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Predictions/Fantasies for The Crimson Crown?

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Leona Eeeek I have been exploding because I couldn't find any discussions related to this series! What do you guys think will happen (relating to the politics, romance etc.)

Jessica Smith Amon's wedding will probably happen... Just guessing but I bet something bad will happen there like another assassination attempt or someone actually being killed. I could see Amon being killed off potentially. (Hope not though!) Of course I'm just speculating.

Hopefully we'll find out who killed Marianna. It seems like it can't be the Bayars since they seem like the most obvious suspects. Maybe it was the clans? Reid?

Han will probably have some trouble with the clans and the dean because he isn't holding up his end of the bargains he made. I'm a bit concerned about how that will end up.

And maybe Alger will somehow make his way back into the real world by possessing Han again?

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Leona Hmm. Good speculations. I think your prediction that the Demonai killed Marianna is pretty plausible, because it is unexpected. Also, the clans have plenty of reason to get rid of a queen that supported their nemesis, the wizards.
Off on another tangent, I have been contemplating the title of the 4th installment. The Crimson Crown? Obviously it is not the Gray Wolf Crown. I have this absurd idea that maybe Han will take over the rest of the Seven Realms (I think Arden's colors were red, so that would explain "crimson")and finally prove himself worthy of Raisa. Then, the Seven Realms would once again be under the rule of the Gray Wolf line.

Just a thought! :)

Jessica Smith Ooh, how cool would that be? :D They'd have to get rid of Montaigne but I can see Han doing that pretty easily, especially if Dancer and his crew are helping. They definitely have reason to with their grudge against him.

Is the next one the last book in the series? Or is there a fifth?

Leona Unfortunately, the next one is the last :(
Waiting for these books just kills me. The Seven Realms is definitely one of the series that I am super immersed in.

Nawata what if the person who killed the queen was Raisa's sister? It was a bit likely to me.

Brie I think Bird had something to do with Mariannas murder. Waiting for the next book is killing me

Leona It would be pretty awesome if Bird or Mellony killed the Queen. That would complicate things and add a bit of a twist. I'm pretty sure that Lord Bayar had nothing to do with it. Hmm. What if it was Fiona?

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Cinda Wow--you all have some great ideas!! Devious minds, all of you.

Prabhnoor I have a feeling it's not hanson who did the murder in the last chapter. Maybe the Bayars trying to make their collection bigger and framing Alister. Hanson proposes to Raisa. Raisa finds the truth about Alister. Alister becomes High Wizard. Raisa i think might deny Hanson's proposal at first and at the end except it. This book better be like 80000 Pages. . . It's the End. :'(

Jessica Smith Cinda wrote: "Wow--you all have some great ideas!! Devious minds, all of you."

Oh my gosh! The author herself comments?? *worships* I'm sure we'll all LOVE the book no matter what :D you rock!!

This is a book series that I get so excited waiting for. Sad it's gonna be over :'(

Nawata about the "Hanson taking over the 7 realm" theory, don't you think it would be more logical if he didn't take over the realms? I mean we know hans is in love with Raisa and wants to be more than a friend with her, but Raisa is a person who puts her queendom's needs before her wants and marrying a wizard will turn the clans against her, so to me it seems the highest position Han will ever get is to be the High Wizard. Oh and the fact Alister is the decendant of the demon king would probably come out or there would have been no reason to say that he was. although if the truth about Alister does come out than the wizards would have another reason to kick him out of the council, unless Han uses the "my wizard house still exists so I have the rights to remain here" excuse, but that probably wont go well. Although it would probably Fiona and/ or Raisa who discovers the fact first, it would most likey be only a small group of people who knows it. And also it seems that Alister and Raisa's relationship is going almost exactly like the demon king's relationship, so maybe it will end the same way as well :S hmmmmmm i gotta think more about this >8D

Prabhnoor Nawata wrote: "about the "Hanson taking over the 7 realm" theory, don't you think it would be more logical if he didn't take over the realms? I mean we know hans is in love with Raisa and wants to be more than a ..."

Lets hope it has a better ending than the demon king's relationship!

Allison I think Han and Amon are planning something... they're way too close, and Han has this plan that know one knows of, and it did say in the Gray Wolf Throne that he wants to marry "a queen" (duh, Rasia)... at least that's part of the plan

Allison And there's something about Han's dad, I'm sure of it! He may even have been one of Marianna's lovers? (just throwing that out there....)

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AD I think Micah turns on his family and will end up with Rasia in the end. I suspect the Demonai warriors killed Marianna as well, and therefore that will end the courting of Nightwalker. In the end, Han ends up with Bird living in his new castle.


Mindy The title Crimson Crown makes me think of blood. Just saying. Or it could be some sort of problem from Montaige or however you spell his name, he did get rejected publicly. I hope Han and Rasia can have a happy ending together! Like bringing the thousand year old love story full circle and completing it with a better ending!

Lindsey As I anticipate the last segment of the series, I'd like to add what I think will happen too!

In terms of romance, I believe that Raisa and Hans will end up together. The Breaking has always been alluded to but never fully explained as to all the how's and why's surrounding it. Perhaps a "Making" and healing of the land could occur if Raisa listens to the past queens/wolves and follows her heart and marries a man she loves despite the fact he is a wizard.

Politically, I think we're in for a lot more turmoil. I think the discover of Marianna's killer (I'm putting money on a general or someone in the trusted council) will shake things up. Raisa is going to have to break some barriers socially and eliminate a lot of the mistrust, stereotypes and hatred people in her kingdom have for each other. I don't think the Demoni killed the past queen otherwise that will never be possible.

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Neal Simmons I believe that the title refers to Raisa reuniting the seven realms under one ruler. Remember, it is stated at least once in the books that her queendom used to be over all of the realms. If she goes to war with Montaigne and wins, that would automatically put her as head of a large part of the land.

Sodapop I think that Han and Dancer will have thier ancestory discovered in the middle of the wizard council. Some one will try to kill Dancer and Fiona will go crazy (i hope). If that happens then the wizards will support him (Han) and he will have to pretend to betray Raisa while Dancer helps her. They will defeat a lot of the wizards. Then Han and Raisa will get together and Amon and what is her name get married. Oh, and Cat and Dancer will as well.

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Neal Simmons Truthfully, I think that the books have been hinting that her mother may have committed suicide. She began to understand that the magister was controlling her. That is just the subtle feeling I get. Plus, that would explain her reluctance to talk to Raisa when she is asked.

Mindy Neal, didn't Raisa have a dream of when her mother was on the tower and someone was coming up behind her? I am convinced she was murdered because of that dream.
And I definitely think the realms will be reunited. Though I still think the Crimson refers to blood, so a big war would make sense.

Annie I agree. The crimson definitely refers to blood, though whether or not there will be a war is an interesting question. It also could refer to the blood that must be shed in order to set things in order in just Raisa's realm.

And her mother was murdered, no questions about it.

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Neal Simmons I could swear that someone in the series there is a reference to crimson being the colors of the united realms. I have not been able to find it in scanning though. Not really important enough to reread the series right now though.

Cyndi I think her mom was murdered - I kept thinking Magret... Raisa's dream lead me to that opinion.

Han is definitely not the one killing magicians - doesn't make sense to leave his logo - that seemed like planted evidence. But who knows what Alger is up to? Or maybe Papa Bayer with those ghost-like guys from book one.

Alger was oddly quiet this book, so I am suspicious about what he's really been up to...

I'm hoping for Han and Raisa to get together in the end - I like the idea of the mending or making as noted above :-) Maybe even reuniting the seven realms...

Allison I never thought about Margret.... hm.... a whole new ball game now!

Han's DEFINITELY not doing the killings. can't see him doing that.

Han and Raisa WILL get together :) haha well lets say i REALLY REALLY hope the do... REALLY :)

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Neal Simmons I wouldn't rule Han out of being responsible for the killings. That fits his old street MO fairly well. If he scares the mages enough, that is less resistance he has to go through.

Unless something has happened, Han has the item that keeps Crow from taking over now.

It would take tons of fast talking to get the clans to approve of a Raisa/Han wedding. Remember, the clans know who and what he actually is. Raisa, on the other hand, does not know his full lineage. As much as the clans hate the intermarriage, I see them killing them both if they got married. At best, I would see history coming back around and repeating the events between the DK and Hanalea.

Allison but what would be the purpose for him killing the wizards? what's in it for him?

Well i don't care how it's done I just want them to get married :P

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Neal Simmons Intimidation factor. If he kills off mages allied with his enemies, people will either respect him, fear him, or want to kill him. The Bayars pretty much already want to kill him, so that leaves fear and respect. Either one reduces the amount of resistance he would face.

Let's not forget also that each mage he kills, is one less that he has to face in the future, so he gets two benefits from one action.

Allison Fine, but i still don't think Han killed them.

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no way!

Mindy I don't think Han killed them. Wasn't he trying to figure out who was doing the killings?

Allison yeah i thought that too!

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Neal Simmons GWT the killings are mentioned at the very end. He may not have a personal hand in the killings, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cat or another one of his crew was doing it on his orders.

Allison oh.... i think i need to re-read GWT.... I kinda read it really fast :)

Mindy I'm pretty sure there were some killings before the end of the book as well.

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Neal Simmons there were several assassination attempts on Raisa, but I do not recall him denying killing mages except for in DK. I may just be forgetting something though. I still would not put it past him to either be doing or ordering the killing of enemy mages. He is still a streetlord at heart.

Allison well if that's the case, Han is disappointing me.... :)

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Neal Simmons We will find out soon enough.

Allison Yes, yes we will...maybe too long though...

Nawata han probably didn't kill the wizards, remember the council doesn't trust him at all and would use any possible means to get rid of him, so I believe that he probably wouldn't do something that would make himself such an easy suspect.

Allison Nawata wrote: "han probably didn't kill the wizards, remember the council doesn't trust him at all and would use any possible means to get rid of him, so I believe that he probably wouldn't do something that woul..."
And Han's no idiot :)

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Patti I think Han definitely had something to do with the murders. Using his crew seems like a good idea. I think Crow/Alger is going to come back and stir things up, too.

Other predictions are that the Fells are going to get dragged into the war with Arden and Han will, against the odds, become something higher than High Wizard.

I never thought about before until this discussion, but the Demonai killing Marianna actually seems like a good idea.

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Neal Simmons Well, it just dawned on my another reason that he probably had something to do with the killings. Didn't the DK operate somewhat the same way? Looking more and more like a repeating cycle.

Mindy Wasn't Han still traveling when the killings started though? I don't have own a copy of the book, but could someone check for me? I feel like he was still looking for Raisa, because the killings were in the whole book, the last two just were the first ones to have Hans mark.

Allison yeah i thought that too!

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Neal Simmons well, the Bayar family has a history of killing off mages as well.
Han still has his blood thirsty attitude. remember, he put Cat as a chambermaid speficially to kill anyone coming at Raisa. He offered to have Cat kill the warlord prince. He is pretty much insulated from attack by the mage council due to his relationship with Raisa. Killing off enemy mages makes excellent use of his new crew

Alexa I want Han and the Demon king/crow to battle didn't the clans say han was stronger than alger because his power has been building up since they put the cuffs on him

I totally want Han and raisa to end up together

Alexa aren't han and raisa cousins

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Neal Simmons they are distantly related. so distantly that they are related on paper only.

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