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message 1: by Juliana (last edited Oct 21, 2011 01:57PM) (new) - added it

Juliana | 11 comments I believe that the author has a bias towards the girls that come out in the pageant. Libba Bray makes the girl's seem arrogant, dumb, and selfish. Thought that is the whole point of the story. I wonder what an actual beauty pageant contestant thinks about this? Until I read more ill be able to understand it.

message 2: by Juliana (new) - added it

Juliana | 11 comments The author definitively has a bias towards the girls of the pageant contest. The way she writes describing the girls makes them seem stupid. Only one of the girls is shown and described as smart,but she is only in the pageant to show how dumb, and arrogant girls become when they want ton compete to be seen as beautiful, I am guessing the authors point is to show that you don't have to compete in pageants to be known as a beautiful person. I wonder if the author ever felt this way, and if she ever compete in a pageant, and meet people like the ones she described?

message 3: by Viskantateach (new)

Viskantateach | 78 comments Mod
Here is the question however: do you think that the author should NOT be biased? Because it is fiction, the author can take any position they want, so do you feel something is lost because the author takes one side or portrays certain characters in the manner you describe?
Mr. Viskanta

message 4: by Juliana (new) - added it

Juliana | 11 comments No I think that if the author wouldn't be bias, the whole story will lose it's plot. The whole idea is too,make the book that way,with a bias to understand why the girls seem to be arrogant, and dumb in the story. Without the bias of the author, the story wouldn't have the same flow it has.

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