Passion (Fallen, #3) Passion question

best book in the series?

i loved the entire series CAN NOT wait until rapture

best: fallen
worse: torment
worst: passion

rapture, anybody? :)

Worst book of the series. I'm giving up on them because of that book. Not even going to bother reading the next one. It was so boring and repetitive.

Passion is by far the worst book I've read. It didn't progress the story line until the last couple of chapters. Reading this book felt more of a chore, than anything else. It's so repetitive, that i had to put this book down and read another so I wouldn't go mad, it just seemed like I was having "de ja vu" over and over. I stuck it out though, because I loved the first two so much, and I'm also hoping that Rapture is as good as I was expecting Passion to be.

passion :)

My favorite was Torment! Rapture was just boring...

passion was the best yeah i know that it was boring in the begging but it got better at the last 2 chapters and im looking forward to the next book =D

I liked Fallen and Torment. I got bored with Passion. The traveling through announcers just became the same thing over and over and over! So I moved on, maybe I will come back to it and finish.

Brigette Ragland same here. but i finished passion last week after i think 6 months or how ever long its been out lol but i moved in to other books until i didnt have ...more
Apr 24, 2012 06:26PM

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