings for these and other authors.

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Miau Have you tried Linnea Sinclair? She manages to blend beautifully space science fiction and romance. I'd recommend to start with Games of Command and Finders Keepers.

Fortunately, her heroines are always women in charge or their own decisions as opposed to other scifi/romance novels where women become braindead the moment they see the hunky alien/elf/demon/cyborg...

Janied I loved the "Cyborg" and the "Zorn" series by Laurann Dohner.

Heather K (dentist in my spare time) I also loved Born of Night. Have you tried her other series? They are very good! Maybe try The Edge series by Ilona Andrews, I have found them to be pretty similar but the Edge series has more of a fantasy twist but they are similar in feel.

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