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C M heyyy i have 2 qs. 1.)two charries each? 2.) what to do? 3.) whats ur charrie romance like?

Autumn  | 11 comments ummmmmm IDK and can we have i charrie cus im bad at 2

C M if we do 1, i want girl!

Autumn  | 11 comments ummmmm ok but i suck at boys

C M damn!

Autumn  | 11 comments sorry!!!!!!!!!!

C M 2 charries please?! im good at being a guy, just dont like to be.

Autumn  | 11 comments im rilly bad at that but whatever

message 11: by C M (last edited Sep 28, 2011 10:20AM) (new)

C M Name: Mira Scott
Age: 15, likes older guys even if she shouldnt
[image error]

Name: Arron Scott
Age: 18

Autumn  | 11 comments giv me a little bit ive got school

C M grr

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