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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) Toph was spinning rocks in the air in the backyard of the clan's "house." She couldn't really call it too much of one cuz she never actually saw it for she is blind.

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Itasuki stumbled into the house and ran into a wall.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) Toph heard a thud and walked carefully through the house towards Itasuki. "You okay?"

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He looked in the general direction of her and nodded. He smiled, his cloudy blue eyes searching.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "I sense that you're looking at me, but I don't know why," she said. "Are you also blind?"

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He nodded. "yes..."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "I say also because I'm blind too."

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He raised his eyes. "Really? Well then I guess I'm not alone."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "It helps that I can sense the vibrations in the earth, and if i really wanted to see you, then I could do this." she raised some dust from the ground and moved it to contort to his shape. "I can now see you perfectly, you try it."

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He tiled his head to the side and tried, and failed. "....I can see using the things around that tree." He pointed to it, closed his eyes and smiled. "I can see you now..."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) Toph smiled at him. "I'm glad you can see."

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He sighed and opened his eyes. "I can only do it for so long..."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "But you can get glimpses of it, which is just as good," she said.

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He smiled. "Yeah.."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "It could always be worse, just remember that," she smiled.

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He smiled. "Your right......I wasn't always blind..."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Really?" she asked incredulously. She had been born blind.

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"Yeah...a while back I made someone angry and they made me blind."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "That's horrible. I think it's better I was born blind, not know what I'm missing out on," she said.

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He nodded. "I sucks......cause I can't see all the things I love..." He blushed.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Like what?" she asked.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Who?"

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"uhhhhh... P.....parker..."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "I hope you find her," she said.

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"I know where she is...I just don't think she's be too happy to see me."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Why? If you were in love before, she should still love you now?" Toph was surprised.

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"She thinks I did something I didn't do..."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "What was it?" she asked, genuinely concerned.

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He sighed. "She thinks I tried to kill her."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) Toph gasped. "what really happened?"

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"Someone acted as me.....he's a master of discies((sp -.- I can't spell)) and tried to kill her."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Then let's go find her and explain this," she said.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "I don't know where she is," Toph said.

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"Ah ha.......she's in the f.."

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "FIRE CLAN!" she shouted.

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He flinched.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Sorry, but the fire clan, really?" she asked.

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"She's not like them!"

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "I'm sure she isn't, but I don't trust them. I'm sorry, but I don't. I still want to help you though," she said.

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He sighed.

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Shall we go to the Fire Clan?"

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) "Then tally ho."

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

He smiled. ((fire then?))

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Edgemund (EJSchoenborn) ((K!))

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Itasuki stumbled in.

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