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Ciara Knight (ciaraknight) | 28 comments Mod
Knight: Jessica

As she is being secretly admired, Mara, an Irish princess, is unwillingly whisked away from the danger of a forewarned Northmen raid. Northmen warriors are fighting anyone possible to gain more territory and have developed a savage reputation. When Mara learns her kidnapper is a pagan Nordic warrior, Daegan must work tirelessly and quickly to win her trust, love, and ultimately her hand in marriage all while keeping her safe. But with raids being ever so prevalent and because of the stigma he faces, Daegan’s harder battle will be for Mara’s father’s favor. This arduous journey takes Daegan and Mara down a path neither has ever dreamed.

I am always a sucker for a bit of romance mixed in with some history and Raeliksen did not disappoint. Whenever I start a book, I expect for it take a couple chapters before I am hooked. Suprisingly, Renee Vincent did a great job of immediately immersing you into the time period and started it off full speed. The story was far from predictable and I found myself empathizing with the characters through the twists and turns.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see a religious side to the story. Daegan finds himself questioning the only way he’s been taught and as a result starts asking some pretty tough questions. I think this really builds his character and enables you to better understand his struggles and opinions giving a more complete picture of his character. I only wish we had been able to dive into Mara’s character a bit more to get a more even picture.

Even though I like romance novels, I am not an avid reader of the ‘detailed’ romance novels. So this one did give me some uncomfortable moments where I quickly skimmed through some pages. Once I got through these few scenes, the journey kept me hooked and they didn’t bother me so much.

Raeliksen was a great window into history that unfortunately I’ve never cared to explore. The history, spirituality and romance gave it an all around appeal. It felt like a very quick read and I’m actually looking forward to reading more from that time period now and even more so to Raeliksen’s sequel.

Raeliksen by Renee Vincent

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MoonGlitter Thanks for your review! This sounds like a great book and after reading this review, I went to amazon and downloaded this book for my Kindle! I've never read any of this authors work before and am looking forward to diving in! :)

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I hope you enjoy it, MoonGlitter. Report back and let us know what you think.

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