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Mary I loved this book, but had a hard time understanding one aspect of the story and can't seem to find an explanation anywhere.. it concerns the fact that Alistair was granted his brother's title upon his death. I have always understood that if a Titled peer died.. and was married.. that they would wait until they 1) found out IF his wife was "increasing" and 2) If she is..they'd wait to see if it's a boy.

In this case they did neither of those things. They just gave the title to Alistair. Can anyone explain why once his nephew was born, the title didn't go to him?

Lorraine Interesting and yes I agree with you
I guess it was missed.

Aisha Oaktree because Alistair is older, also he is the heir apparent until either he has children or his brother's child becomes old enough. It's like how Prince Harry is Prince William's default heir until he has kids, but his (prince William) kids won't inherit until they are old enough to handle the responsibility. And they didn't know because his mother was surprised at the news of his sister in laws pregnancy which meant it was too early for it to be visible

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Kim Mccormick I loved this book!! I wish she had not ended it. I think she could have twisted it so that Alistair's wife could get pregant. But that being said, without this book there would not have been Bared to You so I cannot complain!! Got to love Sylvia Day!

Ilana i think there are a few parts to this. apparently the brother's deaths were recent right? due to small pox? also, no one knew that the wife was pregnant and i think that she probably wanted to keep it quiet as well. I'm sure she was well provided for upon her husband's death and therefore didn't need to have the stress of the title to manage for her son (if it's a boy) when he comes of age.

Melissa Ok this is what I thought. When Alistars brother first dies no one is aware that his sister in law is "increasing". So the title automatically went to him. However once it was found out that she was with child and that Child happened to be a male heir that in the end the title did go to the baby. Making it possible for Jessica and Alistar to wed. I am not sure if I just assumed this fact or if it was said in the epiolog.

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Kim Mccormick They were already wed long before the baby was born, they just knew the sister in law was pregnant. It just happened that when the baby was born it was a boy and thus the title went to the child.

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sam Because the baby is to young to take over the title and duties that come with it. When the kid is of age the title will go to him.

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