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Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
What are you reading besides our monthly picks?

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
I've read the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy. Working on the last book now.

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
I should be finished with The Help some time today & The Death Cure isn't out for a few days so I think I'm going to curl up with Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo this weekend

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
Ooooh! I'll definitely look out for your updates. I want to read that one before the movie comes out. :)

message 5: by Sammee (last edited Nov 15, 2011 05:36AM) (new)

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
Currently reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. So far I'm enjoying it but it was a slow start

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
I just finished Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby. I really liked this story. It's about the consequences of how we choose to spend our time. I love the way Nick Hornby writes. I've seen High Fidelity and About a Boy but now I want to read the books. There's something really relatable about his writing.

Sarah (TheSarah) | 85 comments I always reread Nicholas Nickleby and A Christmas Carol during this time of year. It gets me internally festive! :o)

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
I'm on a classic kick right now. So while I'm still use to that style of writing/speaking I'm not reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
I liked Wuthering Heights a little more than Jane Eyre. It's pretty provocative when you think about the time it was published.

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
I'm starting the The Other Typist tomorrow. I've seen nothing but 4-5 stars for it so here is to an exciting read hopefully. So far this year I've only read 3 books that were 5 stars & 3 books that were 4stars out of 14. I guess that's not bad but a little more than have were rubbish. Hopefully the 2nd half of the year things will pick up.

Mia (MiaPea) | 287 comments I'm reading The Prisoner of Heaven and Gone Girl now. Just finished Requiem. Still loving the books by Carlos Ruiz zafon! Requiem was a good finish to the Delirium series. Gone Girl - interesting but I'm already irritated by the main characters in a "this is not a patient I'd want to spend time with" way. A colleague said to me that I might not like GG as much as others seem to like it because it might just feel like a long day at the office. Not hating it, but I see what she meant!

Kai (KaiKitten) | 131 comments Here's to the 2nd half of our reading year! (I've started the Harry Potter books here at work.)

message 13: by Li (last edited May 24, 2013 12:32PM) (new)

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
@karen - yey!!! Get ready for a great ride.

I am still reading (and very determined to finish) The Dovekeepers. The fact that it's taking me forever to finish it is a terrible representation of the book. I am actually really enjoying it but other things have gotten in the way. But I'm not going to read anything else until I'm done with it! (At least that's what I'm saying right now.)

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
So much for our book swap Li! Lol

message 15: by Li (new)

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
@sammee - it's next. Door is still chillin at Richard's house. Lol!

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
@li I've read your book AND the sequel lol

But fine at least you've met door lol

Mia (MiaPea) | 287 comments Really getting into Gone Girl now! Yeah this guy is horrible, but I like the way it keeps dropping hints and revealing little tidbits. I no longer read it and think "I need to refer this patient to someone else." LOL

Can't wait to hear what Kai thinks of Harry potter!

Sammee (chasing_sammee) | 369 comments Mod
@mia gone girl is so good. The characters are do layered; I loved it

Mia (MiaPea) | 287 comments Okay - Just One Year, by Gayle Forman is out! As is House of Hades by Rick Riordan. I immediately bought House of Hades, but I'm only #14 on the waiting list at my library for Just One Year, so I'm gonna hold off on buying. There's a bunch of good stuff coming up!

message 20: by Li (new)

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
I'm so upset! Amazon said I would have Just One Year on Saturday. It's now Monday evening and I still don't have it. I contacted customer service and they kindly asked me to wait until tomorrow. If I don't get the book by tomorrow, then they'll overnight another copy to me. Ugh! So, in the mean time, I'm continuing to read The Cuckoo's Calling and Messenger (which I just started).

Mia (MiaPea) | 287 comments Li wrote: "I'm so upset! Amazon said I would have Just One Year on Saturday. It's now Monday evening and I still don't have it. I contacted customer service and they kindly asked me to wait until tomorrow...."

Aaagh! So disappointing! It's one thing to decide to defer reading it, but quite another when you've been expecting it daily for several days!

message 22: by Li (new)

Li (_Li_) | 312 comments Mod
Just saw this interview with the author Meg Rosoff https://www.goodreads.com/videos/5316...

Her new book Picture Me Gone sounds interesting.

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