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Witch & Wizard (Witch & Wizard, #1)
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Jocelyn (JCab3) | 9 comments In “Witch & Wizard”, by James Patterson, there were very suspenseful moments throughout the entire book. An example of a very suspenseful moment was when Wisty went on a rescue mission into a prison where hundreds of children were held, waiting for an execution they did not deserve. To get into the prison unseen, Wisty turned herself into a mouse. With the thought that she could be stepped on, caught by the guards, or she could turn back into human form any second, you could not expect what was going to happen. While she was making her way inside the prison, she fell into an open vent. It seemed to go on forever and she did not know what was waiting for her at the bottom. The smell seemed to hit her before she saw the garbage pile. Lucky for her, there was a mesh net to break her fall, though the impact was still hard and she when she bounced off the net and broke through it. Still in her mouse form, hundreds of rats emerged from the trash and started to attack Wisty. It seemed like she was near the end when she returned back into her human form with dozens of rats on top of her. Throughout this scene Patterson did use a suspenseful tone that not only surprised me in the end, but it never led on to what was going to happen next.

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