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Amanda (porterak) I think this one is turning out to be better than the first. Not meaning that the first two were bad but it is up there on the goodness scale!

Amanda (porterak) Just read these lines from the book. Love them so much.

"Heat envisioned a map of he park, an one word popped into her mind: Castle."

"Heat leaned back against the wall, looking upward at the castle that had been her salvation."

This is one reason why I love these books! :)

Allons-y! (TDAllonsy) | 102 comments Mod
My copy's still in the mailbox. I pre-ordered from Amazon. Hopefully it'll get delivered Oct 1st. Can't wait to read it...

Amanda (porterak) really because the release date was September 20th. Wonder why you don't have it yet. I hope you get it soon because it is so good. You should really add it to the bookshelf just a thought.

Allons-y! (TDAllonsy) | 102 comments Mod
Not living in US might have something to do with me not getting it as soon as it got released. ;-)

Amanda (porterak) oh I got ya. That could be it. where are you?

Allons-y! (TDAllonsy) | 102 comments Mod
UAE. My copy's on the way, should be here first week of October. Along with my season 3 Castle DVD set and the Derrick Storm comic book

Amanda (porterak) Oh I haven't gotten the Comic Book yet. Didn't order it yet for some reason but after last nights episode I want to now.

Amanda (porterak) Cool Firefly moment in the book on Chapter 16.

"Oh..." Podemski sized up Rook and tugged at his orange Yosemite Sam mustache. "Sure, guess I could give you a bullwhip and a fedora. We'd market you as Indiana Bones. Or maybe go sci-fi. You sorta look like that guy who roamed outer space everybody's so crazy about."
"Malcolm Reynolds?" asked Rook.

Amanda (porterak) Finished the book a while ago and oh my the ending is just perfect. Loved this one so much. Fav of the three for sure.

By the way did you guys here. It reached #1 on the New York Times Hardcover Fiction Best Seller list. That is just so cool.

Allons-y! (TDAllonsy) | 102 comments Mod
Still haven't read it, it's next after I finish an SGA novel. Yes, I saw the news on HuffPost, so good to see Castle doing so well with the show & the books. :D

Allons-y! (TDAllonsy) | 102 comments Mod
Finally reading this one. I'm almost done with it (less than a 100 pages left) . great read so far.

Amanda (porterak) Oh it is such a great read. Best of the three in my opinion as I have stated before! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Allons-y! (TDAllonsy) | 102 comments Mod
loved it! they do keep getting better and better with every book. (also thicker/more pages)

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Jessica B | 15 comments I just started reading this one and I checked it out of the local library, I was so happy when I found out that they have castle books in my library, I think that also shows how good the show is

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