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The author's real aim for writing

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message 2: by Cee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cee I think his whole aim for the book was showing kids the importance of education and how dangerous willful ignorance can be.

In the books, the villains are always people who are not only stupid, but relish in the fact that they aren't "bookworms". So when they feel intimated, don't understand or just don't like something, they just burn it. The orphans are intelligent and use their skills to fight against the ignorance which leads people to destroy. They are also kinder because their intelligence makes them more worldly and understanding of people. They actually take the time to understand people, things, and ideas before they dismiss them. Whereas the ignorant villains prefer to just kill/ destroy and destroy whatever they don't like.

Angie What was the author's real intention(apart from receiving the incomings) by writing the series?

By the way, it's so funny that Lemony Snicket's personality is the opposite to the one of "his representant" Mr Handler.

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