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Plot holes in the Twilight saga?
Darina Darina (last edited Oct 11, 2011 08:03AM ) Oct 11, 2011 08:03AM
The holes that most irritated me were:

1. Edward being able to father a baby even though he's dead
2. Jacob imprinting on the monster baby even if imprinting is possible only for people of the tribe.

Any other?

nobody ever noticing the cullens' appearance- the pale skin, eye shadows, gold eyes...that isn't normal, and it would be noticed that an entire (unrelated) family had those abnormalities...

and if they actually feel like cold stone, there's no way that carlisle could treat people and never touch them...and if he does touch them, there's no way they're not gonna notice that their doctor feels like a statue.

Rachel (last edited Jan 20, 2013 07:06AM ) Jan 19, 2013 03:14AM   2 votes
Biggest plot hole has got to be that the entire second book was based on the fact one of the Cullen family went crazy when Bella got a paper cut. Isn't this a vampire who goes to a school every day, which must be full of kids getting nosebleeds, paper cuts, scraped knees, not to mention girls on their period? Not sure if there's a "theory" out there to explain that away, but even if there is, I can imagne its a pretty poor explanation for what is otherwise a major plot hole.

The pregnancy plot line never made sense, and was even contradicted in BD. Bella mentions/ narrates that female vampires couldn't get pregnant because their bodies are frozen and cannot change. How, therefore, can male vampires get an erection to have sex in the first place? Their bodies would need to change...and their also frozen!

The business about the pregnancy didn't bother me, really. I was prepared to believe all kinds of crazy stuff about the physiology of vampires. After all, if you're making stuff up, why not make up interesting stuff?

But there were a number of things that bothered me a great deal.

1) The confrontation between the Cullens/witnesses and the Volturi in BD shouldn't have been portrayed as so one-sided in favor of the Volturi guard. Even after Bella develops perfect control over her projected shield, SM implies that the Cullens could have won the fight, but it would have been a near thing and they'd have taken lots of losses. This seems crazy to me for a number of reasons, including these:

* Even if Bella didn't suddenly develop (just in time!) the ability to project her shield, it would have been a simple matter to neutralize Jane's power. SM says somewhere that Jane's power requires her to see her victim. If that's so, then she could have been taken out of the fight easily by Zafrina, who was able to blind her.

* Benjamin used his power over earth, water and fire to pound a hole in the ground and to toss some boulders into a pile. Did he forget that he could also control flame? Vampires are vulnerable to burning ... why didn't Benjamin just set the entire Volturi force on fire? Game over immediately if he does that.

2) In the run-up to the fight between Victoria's army and the Cullens, she meets with Jane, who delays her intervention in the hope that the fight would destroy or decimate the Cullens. We assume she did this against Aro's wishes because we know he had his eye on adding Alice, Edward and (eventually) Bella to his own coven and would not have been happy if they were destroyed. Here's my question: If we assume that Aro learned about this (by plucking it out of Jane's own mind or by learning of it from Edward), why didn't he punish Jane for her betrayal?

KarmaSc0rpi0n (last edited Jul 11, 2016 12:55AM ) Jul 08, 2016 11:25PM   1 vote
The plot hole that really bothered me was, if we disregard the fact that Edward shouldn't be able to conceive a child, why does his child grow faster than normal, it should actually be slower. Also why is Nessie warmer than the average human especially if she was making Bella cold through her entire pregnancy. Nessie should probably be slightly colder while not absolutely freezing. Also if imprinting is there for breeding purposes Renesemee wouldn't be the most viable candidate because most hybrids come out sterile. Proving further that Renesemee was nothing more than the consolation prize for Jacob. He can't have Bella, so he should get her daughter. Which is why her traits match his more than her actual parentage, unless there's something Bella's not telling us.

I think that the worst plot hole was that Edward abandoned Bella to Forks after exposing her to the supernatural world, when the whole Cullen family obviously knew about the werewolves in La Push, who they obviously detested. Abandoning her for her own "safety" makes no sense when she's about two steps away from anger-fueled werewolves (not to say that the vampires are any safer, but from the Cullen's perspective).
Not to mention the fact that Edward's opinion held so much weight that the whole family left??? That was weird, too. Also, the fact that Jasper was fine while Bella was bleeding out in their encounter with James, but went bloodthirsty when she got a paper cut.

The fact that Alice couldn't share her vision of Bella Surviving with Edward, or that Edward couldn't just go back to Forks to check on Bella. Nope, had to kill himself without double checking.

James convincing Bella that he had her mother using home movies from when she was little and it working. First of all, the sound quality on home videos is god awful. I'd be amazed that Bella could recognize the noise as a voice at all, let alone being able to understand what was being said and who was saying it. It doesn't make any sense.

Just as big of a plot hole is why Bella didn't tell the vampires that she thought James had her mother to begin with. Alice could have checked on Bella's mother, made sure it was true, then they could have found a way to deal with it together. There is no reason Bella should have run off by herself to save her mother when she couldn't have done a damn thing to stop James.

Every single bit of science about why Edward was able to impregnate Bella makes no sense. If every bit of his body fluid was replaced by venom then she should have been changed right after right after Edward and Bella have sex. There's some tearing that goes on down there when a girl loses her virginity, and that should have gotten the venom into her blood stream.

Why Jasper has such a hard time being around humans when it's been shown that simply not breathing is a simple solution to dealing with the smell. Not really a plot hole, but it bugged me.

This one also isn't a plot hole, and more of a nit pick, but still... why does Edward have a Volvo? Everyone else has sports cars and Edward has a Volvo?

In the first book, I didn't believe for a second that the Cullen family, hiding out, would send their kids (Edward is over 100 years old) to high school. Then, the family is willing to give up everything, their privacy, their money, their world, for Bella? Nah. But, Meyer delivered and made millions. Capitalism at its finest, and good for her.

How did they function at school when at any give time at least one girl would be on her menstrual cycle?

Gerd (last edited Jan 19, 2013 10:29AM ) Jan 19, 2013 10:28AM   0 votes
Darina wrote: "1. Edward being able to father a baby even though he's dead
2. Jacob imprinting on the monster baby even if imprinting is possible only for people of the tribe."

Well, but wouldn't point 1 have to start at him being out and about in the first place - being dead and all... :)

I'm not sure it ever says that they can only imprint _on_ people of the tribe, or does it?

here is q for anyone. after bella became a vamp was she able to control herself or not?

The fact that Edward's eyes weren't red after drinking Bella's blood. I suppose he could've put contacts on.

In the movies, the 'vampires sparkle' inconsistency really got to me.

Edward, brilliant and beautiful, could be saving the world. Instead, he goes to high school. Yea, sure. On the other hand, there were no smartphones in 2005, so maybe Edward invents them so he can find Bella when he wants to. And stalk her forever.

This whole thread is interesting and so true at the same time. I myself also have asked some of these questions. A lot of information in this series contradicted itself throughout the books. The list from above could possible go on forever...

There were unfortunately, a lot of plot holes/inconsistencies in the Twilight series. The majority of them, I had been willing to overlook until "Breaking Dawn" when they just became too much.

Like lots of you have already mentioned, the pregnancy didn't make sense. Vampires, particularly as they are described in this series, cannot have babies.

The there was Renesme herself--I had a huge problem with her accelerated aging. She was a human/vampire hybrid. If humans age at a regular pace, and vampires don't age at all, it made no sense for her to have accelerated aging. Logically, a human/vampire hybrid should age very slowly. Yet, didn't Carlisle confirm that Renesme's chromosomes were like Jacob's? She's human and vampire, why on earth does she have anything in common with werewolves?

1.Child vampires are not allowed to exist because of their inability to control their thirst. However both Jane and Alec are vampire children so technically the volturi has broken their own law.

2. Jacob is initally forbidden to tell Bella about the wolves although they're clearly aware that she knows about vampires.

Biggest plot hole - how is Jasper able to control Bella's mood, when no other "vampire powers" work on her.

1. In BD Edward says that Dimitri probably can't track Bella because of her power, yet in Twilight it clearly states that James, a tracker, is able to track Bella. 2. In Eclipse at the bonfire, Jacob states that Emily wasn't happy about Quill imprinting on her niece, yet in BD when Jacob is at the beach with Quill and Claire, Sam is howling and Quill says, "I don't know where her mom is," implying that Emily is Claire's mom, because why would Sam give a shit about a character who we would never meet and has nothing to do with him except being related to his fiance.

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Nothing about the series makes sense, lol.

1. Worst one - the baby. SM created her vamps as beings of livings stone, who had no more cellular growth. That sterilized them right there.

2. Bella was determined to get away from Alice & Jasper to meet James in the studio. James was intent on killing her there. Neither of them wavered in that decision, so Alice should have seen Bella with James, in plenty of time to grab Bella.

3. Alice knew about Jacob and what he was before she and Bella went to Italy in New Moon. Aro should have read that in her memories when Alice showed him Bella would be turned. With that knowledge, they would have come loaded for "bear", and not been surprised by the presence of the wolf pack on the battlefield. SM made much of the fact that the wolves surprised Aro and made him stop and agree to talk.

4. Not really a plot hole, more of an author contrivance. Why would Edward Cullen buy such crappy camping equipment that it would require Bella to spoon with the dog to keep from freezing? Alice foresaw a major snowstorm coming, so he should have gotten gear worthy of an arctic expedition. No, just an excuse to let Jacob cuddle with Bella in front of Edward.

5. And since I'm on author contrivances...Jake imprinting on the impossibaby. In the previous books, the characters WORKED to resolve their problems. They made decisions, and dealt with the consequences of those decisions. Here, in one shot, SM ties up three plot lines in a row:

- love triangle between Bella, Edward and the dog
- wolf pack coming to kill the impossibaby
- conflict between Sam's pack and Jacob's

It's not a plot hole, but it's a big SO WHAT, because nobody earned anything. It was all done for them.

Darina wrote: "The holes that most irritated me were:

1. Edward being able to father a baby even though he's dead
2. Jacob imprinting on the monster baby even if imprinting is possible only for people of the tri..."

I don't really think those are plot holes. I'm not saying there aren't any, but I think those are just things that people don't like about the series.

If you say that Edward shouldn't be able to father a child because he's dead, I could say that he shouldn't be walking, talking, eating, drinking, driving, etc. And they shouldn't have blood circulating in their bodies the way the book says that the newborns do for a year. They're vampires. They're not dead, they're undead. And since it's fiction, whatever rules the author decides being a vampire means, is more or less acceptable. I'd probably say the problem lies more in the way she tried to explain it scientifically.

I don't think it ever says that imprinting is only for people in the tribe. The only parameters in that respect are that only a wolf can imprint. And it does say that the purpose is to make the tribe stronger. In which case Jacob imprinting on Renesmee makes sense. Physically, she's an asset to the tribe, and she allies the wolves with the vampires, giving them more protection.

With the jasper thing I reckon that's because he can feel the others blood lust as well as his own so he has a harder time controlling it. I mean even though they can be around humans they still feel their blood lust it's just they don't act on it so feeling his own plus the others makes it harder for him. There are some good points brought up here.

I agree with the Volvo really irritated me alot :L

In the last book, if the fetus was strong enough to literally break Bella's ribs, why couldn't it have survived outside her body? Why not just get it out of her when it started causing her pain?

Like you said, how he inseminated Bella.... Also, her menstrual cycle stuff (until the last book was it mentioned)...

The Cullen family would never be able to function inconspicuously in human society. They've lived in Forks for two years at the start of book one, so did they repeat the same school year (even though they're all smarter than their "peers") or start one year down when they arrived in Forks (while classmates already comment that they look old enough to be in college)? What were they planning to do after "graduation" - move to another town and attend high school for another two years before moving yet again? Did no one ever question the fact that they buy food, sit quietly and throw away their untouched plates at the end of lunch every day? Doesn't anyone of the school staff question the fact that they're all simultaneously not in class whenever the sun is out?

Nuran (last edited Nov 08, 2014 06:07AM ) Jan 19, 2013 12:40PM   0 votes
Why is bright sunlight the only thing that can make them sparkle??? Surely, they should glitter a little bit under florescent or bright light, which I'm sure the school would have. Why would people care if they did sparkle? If I saw someone sparkle, I'd just think they were really camp and love glitter and stick on gemstones.

Carlisle only creates vampires in order to save their life.

However, it seems to be accepted that newborns will at least kill a handful of people before they settle down and become vegetarian, if they ever do.

How does Carlisle justify saving the life of one person (by vampiring-them), when it's almost a given that that vampire will then go kill a bunch of people?

Why the vegetarian vampires are meant to be weaker than normal vampires, but then they're able to best the normal vampires with no fatalities.

Why Alice never gets a thank you for finding Nahuel and saving them all.

Whether Bella still has a relationship with her mom.

Also, I would have liked Leah to find love.

1. How is it that Alice could not see that Victoria had 'decided' to make a vampire army.
2. The inconsistent 'sparkle'.
3. The way Meyer set the plot line as Vampires bodies are supposed to be 'stone' so a) it makes absolutely no sense that vampire 'private' parts are the one part that are malleable. Frankly Meyer should have left the stone skin plotline out ; and b) if vampire skin doesn’t change, how is it Ashley Green's character Alice has a fat pimple in Breaking Dawn. Really, they couldn't digitally remove it?
4. The plot line that Alice's visions were based on people's 'decisions' was stupid. It really messes with the believability of the plot and makes it more complicated. Why couldn't she just see the future, period.
5. The pack turning to wolves because vampires are near, per the storythe Cullens had moved back to Forks 2 years prior to the start of the movie, so why is it the wolves don't come until Bella gets to town.

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Ida (last edited Sep 18, 2015 10:57AM ) Jan 19, 2013 02:27PM   0 votes

How about Victoria's vendetta against Bella and Edward when it was Jasper and Emmet that killed James?

Or.... Why should people in Voltera think Edward is a monster of some sort just because he sparkles in the sunlight? Isn't "A little over the top on the bodyglitter" a more natural reaction to seeing something like that.

Why didn't anyone know right from the start that Victoria and the newborn army had something to do with each other? When they finally figured it out in the book I was actually shocked at their stupidity because I was sure the very same thing had been discussed chapters earlier.

deleted member Jan 27, 2013 05:44PM   0 votes
Love all you guys:) thank you

What irked me was the sparkling, because they said vampires sparkled and ONLY Edward sparkled in the FIRST movie. NO ONE ELSE SPARKLED! And then they just never sparkled in any other of the movies.

Also, going with the dead blood theory on periods - why it's still fine for pregnant Bella and Renesmee to have donated blood.

How Bella's blood can smell so amazing when she has a universal blood type (40% of people are 0-) and she's not even a minority ethnicity to counter balance that (eg Africans have a tendency to sickle cell anaemia). Is she iron deficient to make her blood smell sweeter? Was there someone like Renesmee way back in her blood line? Would have loved more on that.

One plot hole I noticed (I don't remember if it happened in the book) that happened in the last movie. Alice was able to show Aro her vision of what would happen should he fight them. She shouldn't have been able to have that vision because the shape shifters were there.

They're not really plot holes, but they bothered me a lot when I was in that phase.

- The vampire baseball game? I mean... I can't really explain it but that's just something that even Syfy wouldn't come up... considering the standards Syfy has for most of their movies.

- I really don't understand why they forced themselves to even go to high school after 100 some odd years. Couldn't they possibly spend their time doing something else other that waste their time at school?

- The term "vegetarian vampire". I don't know... it just irks me seeing as they're not true vegetarians >_>, or even vampires for that matter.

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