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Fair Readers (FairReaders) | 31 comments Mod
Please post book link and description.

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Ian Ellis | 2 comments ]Have A Nice Weekend

I am posting this under General Fiction, even though my publisher has it under Romance.

Have a Nice Weekend by Ian Ellis

It is about the breakdown of a relationship, but does show it from its beginning, through the good bits, and on to its final demise. A Nice Weekend|12349615

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Karen (karenlmason) | 2 comments

Only You (ebook only)

This is a family saga, telling the story of a woman who rises from humble shop girl to the head of one of the world's biggest cosmetic companies, and all the trials, tribulations and secrets she has to face on her way to the top.



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Ali Cooper (AliCooper) | 5 comments Cave

Marty is trapped down a cave beneath the Welsh mountains. Will his life begin at forty – or will it end?

Newly single and reunited with old friends from university, Marty finds life is no longer as idyllic as his memories of hot summers, music festivals and recreational drugs. He is persuaded to resume his hobby of caving, and, while twisted relationships play out on the surface, he descends into the strange and beautiful world of caverns and stalactites, where ghosts from the past are waiting to haunt him. But the others have secrets too - and as they are revealed, Marty unknowingly walks into danger.

Cave is a coming of age adventure, spanning twenty years of friendships and relationships. Set in Wales at the turn of the millennium.

Cave by Ali Cooper The Girl on the Swing by Ali Cooper

message 5: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Bogart (JenniferBogart) | 2 comments Remember Newvember

The dare should have been simple, but it turns into a life-altering journey. This inspiring book is deep investigative thinking, disguised as chic lit.

In just one month, Willow transforms from routine-oriented postal worker to try-anything-once adventurer. All her life, Willow has ambled without purpose, never straying from her chosen path. The moment Willow decides to take the stairs in her apartment building where she runs into Sawyer, the dreamy-man-voice, something in her psyche shifts. She is propelled into the adventure that is her own life with twists and turns that could only come from losing her inhibitions and making risky decisions.

message 6: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Evans | 4 comments Jobless Recovery: Second Edition

Jobless Recovery Second Edition by L.C. Evans

What would you do if your employer dumped you for cheaper imported labor? Or if you were cut loose on a limited pension after suffering an injury on the job?

Dave Griffin is a poster boy for the American consumer. He drives a blood-colored Behemoth model SUV, has a new home in the suburbs, a beautiful girlfriend, a computer programming job, and all the benefits that come with middle class life in America. Then Dave's employer replaces American computer programmers with cheaper imported labor in order to increase company profits. Soon Dave is out on the street. But he still believes in the system. All he has to do is bring the problem to the attention of the media and the people in Washington to get results. This move only deepens his trouble.
Meanwhile, Dave's friend Joe Tremaine, a former FBI agent who lost his job after suffering a head injury, is struggling to stay sane. Cynical Joe knows better than to trust anyone in Washington or in corporate America. He embroils Dave in his fraudulent money-making schemes, and when Joe decides to educate the powerful senator who has been the driving factor in eliminating American jobs, his plan goes awry. Can an unemployed computer jockey manage to keep Joe--and himself--out of jail? Or will the oddly-shaped bundle in the back of Joe's truck lead the cops to haul them both to the slammer?

message 7: by Max (new)

Max (Libertines) | 2 comments The Libertines Motorcycle Club: An Outlaw Is Born

Enter the world of an outlaw motorcycle club from the point of view of Connor, a white collar man who goes from not owning a bike to joining an outlaw motorcycle club.

Connor faces many challenges along the way in gaining full membership into the club and as he becomes more outlaw and less businessman, his life turns upside down.

message 8: by Christopher (last edited Sep 28, 2011 08:04AM) (new)

Christopher Petersen (ChristopherDavidPetersen) | 3 comments Tear in Time

Dr. David Warner descends in a hospital elevator, and is transported in time to the Civil War, 1862.

In order to survive, he must gain the trust of Dr. Jebadiah Morgan, an old Civil War surgeon, who is as skeptical of David as he is intrigued. Demonstrating advanced surgical skills in difficult primitive conditions, he wins Dr. Morgan’s confidence and they soon become close friends.

David’s experience with such a brutal war is shocking and fearful. While in a desperate search to return home, David is thrust into the infamous Battle of Antietam. Overrun and greatly outnumbered, David reluctantly assumes command of his battalion and turns the tide of their capture.

Having narrowly avoided death at Antietam, David is forced into command once more: the Battle of Gettysburg. Alongside General George Armstrong Custer, the two develop and execute an ingenious plan to change the outcome of the battle and ultimately, the war.

As David nears the end of his journey, he is gravely wounded. With time running out, his survival depends on the future.
(91,000 words)

message 9: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Petersen (ChristopherDavidPetersen) | 3 comments What in Hell is up with Heaven?

Religious Satire: A humorous tale of the Gods of Heaven and Hell.

Satan has a problem. He has come up short on his quotas for collecting souls and he is none too pleased. With the help of his loyal and trusted companion, Grim Reaper, the pair orchestrate a natural disaster that will balance the “books”.

With an undertaking of this size, the two will need to hire some help. They outsource the work to Jesus, Hercules, Mary and Joseph, right under the nose of God. The plan is doomed from its inception, but Satan is a determined little demon and will stop at nothing to succeed. With Jesus’ drinking problem, Hercules’ steroid addiction and Mary and Josephs marital troubles, could Satan’s plan really have a chance?

Follow the long cast of immortals as they manage to turn their celestial world upside down.
(73,000 works)

message 10: by George (new)

George Stratford | 3 comments BURIED PASTS by George StratfordBURIED PASTS


Even after eighteen years, Canadian pilot Mike Stafford still carries an overpowering sense of guilt for the death of his best friend during a huge RAF bombing raid over Berlin in 1944. He eventually returns to England for an inaugural squadron reunion full of apprehension over what the visit may produce.

Siggi Hoffman, then a young German girl of twenty, also has terrible memories of a personal loss from that same night in 1944. She too is unable to forget. Nor has she ever been able to forgive.

When fate throws these two together in a small north Yorkshire town during the summer of 1962, the past collides devastatingly into the present. And all the time, lurking ominously in the background, is an unknown enemy intent on extracting violent revenge. Private demons are only one of the many problems that must be overcome when Stafford and Siggi find themselves fighting to survive.

As long buried secrets are finally revealed, events reach a literally explosive conclusion.

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: ‘An engaging and satisfying novel for fans of adventure stories with a heart.’

The opening three chapters of this novel are available as a free download on Goodreads.

If this story interests you, then you can discover all about its background and real-life inspiration at my website:

message 11: by Nell (last edited Nov 28, 2011 10:52AM) (new)

Nell Grey (nellgrey) | 5 comments The Golden Web

Ellie is a child to whom the spirits speak, and who possesses a mystical connection to the earth and an instinctive feeling for its magic and that of the gods and goddesses of our ancestors. Her parents, concerned for the health of her small brother, cannot begin to understand her; she seems to them almost alien, and when they catch her in an act of bloodless sacrifice to a beautiful marble statue in the garden beneath the light of the new moon she is sent away to boarding school.

This is the story of her quest to find some unbroken thread of belief from those ancient times, and a people with whom she feels at one, and to come to terms with the consequences of the practice of the Art Magick, and the implications of the Witches’ Law: An’ it harm none, Do what ye will.

Some adult content.

message 12: by Rosanne (new)

Rosanne | 14 comments According to Luke is enjoyed by readers who like art, travel, action and a bit of romance in their thrillers. This one also has an alternative biblical explanation. The reviews on Amazon attest to its wide popularity. It makes a great holiday gift... to yourself, if you want a reward for a hardworking year, or to others if you are feeling generous!
According to Luke by Rosanne Dingli

message 13: by Magda (new)

Magda (MagdaOlchawska) | 1 comments Hi everyone,

I hope you all well.

Just to let you know today my illustrated children book "Mikolay & Julia In The Attic" & an interactive website for kids is officially out.


Mikolay & Julia are in the attic searching for a wand for Julia. Suddenly, Mikolay notices Shadow, which magically disappears through the wall...

They follow the Shadow cautiously through the wall and discover hidden cages full of starving children and animals.

The kids website where 2 books from Mikolay & Julia Adventures can be downloaded free of charge:

Paperback from

Paperback on

E-pub on goodreads

I hope you will enjoy it :)


message 14: by Roger (last edited Sep 28, 2013 10:28AM) (new)

Roger Weston | 12 comments "The master of assassin novels, Vince Flynn, now has serious competition." Librarian review for The Golden Catch

Overview of The Recruiter:

Making amends for his horrible past...betrayed by his employer...torn from the woman he loves...spy recruiter Chuck Brandt is down, but not out. Now he will have to recruit the only man alive that can help him - the man he used to be.
Nobody in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham, Alabama knew who Chuck Brandt really was. All they knew was that he rented apartments to immigrants. What they didn’t know was that he was a recruiter of spies, that he was a legendary ex-assassin trying to start over and live honestly. His employer, a top secret government intelligence agency knew the truth. They should have known better than to target him. They should have left him alone.
"When I start an exciting book I end up finishing it in the one sitting and this was what I did with this novel ... Will be looking for a lot more of Roger Weston's books." --Customer reviews for the
Assassin's Wife

For anyone who can’t get enough of Clive Cussler or Matthew Reilly, “The Recruiter” is your next thrill ride!
305 pages The Recruiter by Roger Weston

message 15: by Kim (last edited Aug 20, 2013 10:21PM) (new)

Kim (KimGM) | 2 comments I recently published a novella exclusively for Kindle. It's called Choose Me and it's a love story set in Edinburgh and Philadelphia.

The story revolves around two Americans abroad for the first time in their lives. Jessica, a young African-American woman, moves to Edinburgh to study, but is so homesick she's considering heading back home to Philadelphia. One miserably rainy night someone nearly spills a beer on her in a pub.That person is Chris--a photographer's assistant trying to get his portfolio together so he can establish his own career. Neither of them are looking for love, but that beer and a pub called the Honey Pot bring them together. As they navigate the game of love in a foreign city, they must deal with problems of race and their own insecurities if they want their love to survive.

Choose Me a novella by Kim Golden
86 pages

message 16: by Nigel (new)

Nigel Bird (nigelbird) | 10 comments

How To Choose A Sweetheart, a romantic comedy. :)

How To Choose A Sweetheart by Nigel Bird

message 17: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments Twelve years later!

So, here it is the day before the twelfth anniversary of the worse terrorist attack on American soil ever and the second year since my novel DROP OUT was published. DROP OUT ( ) examines the tragedy left behind for the survivors and how one man copes with his incredible loss. In honorarium, I do not market or promote this book on that date.

People deal with loss in all kinds of ways. Some may blame themselves for not doing enough to help the person in need. Some get depressed and angry over the situation. And some give up on life completely and hide themselves away in isolation.

That is the predicament of the main character in this powerful novel. It is who this character meets and how she helps him overcome his tragic loss and debilitating depression and anger that makes this book so special and why it has garnered nearly two dozen five star reviews from all over the world on Amazon. Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo have many more five star reviews.

What makes this book so special is how life affirming it is. I received more than a dozen emails a day (on average) every day from readers who have been affected by the story. I’m not looking to get rich (if I was I’d price it a lot higher than $1.99) I just want readers to understand how precious our mortal time on this planet is. Feedback I’ve gotten is worth more than any amount of money (though money is always nice).

Please take a look at the sample chapters and check out the reviews, one of which was placed just yesterday. If you think the book can help you please read it. It may just change your life.

5.0 out of 5 stars Humbling Tale, September 9, 2013
Bea - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)
This review is from: Drop Out (Kindle Edition)

This is a quick read, but there's a lot in this powerful story. The setup to the story requires reliving the horrible events of 9/11, but this is a tale of initial despair and subsequent rebirth.

Time, love, loss, afterlife, hope......all are skillfully woven into the story. Nathan's selfless support of Miriam, Mariam's young words of wisdom for Nathan; touching and moving (not sappy and cheesy), this story will make you think and feel. It reinforces my personal beliefs but despite your worldview, the book is humble and thoughtful.

Rewarding read.

To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING

Click here to read my blog!

message 18: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments Please read!

Now that another September 11th has passed, we can all heave a collective sigh of relief that there has not been another major terrorist attack on American soil in the last twelve years. That doesn’t mean that those who were affected by September 11th aren’t still suffering.

Please read the reviews for my novel DROP OUT ( ) and then decide if the book is worth reading. I’ve received hundreds of emails from people telling me how the book has affected them and bettered their lives. I truly believe the book will give the reader a new, more optimistic and refreshing outlook on life.

Here is another five star review placed just yesterday on the anniversary of one of the worse days in modern history. Again, please read the other numerous five-star reviews and then decide for yourself if the book will affect you. Thank you.

* * *

5.0 out of 5 stars Drop Out, September 11, 2013
Gift Card "Jan O'Kane" (Durham NC) - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)

This review is from: Drop Out (Kindle Edition)

A fitting book to read today of all days, September 11th. If I could give it 10 stars I would. It is an amazing story of strength, bravery, determination to depression and self-loathing to acceptance and love. This book will lift your spirit to soaring heights.

Thank you Neil.

Take care and May God Bless,

* * *

To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING

Click here to read my blog!

message 19: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments Every day can be exciting

A writer’s life is like riding a rollercoaster. There are dizzying highs and terrifying lows. Some days are more productive on the creative end and some days on the marketing and promoting end. Today is a mixture of both.

On the creative end, I recently finished the third edit of my latest dystopian sci-fi. The book is about life on Earth fifty years after humans have driven off an invading alien force. The story includes hybrid human monsters, intelligent plants, and a machine that allows you to witness your own future death. The book is due out in December

On the marketing and promoting end, I was a featured interview on Clancy Tucker’s worldwide blog. This blog reaches thousands in Europe and Australia. It’s a quick interview, with mostly snappy one sentence answers.

And to add to this already exciting day, I got another new five star review for DROP OUT, it’s twenty-first. on Amazon. This one was from the United Kingdom, where I have sold a few thousand copies over the last two years.

* * *
5.0 out of 5 stars Great book!
September 18, 2013
Caroline Kingsbury (United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Drop Out (Kindle Edition)
This is a really moving book, and you can really feel the emotional difficulties that Nathan is experiencing. I definitely recommend this book. Its a page turner, and the problems that Nathan encounters are real and kept me hooked.
* * *

It seems today that I am at one of the high points along this rollercoaster ride of a life. Though I know there are dips ahead for me, for now, the view up here is pretty sweet. To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING

Click here to read my blog!

message 20: by Vivek (new)

Vivek Rajan Vivek (VivekRajanVivek) | 1 comments A Great Sage and A Rascal Named Doku

Hi, I'm Vivek Rajan Vivek and prefer reading books that expand the mind, are enlightening, and thought provoking. I'm mostly into non-fiction but the one piece of fiction that has held me spell bound forever is Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle really was an amazing writer.

I've written a book called 'A Great Sage and a Rascal Named Doku'. It's received some nice endorsements and the first 60 pages can be read on Goodreads or at

I look forward to interacting with members of this group.

message 21: by Germanio (new)

Germanio Puglio | 3 comments The Forgotten Motel, by Germanio Puglio, free on Amazon, October 2-3rd, a horror novella.


message 22: by Neil (new)

Neil Ostroff (httpgoodreadscomNeil_Ostroff) | 70 comments My nineteenth five-star review

I just checked Amazon and my novel, DROP OUT just received its nineteenth five-star review. Since publishing the book last year I’ve received hundreds of emails from readers all over the world telling me how the book has affected their lives. DROP OUT has won numerous indie book awards and hit number twenty-one on Amazon’s romantic suspense best seller list back in July.

The book harbors a powerful message about the meaning of life and what lies beyond, and what’s really important in the grand scheme of the universe. Written after a dear friend was diagnosed and died quickly from cancer, I never expected the book would give so many people comfort and a new, refreshing outlook.

This latest review solidifies my belief that writing this book was a final gift from my friend and that his passing had meaning. Please check out the other five-star reviews and decide for yourself if DROP OUT could help you understand what’s important in life.

* * *

5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting, September 29, 2013

Peggy M. McAloon - See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Drop Out (Kindle Edition)

This author delivers a story that keeps the reader engaged from page one to the last page. His description of those first few hours after the first plane struck the Twin Towers brings the reader to the edge of oblivion and despair. None of us knows how or if we can survive unspeakable damage to our bodies and/or the very essence of our souls. This book will take you to the edge of despair with the main character Nathan. It is impossible for you to read this without facing and acknowledging your own fears and beliefs. One thing is certain, you will be forever changed.

* * *

To read more about me and my books please check out my blog: ALWAYS WRITING
Click here to read my blog!

message 23: by Avi (new)

Avi Salmon (AviSalmon) | 1 comments What an adventure young chicken bob had!
Join us with this wonderful story about responsibility and courage.
free: 4-6 oct

message 24: by Germanio (new)

Germanio Puglio | 3 comments Free for two days in Amazon horror, a short story.

Q ward by Germanio Puglio

message 25: by John (new)

John Logan (JohnAALogan) | 20 comments Free 26-30 October on Kindle: Storm Damage


"10 magical modern short stories from a master of language" - The Kindle Book Review

STORM DAMAGE is a collection of ten stories by John A. A. Logan, author of THE SURVIVAL OF THOMAS FORD

Length: 167 pages/60000 words

UNICORN ONE - Mission Control in Edinburgh has made a strange choice of astronaut for Scotland’s first ever Independent Space Program
LATE TESTING - Michael survived the trenches of World War One France, but can he survive the English village he returns home to?
NAPOLEON’S CHILD - Has old Frank been alone for too long, or did a young boy really appear from the desert mysteriously one night?
AT THE EDGE OF THE KNOWN WORLD - In a very bizarre circus, a Big Top performance goes horribly wrong
THE MAGENTA TAPESTRY - Calliasta may have to sell the old house to Russian mafiosi, but is it true that the family gardener, Ernest, owns the grounds?
THE AIRMAN - A ghost story about a World War Two bombing raid over Dresden which somehow ends up in modern India
THE POND - An elderly man tries to recreate a lost love but is Nature on his side?
THE ORANGE PIG - A meeting between a pig and a wolf on a moonlit hillside leads to a night of revelations for the pig
STORM DAMAGE - How hard can it really be to make an insurance claim?
SOMETIMES ALL THE WORLD COMES DOWN* - A young man gets his teeth into something at a party

*SOMETIMES ALL THE WORLD COMES DOWN was originally published by PICADOR in NEW WRITING 13 (edited by Ali Smith and Toby Litt)


After 10000 downloads in the first 24 hours, Storm Damage is now ranked Number 13 out of all free Kindle ebooks on Amazon US, and Number 1 in three other categories. Thanks very much to everyone who downloaded and helped spread the word! Still FREE until 30 October:
#13 Free in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Free in Kindle Store)
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction > Psychological
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories

message 26: by T.G. (new)

T.G. Davis (JackieBlueNovel) | 6 comments Hello, all. I have done review swaps with folks in the past and have a new short mystery that I'd like to get reviewed. Any interest in a swap?

message 27: by Gordon (last edited Nov 05, 2013 01:57AM) (new)

Gordon Doherty | 7 comments Part 3 of the Legionary series is here!

Legionary Land of the Sacred Fire (Legionary, #3) by Gordon Doherty
Legionary: Land of the Sacred Fire

The empire is on its knees, but a last hope lies beyond the eastern frontier . . .

377 AD: Emperor Valens has stripped the Persian frontier of its legions, sending every available man to Thracia in an effort to contain the rampaging Gothic hordes. Now, covetous eyes have fallen upon Rome’s trade-rich but sparsely defended desert provinces. Shapur II, Shahanshah of the Sassanid Empire and his many client kings have long believed Rome’s eastern holdings to be theirs by ancestral right, and those lands have never been more vulnerable. Thus, Valens must grasp at the slimmest of hopes that a Persian invasion can be staved off, not by the brute force of absent legions, but by the tenacity of a hardy few. For in the heart of enemy lands, something thought long lost might just offer salvation.

When Optio Numerius Vitellius Pavo and a select group of the XI Claudia are summoned to the Persian front, they leave Thracia behind, knowing little of what awaits them. They know only that they are to march into a burning land of strange gods. They whisper tales of the mighty Persian Savaran cavalry and pray to Mithras they will see their homes and families again. All too soon it becomes clear to them that this is no ordinary mission – indeed, the very fate of the empire might rest upon their efforts. But for Pavo the burden is weightier still, for he knows that the east also holds something even more precious to him . . . the truth about his father.

message 28: by George L. Cook (new)

George L. Cook III (glc3) | 21 comments Get the entire Dead War Trilogy for 99¢

When the dead walk a hero shall rise! The Dead War Trilogy is the story of that hero, Sergeant Richards!

In the year 2053 the dead walked. Mankind was caught off guard at first but within six years mounted a massive military assault against the dead.

These are the stories of some of those men and women that fought back.

These are the stories of some trying to find a cure.

These are the stories of those that are just trying to survive the nightmare of the walking dead.

These are the stories of those that caused The Dead War.

The Dead War Trilogy includes:
The Dead War Series Book One
The Dead War Series Book Two: Abomination
The Dead War Series Book Three: WAR

message 29: by David (last edited Nov 23, 2013 10:05PM) (new)

David Harry (DavidHarry) | 1 comments STANDARD DEVIATION by David Harry

The intersection of four imperfect lives provides the setting for this riveting novel of friendship and frustrated love. Cecil grows up facing the challenges of Asperger’s Syndrome and finds that the only person he can understand is a girl hardened by her struggles with life’s miseries. Cecil’s quadriplegic older sister demands from him companionship impossible for him to fulfill. The sister falls in love with a man who seems to be the perfect answer to her special needs. But will his hidden past shatter all their lives?

message 30: by David (new)

David Wailing | 4 comments Off the KUF, Volume 2: Short fiction from the Kindle Users Forum is the second short fiction anthology from KUF. It features another 30 stories guaranteed to appeal to readers of all genres!

I have once again served as editor for this anthology, which features these talented indie authors: H.K. Abell, Andrew Barrett, Kim Brooks, Alan G. Brown, Michael Diack, Anna Faversham, John Gregory Hancock, Jennifer Hanning, Rick Haynes, Jonathan Hill, Martin Roy Hill, Ken Magee, Julie McLaren, Kath Middleton, K.Z. Morano, Lee Penney, C. Charlotte Pollnitz, Tara Pollnitz, Katherine Roberts, Alex Roddie, Tony Gareth Smith, Katie W. Stewart, Ryan Thomas, Rosen Trevithick, David Wailing, Louise Warman, Lou Wellman, Andrew Craig Williams and Anne Wrightwell.

Buy the eBook from Amazon in your country using this link:

Off the KUF, Volume 2 Short fiction from the Kindle Users Forum by David Wailing

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