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message 1: by Steve (new)

Steve (shimmer) | 2 comments Mod
Welcome to the new Necessary Fiction Goodreads group. The plan is to use this group to feature books we've reviewed and books by our contributors. So far, we've added all the books we've reviewed to a shelf and are starting on the contributor books. But contributors please feel free to add your own books to the "Books by contributors" shelf, because it might take us a while — you're all so awesome that there are lots books to add.

message 2: by Steve (new)

Steve (shimmer) | 2 comments Mod
Also, if you have ideas for ways we might use this group, please share them here. At the moment, I'm thinking we might encourage discussion of books we've reviewed, and perhaps host conversations with their authors (as well as contributors discussing their own books). I've been participating in that type of discussion on another Goodreads group, and I'm really enjoying it.

message 3: by Mirvan (new)

Mirvan  Ereon (mirvanereon) | 1 comments I hope I can be reviewed by your site too. Someday when I am published. Or do you also review indies like me? =P

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