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Britnee In the book That Was Then, This Is Now the two main characters Bryon and Mark have a bond close enough to be called brothers. They even refer to each other as brothers,But they are really not brothers at all. Bryon's mom took Mark in when both of his parents killed each other and ever since Byron and Mark have been as close as if they were really related. I dont think it should matter if you are related or not to feel as close as family members are supposed to feel.Some people i think are more close to people theyre not related too especially if they dont have a very good home life.

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Adria I definitely agree. There are friends of mine that I consider family even though they are not related by blood. It doesn't matter about blood, it matters on how close you are and how much you trust the person.

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Lia i agree at the end of the book i was like why?! i mean he could have told him to stop and he would have done it. Mark would have done any thing for him. it gets you wondering if you really know your bff

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