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Which of your grandmother's superstitions do you carry on?

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Astrid Valya Dudycz Lupescu's Nadya intertwined religious rituals with superstitions throughout her life. This made me think of family superstitions we continue from different cultures. Which of your grandmother's superstitions do you carry on?

Nanci de Suffren I've been thinking about this question because my grandmother was one of the strongest influences in my life but I can't think of any superstitions she passed on. I certainly have mannerisms that I deliberately copy from her which make me smile because they are her all over again. I was blessed to have a grandmother very much like Nadya in my life but not plagued by a past like hers.

Ancestral Gael I had one very religious grandmother of Irish descent, but I do not know of any of her superstitions, or rituals though I'm sure she some, just very well hidden. My other grandmother (outwardly) does not hold with such things, so, again, nothing has passed to me.

Yona I never knew my grandma, but part of what appealed to me about this book was that, like my grandma, the narrator is Ukrainian. However, my grandma was also Jewish, so I'm not sure how many of these traditions or superstitions would have been hers.

But, man, Nadya made me wish I was more superstitious. When you have nothing else, it's nice to have something to believe in.

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