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This is about the clans. It tells you about them and their home!


Cloudclan is decendant of Thunderclan. They are brave and stick to the warrior code. They have quarrels with other clans and make a big deal if you cross their border. Cloudclan eats mice, vole, shrew squirrel, birds and the occasional rabbit.
They are any color pelt and are good at stealth attacks from learning to be quiet the forest, a place where if you sneeze, it sounds as loud as a monsters roar.


A hollow surronded by trees with a nice sunny patch.

Territory: The forest.


Darkclan cats are descendants of Shadowclan. They are the cats most likely to join the Dark Forest. This clan usually is any color that's sort of dark, but are big and bulky. They love the shadows and their camp is a great place to hide.

Camp: Dark, gloomy but has some spots of light.


Waterclan are descendants from Riverclan. They love the water and are rather stubborn and proud sometimes. THey have a tendency to be chubbyish, but sometimes they aren't. They are the best at stealth attack and love to look good, which is why they groom themselves and search for pretty shelves. The mainly eat Fish, along withthe occainsional water vole or mouse.

Camp: Close to the river, sandyish place with lots of light.

Territory: The River and some of the forest.

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