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Blythe book or Meredith book?

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message 1: by Jo (new)

Jo Personally, I love all of L.M Montgomery's books. Rainbow Valley is my favorite. But let's consider the facts. The book focuses much more on the Merediths than the Blythes. Not that I disappprove of it, but it should've been an accompaning book to the Anne series. Not an Anne book. (Or should I say, Blythe book.)

message 2: by Yue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Yue Maybe that is why it is called "Rainbow Valley" instead of "Anne and Rainbow Valley". It may be an Anne book because we see here the development between the Blythe children and the Meredith children (which is gonna be important in Rilla of Ingleside), I think

message 3: by Jo (new)

Jo But the Merediths aren't that important. If this book should've focused on anyone, it should've been the Blythes (or in my opinion, Walter).

message 4: by Yue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Yue No, they aren't that important, but it is nice that we get to know the characters who are gonna end with Jem and Nan (and who is Una also, who ended loving our beloved Walter)

message 5: by Jo (new)

Jo I hate how Walter died. I got over his death but hated how L.M.M made Una in love with him. It isn't fair. I also think it would be funny if Rainbow Valley had focused a little more on the twins...or Shirley! Shirley was really neglected by L.M.M! Rilla has her time in the 8th book, the twins and Jem in the 6th, but Shirley is forgotten in the corner.

message 6: by Anna (new) - rated it 1 star

Anna Personally I disliked rainbow valley. I wish the series would've ended at Anne of Ingleside.

Lindsay Nichols I think it's an Anne book, insomuch as Anne of Ingleside is an Anne book - it's more about Anne as a mother and seeing herself in all the children.

I can see why it's included, chronologically, in the Anne series. It does go more into the personalities of the Blythes, setting up a lot of Rilla of Ingleside.

But, as most everyone in this thread has pointed out, it really is more about the Merediths than anything else. I think that perhaps LMM was trying to get back to what readers loved about the original book by creating another character very much like young Anne. (Even Anne herself points out how much Faith Meredith reminds her of herself at that age!)

Rainbow Valley is more like the story collections - Chronicles of Avonlea and others - Anne is the common element that holds the threads together, not the reason for the stories.

Meghan This is my least favorite book in the series. I find that the less the books focus on Anne, the less I enjoy them. I didn't like how it focused on characters who were only introduced in the book. I was also not a fan of the plot between Rosemary and Mr. Meredith. Those situations are never my cup of tea.

Paige Duff I know how everyone keeps talking about Shirley being left in the corner, and I agree we did not hear enough about him. However if you pay close enough attention he is in there all the time a sentience here or there, but as it is stated shortly after he is born, that Anne was so sick and confined to her bed after his birth that he became more Susan's child than Anne's. Anne didn't even dislike that relationship between her son and Susan, how could she, besides the rest of the kids very much resembled Anne or Gilbert and Shirley did not so much. Out of all the kids he was the most normal child and therefore easy to leave alone and not have to worry over, Walter was the most sensitive, and Jem the most out going, Rilla was the most stubborn, and Nan and Di were very different yet much the same. As for Una and Walter, that should have happened, and Walter should have lived, but at least we have the rest of the kids paring with someone. Also Una is sad but she will survive it, the rest of the girls needed someone, not as a way of lacking independence or anything, but Una just had that internal strength that said she would be OK, from the very first meeting her.

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