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Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments Hey all... it's time for our group read discussion to start. There will just be the one thread, and MARKED spoilers will be allowed.
Any unhidden/ not clearly marked spoilers (including those marked but still accidentally viewable) will be deleted. We don't want anyone's reading experience to be ruined by a spoiler.

So who is all joining in on this one? I started it a little while ago and read the first part, and so far I'm liking it quite a lot.

Ashley (AshnPhx) | 22 comments Started reading it Friday before work, at lunch read a bit more and was very upset when I had to stop, I had already gotten really into it. Can't wait to see how it goes.

message 3: by Chris , The Hardcase (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris  (haughtc) | 893 comments I'll be starting soonish.

Alondra | 300 comments I have read this book already this year..Twice to be exact! I really liked the premise of the book, and Del Toro and Chuck Hogan can surely weave a story.

Alondra | 300 comments btw...gonna read it again and participate :)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments OK, I have to admit that I was intrigued by the prologue, but the first chapter really has me curious and creeped out. I am really enjoying the writing style too, it's out of the way, like a little light in the darkness... Next thing I know this Anglerfish has snagged me and I'm a goner. ;)

This Air Traffic Control section has hooked me. I can't wait to see where this is going.

Gatorman | 561 comments This was a good book, started better than it finished but still worth a read. Heard so many negative things about the follow up that I have yet to read it.

message 8: by Alondra (last edited Oct 02, 2011 05:32AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alondra | 300 comments The follow-up is not that bad; the thing is, is that it is a continuation of the story. The fall gives you more background into the who's and why's.

Just like any series; the first book of ANY series will usually be the best. It is the teaser for things to come; to compare the 2nd or 3rd is just nonsense. Think about transformers; the first was the best. Once you see the second and third, you're just soo over the new monsters.

Please read the 2nd; because the 3rd comes out in Mid-October;November.. :D

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments OK, I'm in. I've read the 1st one twice - I even tried tto read the second one again to see if there was something I missed. There wasn't, and I couldn't finish. But I completely intend to get the third one to read. Alondra's quite right. So, so many times, the middle book of a trilogy is simply to carry the story on; there are a few that can stand on their own, but it has to be one tremendous writer that can sustain excitement about a story (i.e. J.R.R. himself)

But I loved "The Strain" - so I'll be around.

Brent Mcguffin (TheMcGuffin) | 54 comments Starting it later today. I've had the book for awhile, just haven't picked it up and read it. This is a great reason to start it!! Happy reading!!

Alondra | 300 comments Goody; plow through and just remember the "why's"... why here? why now?? why, why, why...

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments I was just checking out Amazon, and the third novel is coming out on Oct. 25th this year. It's called "The Night Eternal"

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments I'm about 30% in to this now, and I'm still really enjoying it. It's very different than I expected it would be. For some reason, I kind of thought it would be less... modern. But now reading it, it's one of those situations where I can't see it being any different than it is, and so far, it's great.

The writing is really right up my alley, in that I don't even notice it - except for "occultation". That word got a few more uses than I thought were necessary. LOL. But otherwise, I'm just in the story, not reading words. I like that.

(view spoiler)

But don't tell me, and no hints! I'll find out when I get there.

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments Becky -- If you're into WWII type stories, especially about the Camps, you really MUST read Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons - it's really 5 star-good.

message 15: by Chris , The Hardcase (last edited Oct 03, 2011 05:35AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris  (haughtc) | 893 comments Wow. I was just looking around the net. I didn't realize it before, but Guillermo del Toro directed a Stephen King dollar baby in 2005: "Home Delivery".

I'd love to see that.

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments Bondama wrote: "Becky -- If you're into WWII type stories, especially about the Camps, you really MUST read Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons - it's really 5 star-good."

I own it already... Will get to it... eventually. LOL

message 17: by Bondama (last edited Oct 03, 2011 06:42AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments I do think that Setrakian is far and away the most interesting character in "The Strain." (view spoiler)

Alondra | 300 comments Bondama wrote,"I do think that Setrakian is far and away the most interesting character in "The Strain."

I could not agree more! The depth of his pain and his need to finish 'it' has become a part of his core now.

Lisa Lucas (LisaMarie007) | 2 comments I requested this from the bookswap a couple weeks ago when it seemed obvious that this book was going to win the poll. I'm still waiting on it to arrive, and I can't wait to get started, it sounds really good!

Dustin Bondama wrote: "Becky -- If you're into WWII type stories, especially about the Camps, you really MUST read Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons - it's really 5 star-good."

Hi, I wholeheartedly agree, Bondama!!

Jaime (JaimeHobbes) | 104 comments I read this a few months ago and really enjoyed it. Fez is a very interesting character, as well. To me, Setrakian & Fez are more intriguing than the other main characters. I like how the virus is described & spread. I felt Hogan and Del Toro did a great job collaborating on this.

Trudi (trudistafford) | 150 comments I'm about 150 pages in and am intrigued by the slow, creepy build. I agree Becky that the Air Traffic Control section (view spoiler)

I'm a huge fan of Del Toro's films (esp. Pan's Labyrinth and The Devil's Backbone). This guy knows what scares so I think we are in very good hands. Don't know much about Chuck Hogan, but their collaboration so far seems seamless. The writing is quite good! better than I was expecting (which was more sturdy, utilitarian, plot-oriented prose that gets the job done).

This is one of my favorite passages so far: (view spoiler)

Gorgeous!!! I had an English prof once that would have declared this "purple prose" and demand that it be cut, but I love its excess. It's just beautiful.

Brent Mcguffin (TheMcGuffin) | 54 comments So far I'm loving it! Great way to begin a but I think they are dragging out the mystery of this just right.

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments I agree with you, Jamie, about Fez, with his nail gun, as being a very good character. There's not a lot of backstory about him, but his heart is so valiant!

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments Jamie, we were both wrong - His name is Fet, not Fez!

Jaime (JaimeHobbes) | 104 comments Bondama wrote: "Jamie, we were both wrong - His name is Fet, not Fez!"

Whoops! I read it back in June, and lent my dad my copy so I didn't have it handy for reference! I found all the rat information very interesting. Is that weird!?

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments No, not really weird -- because that's what makes him such an effective vampire hunter!

Dustin Dani wrote: "Anyone ever read The Lion's Game?"

Sounds vaguely familiar, Dani..

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments Guys please remember to mark for spoilers when discussing details. I haven't even met "Fet" yet, but now I know a major detail about his character. Maybe that's not really a spoiler, but better to be safe than sorry and not spoil the experience.

Thanks. :)

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments I'm currently about 35% into this one and things are starting to get a bit interesting and creepy. I'm enjoying this story quite a lot and I'm interested to see where it's going. :)

message 32: by Becky, Ka-Tet (last edited Oct 09, 2011 12:17PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments Alondra, I know that you've read both books already, and are trying to be vague, but not all of us have finished this book yet, so comments about the second book are spoilery. Would you edit your post to hide that comment, please?

I know it seems nitpicky, but the fun in reading books like this is the tension and the mystery and the concern over the characters and whether they will live or die. Any comments, vague or not, that take away that tension can ruin the experience and should be considered spoilers.

As a reminder to all: Please be conscious of spoilers for those who are still reading and use spoiler warnings. I will begin deleting posts that I feel are spoilers that have not been properly marked or hidden.

message 34: by Bondama (last edited Oct 09, 2011 03:09PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments Becky, I do apologize - you remind me so much of my sister, who is absolutely violently allergic to any Spoilers, movies, books, etc. She and I have gotten to the point where we've agreed not to discuss anything that the other has not read/seen yet. I will try to mark anything even remotely spoilerish, because you ARE quite correct - One wants to discover these things for themselves; not have them told to you!
And it's NOT nitpicky, girl!!

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments Yeah, that's pretty much it. Your sister and I would get along great, B, we'd have nothing to talk about! Ba-dum-tsss! :P LOL

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments I am really liking how del Toro & Hogan let us imagine and fill in some aspects of this story. It's bouncing around to a lot of different perspectives, but there are sections where they lead us up to a point and then move away and let us do the rest. I think they time things just right. Great stuff.

Evelyn (katiechainsaw) | 2 comments Started this a few days ago and I'm enjoying it so far, I'm about 200 or so pages in. Loving the build up and the drawn out suspense!

Scott (SHissong) | 347 comments I started it yesterday and it has really drawn me in so far.

Dani | 143 comments I really like the story, but doesn't it seem like the book was written to go straight to the big screen? I mean, I can tell it was written by a movie director. Some of the sentences were very clumsy, like he wanted to be sure you got the visual: (view spoiler) Really?

Also, why is Setrakian the only character referred to by his last name?

Characters have very little depth - we don't really get into their thoughts at all.

This book started off with a bang for me. I was thinking 4 stars, but these things are pushing it back to a 3 star book for me. I also have some plot questions but since I haven't quite finished (92%) I will hold off on that.

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments Dani, later on in the books, his first name is mentioned.

message 41: by Chris , The Hardcase (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris  (haughtc) | 893 comments Dani wrote: "I really like the story, but doesn't it seem like the book was written to go straight to the big screen? I mean, I can tell it was written by a movie director..."

I got that too. And I think it would really work as a film.

message 42: by Dani (last edited Oct 10, 2011 01:37PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dani | 143 comments his first name is mentioned several times in this book as well, but he is the only character consistantly referred to by his last name. Just can't figure out why. I think we are told his first name in 'chapter zero' actually. Just find it weird that Eph is referred to as Eph, Nora as Nora, Vasily as Vasily, and Abraham as Setrakian.

B- are you saying that he is referred to by his first name in the second book?

Chris - I do believe a movie is already in the works (Of course, I feel since DelToro is a movie producer, it was part of the plan from the get-go). Someone correct me if I am wrong . . .

Becky (Beckyofthe19and9) | 2622 comments Dani, Possible reasons for the last name thing:
1) To create a kind of distance and mysteriousness about him. (view spoiler)

2) Anonymity: Referring to someone by their first name kind of breeds familiarity. This is a guy who has lived under the radar for a long time, so he might not want people feeling too familiar with him.

3) As a reminder of his roots and origins.

4) Possible theory: (view spoiler)

Bondama (Kerensa) | 866 comments Becky, I like your fourth reason -- it makes a lot of sense, and it "elevates" him to a more noticeable (and knowledgeable) character.

message 45: by Trudi (last edited Oct 11, 2011 10:40PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Trudi (trudistafford) | 150 comments I agree with #4 too - (view spoiler)

Courtney | 293 comments Dani wrote: "I really like the story, but doesn't it seem like the book was written to go straight to the big screen? I mean, I can tell it was written by a movie director. Some of the sentences were very clums..."

I agree with everything here. I think it could potentially be a 5-star movie, but for me it was only a 3-star book. I liked it, but I didn't love it, and I have no desire to move onto the next book.

message 47: by Chris , The Hardcase (last edited Oct 11, 2011 04:44AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris  (haughtc) | 893 comments Trudi wrote: "I agree with #4 too - (view spoiler)

Trudi, can you please mark your post #45 with a spoiler tag? I've done so in this reply post to show what part I'm talking about. It's where you're talking about Becky's specifics in her idea #4. Thanks...

Trudi (trudistafford) | 150 comments ooops! Done :D

message 49: by Chris , The Hardcase (new) - rated it 4 stars

Chris  (haughtc) | 893 comments Thanks, Trudi....

Dani | 143 comments Ok. My plot question wasn't answered and it's been plaguing me (tee hee) (view spoiler) That is a huge plot hole or else I missed something huge. Also I kept waiting for more development around (view spoiler)

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