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Fair Readers (FairReaders) | 31 comments Mod
Please post your book link and description here.

message 2: by Ali (last edited Sep 26, 2011 05:35PM) (new)

Ali Cooper (AliCooper) | 5 comments Cave
Marty is trapped down a cave beneath the Welsh mountains. Will his life begin at forty – or will it end?

Newly single and reunited with old friends from university, Marty finds life is no longer as idyllic as his memories of hot summers, music festivals and recreational drugs. He is persuaded to resume his hobby of caving, and, while twisted relationships play out on the surface, he descends into the strange and beautiful world of caverns and stalactites, where ghosts from the past are waiting to haunt him. But the others have secrets too - and as they are revealed, Marty unknowingly walks into danger.

Cave is a coming of age adventure, spanning twenty years of friendships and relationships. Set in Wales at the turn of the millennium.
108K words
Cave by Ali Cooper

message 3: by George (new)

George Stratford | 3 comments BURIED PASTS by George StratfordBURIED PASTS


Even after eighteen years, Canadian pilot Mike Stafford still carries an overpowering sense of guilt for the death of his best friend during a huge RAF bombing raid over Berlin in 1944. He eventually returns to England for an inaugural squadron reunion full of apprehension over what the visit may produce.

Siggi Hoffman, then a young German girl of twenty, also has terrible memories of a personal loss from that same night in 1944. She too is unable to forget. Nor has she ever been able to forgive.

When fate throws these two together in a small north Yorkshire town during the summer of 1962, the past collides devastatingly into the present. And all the time, lurking ominously in the background, is an unknown enemy intent on extracting violent revenge. Private demons are only one of the many problems that must be overcome when Stafford and Siggi find themselves fighting to survive.

As long buried secrets are finally revealed, events reach a literally explosive conclusion.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: ‘An engaging and satisfying novel for fans of adventure stories with a heart.’

The opening three chapters of this novel are available as a free download on Goodreads.

If this story interests you, then you can discover all about its background and real-life inspiration at my website:

message 4: by Andre Jute (last edited Oct 11, 2011 04:34PM) (new)

Andre Jute (AndreJute) | 11 comments IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth by André Jute IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth by André Jute
IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth is a thrilling family-safe adventure about the famous sled dog race in Alaska.

IDITAROD by Andre Jute – A Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book

IDITAROD wins the
Flamingnet TOP CHOICE AWARD for Young Adult Literature.

“Jute has clearly conducted a great deal of research into everything he describes, investing the novel with an air of prophecy. His moral and ecological concerns are important.”
Times Literary Supplement

"Andre Jute's Iditarod is the finest piece of fiction that I have read about The Greatest Race on Earth. Packed with adventure at every turn, nail-biting suspense, touches of endearing humor and the fine, subtle thread of romance, this tale speaks to what readers crave."
Margie Myers-Culver/Librarian’s Quest

More info about the novel, sample chapters, anecdotes from Iditarod winner Joe May, and reviews from readers and Iditarod regulars.

IDITAROD a novel of The Greatest Race on Earth costs $2.99 in all ebook formats, and the 324-page trade paperback costs $9.99

STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress by Andre Jute STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress by Andrew McCoy
Andre Jute is also the co-author of the bestselling literary biography STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress. All ebook formats $2.99, and 204pp trade paperback $9.99.

message 5: by Andrew (new)

Andrew McCoy (AndrewMcCoy) | 5 comments CHAOS THEORY

"How the hell did we come to where the President of the United States has two minutes to decide whether he will nuke Boston or kill the world instead?"

The Meyersco Helix by Andrew McCoy
An extremely powerful novel of the biowar apocalypse, The Meyersco Helix traces the frighteningly plausible accidents by which the casual killing of a near-extinct mole escalates inexorably towards where an anguished President’s must choose either to let a self-propagating biowar substance to kill the world’s population — or to destroy a major American city by nuclear blast.

“Mr McCoy gets on with the job of telling us exactly what it is like in the Heart of Darkness. He has the soldier's eye for terrain and the soldier's eye for character. This has the ring of truth.”
— John Braine Sunday Telegraph


K116 is the top secret US chemical weapon that spells instant agonizing death to mankind. Self-generating in water, only a nuclear blast can stop the deadly dust expanding.

But when a lethal cloul of K116 escapes from a military research lab, one man survives. Charged with nightmare energy, Ribicoff becomes a walking carnage-machine.

Alive Ribicoff is a lethal liability — but dead his K116-glutted body will unleash chemical slaughter on a scale that will make the Black Death look like a summer cold.

Pursued by the massed might of US security forces, Ribicoff acts with the desperate, ruthless bloodlust of an animal at bay — until they corner him in Boston. Where his fiancé, the biochemist Stella Christopher, certain that he will come to her, is desperately working on a cure, despite the agents of her own government trying to kill her.

But will an American President act with equal ruthlessness? There is only one way to cauterize the city of America’s Founding Fathers.

It will be no tea party...

“Like the unblinking eye of a cobra, it is fascinating and hard to look away from, powerful and unique.”
— Edwin Corley Good Books

The Meyersco Helix is $2.99 in every ebook format. Paperback coming.

STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress by Andre Jute STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress by Andrew McCoy
Andrew McCoy is also the co-author of the bestselling literary biography STIEG LARSSON Man, Myth & Mistress. All ebook formats $2.99, and 204pp trade paperback $9.99.

message 6: by Alan (new)

Alan Nayes | 1 comments SMILODON is my new creature thriller release.
Wild animal tracker Jason Bristol teams up with beautiful wildlife biologist Norah Phelps as they track a man-eating predator across the wilderness of north central Idaho.
Available at

message 7: by Roger (last edited Nov 28, 2011 11:12PM) (new)

Roger Weston | 12 comments The Golden Catch

"Prepare for a wild and wooly ride. You will encounter not only the sea’s deadliest wave, but also adventure, suspense, murder, treasure, and romance. This is the type of story where you forget to breathe. Cussler, Grisham, Clancy, and Ludlum have attracted enormous readerships to the mystery/adventure genre. I’ve read most of their books—The Golden Catch compares favorably with any of them. .. Tie yourself down ‘cause you’re in for a heck of a ride.” –Jeff Tickson

An ex-CIA assassin who seeks redemption.
A beautiful archaeologist.
A treasure hoard on a remote Alaskan island.
A Korean billionaire who unleashes his ruthless killers to get what he wants.
Can a Bering Sea crab fisherman use survival skills from his past to save his friends and son?

“The details of history, culture, and treasure are quite interesting, and make for a fascinating backdrop to this action-adventure.” --Livia Montana

If you hunger for action and adventure, you might want to try The Golden Catch

message 8: by Roger (last edited Nov 28, 2011 11:16PM) (new)

Roger Weston | 12 comments Drama Professor Meg Coles is in a state of shock after her husband is terminated and she barely escapes the killers. Now she is on the run, on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list, and a fugitive of the law and of government assassins. She learns that she knows very little about the man she's been married to for ten years. She must become a criminal to survive and to find out the truth, and she must get answers before the death teams silence her permanently.

The Assassin's Wife

message 9: by Rosanne (new)

Rosanne | 14 comments There is a lot of action, AND adventure, in According to Luke. There's extortion, a lot of money, guns, breathless pursuit, drama and threats. But there is also romance, art, travel and an alternative biblical explanation. Like - who was Saint Luke... really?
According to Luke by Rosanne Dingli

message 10: by David (new)

David (davidkessler) | 14 comments When Mossad operative Dov Shamir kills an al-Quaida terrorist in London, his face is captured on a webcam, turning what should have been a routine assassination into a nightmare.

Branded a “rogue operative” and abandoned by his own people, Dov takes refuge in the home of the one man he can count on to help him – a Palestinian intellectual who was his professor and mentor at the School of Oriental and African Studies where he did his PhD. Though Dov and Rahman are divided by politics, Rahman is a man of immense personal loyalty and a staunch opponent of anything that will bring the Palestinian cause into disrepute (as well as being Dov’s former SCUBA diving partner).

But it becomes particularly important to help when Dov reveals the terrorists’ plan to blow up the sunken wreckage of an old World War II munitions ship packed with high explosives. But when the terrorists ambush them, Dov has to form an uneasy alliance with Salima – Rahman’s feisty and distrustful 24-year-old daughter.

Unable to convince the skeptical authorities that the attack on the ship is anything other than a desperate fabrication by Dov, their only hope is a junior police officer. But he has motives of his own. And with the net closing in on the fleeing Israeli operative, Dov and Salima find themselves caught in a race against time to stop the attack before hundreds of innocent people are killed.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

Daniel Dawes. Lauren Greer and their lover Bonny McAdam, have recently escaped conflict in their homeland. Bonny and Daniel have created an idyllic love nest in a cottage on the banks of the River Dart in Cornwall. Lauren is an instructor at the nearby Britannia Naval College at Dartmouth. Daniel flies SeaKing Helicopters from RNAS Culdrose. Bonny is studying at Exeter University. The three are about to be drawn into a far away war in the Falklands. Daniel is trapped behind enemy lines and Lauren and Bonny set out on a dangerous adventure to rescue him. A challenge that will and change their lives forever
Regards davidroy

message 12: by V.H. (new)

V.H. Folland (VHFolland) | 2 comments Fire Season

For Matt and his flying club, there weren't any options left. Trapped residents, threatened towns and one small airstrip safely upwind of the fire line. It's not a promising position, but they volunteer to help anyway, hoping a protected position and a close base might make a difference to the fire fighters.

And then the wind changes.

"Thought provoking, emotional and compassionate, this is a book I could read again. A recommended read." Clover Hill Book Reviews

"suspense that will have you glued to your seats" BookPleasures
Fire Season by V.H. Folland Available in print and ebook (from Amazon and all Smashwords partners).

message 13: by Chris (new)

Chris Mcgarry | 1 comments Josh Donaldson has survived two brutal tours in Iraq, the tragic death of his adoring wife Mallory and is just beginning to get settled into a new life with his two young daughters Jessica and Caitlin when he experiences every parent's worst nightmare. After Jessica, his youngest daughter, breaks her arm, the highly - decorated ex - marine is falsely accused of child abuse.
After his children are ripped away from him by a coldhearted child protection worker named Lori Mancuso, the jaded war veteran, using his elite military skills, escapes police custody and wages a one - man war against what he sees as a cruel and unaccountable bureaucracy. Later, Josh teams up with a woman who has her own dark past with Mancuso and together they devise to plan to rescue his daughters and bring the tyrant who conspired to ruin both of their lives to justice.

Available in print and ebook (from Amazon and Barnes and Noble)

message 14: by Andrew (new)

Andrew McCoy (AndrewMcCoy) | 5 comments "Totally gripping story, I couldn't fault it. Amazing original idea, believable characters, and a really big finish."
Lynne (Tigger's Mum) - "Fast-Paced Ficton" - 5 stars - Goodreads

The Meyersco Helix by Andrew McCoy

message 15: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments Silent Invasion
Thirteen-year-old Tim Madison’s life turns upside down when a strange visitor takes him aboard a magnificent spaceship to train for a future alien invasion. Returned home with new skills and this terrible knowledge, he confides in his two best friends about his experience. Now, they’re in a race against time to prevent an all-out attack on Earth. Can they stop the ruthless, spider-like creatures from constructing a massive extermination army deep inside our planet? Or will we all perish?

message 16: by Ant (new)

Ant  Anderson (antanderson) | 4 comments Travelling, Trawling and the Utterly Appalling

Deep-sea fishing, trawling through a cyclone, man-handling some of the world most deadly sharks and a strange yellow van! 'Travelling, Trawling and The Utterly Appalling' is a first hand account of a travellers fast-paced and unpredictable lifestyle over three incredible, action-packed years. The author details the life threatening dangers he faced hanging from a tree-vine 150m above a rock face, single handed, in Thailand to the more humorous account of his adventures around Asia and Australia. The people the author meets on his travels are almost as obscure as some of the situations he finds himself in. From sharing a cabin with a self-confessed gang member to living with a 'cougar' from Australia , the heiress to a electronic company's fortune! The book reveals the true extent of the hard work on-board a Gulf of Carpentaria prawn trawler. Renowned as one of the hardest fishing seasons in the world, the author describes the physical and mental torment of 52 hour shifts, deadly sea snakes, sting rays and crazy crew members. In-between his long stints at sea incident and intrigue are still very much at large... The book shows the complete polarization of emotions in three years on the road and the water. The ecstasy and joy of travelling some of the world's most beautiful places contrasts starkly to the vigorous, relentless work at sea in minus 40 degree freezers and a plus 40 degree deck! All in all, this is a light hearted and inspiring story of the opportunities that arise while completely out the so-called comfort-zone.

message 17: by M.A. (new)

M.A. Comley (Melcom) | 16 comments I'd recommend Lia fairchild's In Search of Lucy by Lia Fairchild for a great roadtrip adventure!

message 18: by Roger (last edited Mar 02, 2012 11:52PM) (new)

Roger Weston | 12 comments "The master of assassin novels, Vince Flynn, now has serious competition." Librarian review for The Golden Catch

Overview of The Recruiter:

Making amends for his horrible past...betrayed by his employer...torn from the woman he loves...spy recruiter Chuck Brandt is down, but not out. Now he will have to recruit the only man alive that can help him - the man he used to be.
Nobody in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama knew who Chuck Brandt really was. All they knew was that he rented apartments to immigrants. What they didn’t know was that he was a recruiter of spies, that he was a legendary ex-assassin trying to start over and live honestly. His employer, a top secret government intelligence agency knew the truth. They should have known better than to target him. They should have left him alone.
"When I start an exciting book I end up finishing it in the one sitting and this was what I did with this novel ... Will be looking for a lot more of Roger Weston's books." --Customer reviews for the Assassin's Wife

For anyone who can’t get enough of Clive Cussler or Matthew Reilly, “The Recruiter” is your next thrill ride!

305 pages

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