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Jem or Will???
Klaudia Klaudia Oct 07, 2011 12:15PM
Who would you choose Jem or Will??

Will is awesome, but Jem is the bomb! :D

Will = depressing

Jem = sweet

It's not a tough decision everybody......Jem is the #1.

Will. Will. Will. Will!!!!!!!!!

Will <3

WILL ALL THE WAY!!! I mean, I do love Jem, but nothing compares to Will...(except Jace)


JEM!! i love Will but i think Jem is better for Tessa.

JEM!!! He's perfect....(sigh)


It's hard to say, I mean I do love Will, but I love Jem too.
I like Will's sarcasm and how he has something to say about EVERYTHING! And, I like like how he can be immature sometimes, but he knows when he needs to stop.
I like Jem's sweetness and how he cares, and I like how he has a bad past.
.....Maybe if there was some combination of them, Like..Jill xD or Wem! XDD

Idk! I'll decide in the second book!

...hasn't there five discussions on this already?? lol

Will. I tend to go for the bad boys in books and I was just thinking about how I can't really connect with Jem because I feel like I don't know him. His presence wasn't as strong as Will's, for me at least. Maybe I should read it again (thinks about it...pfft no.)

Will is tortured, sexy, and sarcastic....
Jem is physically tortured, sweet, and loyal...

Where's the all of the above option? XD

I guess I'd say Jem. He's pretty straight up and doesn't play those stupid (but entertaining) mind games like Will.

WILL!!! I love him!! Haha in my opinion I think Will is better than Jem...I think Jem is too quiet and too mysterious. WILL <3

I would choose Jem as a best friend and then when Will stops acting like a jerkface, i would definitely choose him! :)

WILL!Hes witty,sarcastic and hot.Also I really do think he loves Tessa,just in his own way.And I would loveto figure out his past;all the mystery and suspense is killing me!


Well... Jem plays the violin and I'm a sucker for musicians


I'm also a sucker for wit and sarcasm so

I get the one who doesn't en up dead

Shadowhunter hahaha! good idea :)
Oct 17, 2011 06:48PM

JEM!!! He is sweet and sexy!

Actually I do LOVE Jem a lot. But I LOVE Will as well...even though he is very hard to understand. I just feel like helping him out because he seems to be so tormented. Poor Will. Dont worry Will help is on the way!! But Jem is currently my favorite. He's just so sweet and AMAZING and always seems to cheer Tessa up when she's not feeling great. GO JEM!!

Ok why can't you put the two of them together and just get one sexy man you bad ass/ kind/ carrying/ dose the hole i'm into you thing/ and has that just to sexy smile lol

Angela Brown I am with Rosa on this :-)
Oct 24, 2011 08:05PM

i would choose will because he is smart and funny

deleted member Oct 08, 2011 08:47PM   0 votes

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