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THE MOST inspiring book ever
Cara Reniger Cara Sep 27, 2011 07:33PM
This was probably the greatest auto-biography I have ever read. The way portia openend up about herself, no matter how emberassing, was refreshing. She seemed to hold nothing back. Its very inspiring to people with eating disorders, but to also closeted LGBT. My FAVORITE line was, “There's a fine line between being private and being ashamed.” As a former closeted lesbian, this line really made me realize to be who I am, no shame involved!!!

Great book, just shows the reader how a person can get to where they believe that they have to do this, just to keep their job. You could feel all of the raw pain she was writting about and could tell just how much it hurt her to tell the public, it would have been easy for her to just keep it to herself. She had a workout routine that a normal person doesn't do in a week that she would do in a week or even a few days. Very open and let it all come out.

I agree! It was super inspiring. I could really relate to her story, even though I'm not anorexic. It's a huge struggle being in the closet. If Portia could overcome her shame, so can I. The last chapter was the most powerful in my opinion. All the good things that came to her when she just let go shows that things CAN get better, even when life is so unbearable.

I loved how brutally honest she was but thought it a little unbelievable. Felt so sorry for her but also was slightly annoyed at her at times. So glad she found a partner so accepting and loving. <3

I loved everything about this book... It really was amazingly brutally honest, I irrationally felt like Portia trusted me completely as I was reading it because of how much she opened up. It's beautiful to see how she learnt to accept both her body and her sexuality. It's interesting how she sees her eating disorder as connected to her shame for being gay. I can understand how one thing could have led to another because of the truthful way she described her feelings.

I wasn't annoyed by her at any point, I could just see how her desease was taking over her mind. I've thankfully never had an eating disorder so for me it was really important to see how this disease works.

Plus, how amazing is it to see how important Ellen is to her? This Ellen we all know and love gave happiness to whom now to me feels like a close friend - Portia.

I was so proud of her at the end of the book to see how she dealt with all her struggles. It's really like she's a friend of yours when you reach the end of the book.

I was not expecting such an inspiring and beautifully written story. She really almost died, while the entire country was watching her. I'm so so glad she pulled herself out of this nightmare and met Ellen.

I think anyone who has insecurities can relate to this book, but it was especially touching to me as I am gay and admire Ellen and Portia to death. I don't know if it's a trigger or a live saver to people who actually suffer from eating disorders. I hope it's a positive read.

Am I the only one who had to laugh when Portia said she kept telling her mom "At least I'm not dating Ellen Degeneres!" when she was afraid Portia was exposing herself too much as a lesbian? HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Oh dear, what is destiny?

I think this might be my favorite book in a long time. I just couldn't stop reading it an now I'm kinda sad it's over.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved her honesty and so glad that she has finally found happiness.

I admire her for her honesty. And to show everyone that even with the toughest circumstances you can overcome them and have happiness. She is living her life to the fullest. Good Job!

This isn't the type I read, but I saw Ellen one day and she was talking about it. And so I got it. I loved the book, but was really annoyed with her on some of it.. but it was the disease..

I recommend it to anyone..

I agree with Maria.. she is still too thin...

I admired her honesty. her book could be helpful to those who are going through anorexia or other eating disorders.

My favourite book. Helped myself and so many others suffering from anorexia.
She's amazing!

I loved the thing about the smell too!!! Hahaha it's so true!

I admire Portia for being so honest to the core and letting us all in on her trials with anorexia- she seems like a good person and Im very happy for her and Ellen, I gotta say tho, she still looks too thin when I see her on Ellen.

I always thought gays became gays because of the sex only. After reading this book it gave me the feel that gays are just like straight people.

Loved the combination of lesbianism and eating disorders because of my own experience. Addictive reading. What sticks with me is something Portia shares which I have never heard or read from anyone else and which is just so true if you're not into men: they smell!

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