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More chapters Please! :)

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Maria Aleph was a great story. Spontaneous and thrilling with a real sense of life, passion, and genuine emotion. Unconventional paths and characters, unexpected twists, an astounding view of the meaning of love within the life of the universe. Just one thing, it ended to abruptly! Would have loved to have the story continue for a few more chapters! As always Coehlo knows how to touch the heart, the soul, and the mind all within one space in time.

Juna My favorite was page 157

Danielle Agreed with Maria! I have notes marked, quotes highlighted, pages dog eared all throughout this book.

Hoda Marmar I LOVED it :)

Natasa I loved it too. After Pilgrimage again something directly from his life.

Inspiring Energy It's a great story about self discovery through experience. I loved the example given about Chinese bamboo. I too wish to discover myself and planning to travel within a year.

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