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message 1: by Brandon (last edited Oct 04, 2011 07:05PM) (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) Okay this could be a character, a setting, a magic system, a plot twist...anything! For me it is probably the epic plot twist at the end of Mistborn book three. Gollum (or Smeagol) is my favorite character because he is so memorable and he is such a sympathetic character.

message 2: by Amos (new)

Amos Fairchild (AmosTFairchild) | 12 comments The otter stripper scene in Spellsinger.

message 3: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) I'm not even going to ask.

message 4: by Amos (new)

Amos Fairchild (AmosTFairchild) | 12 comments lol. I need to find my copy and post an excerpt.

message 5: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) Do that. I am definitely in the mood for aquatic mammal adult entertainment.

message 6: by Amos (new)

Amos Fairchild (AmosTFairchild) | 12 comments lol. Now I'm not even sure it was an otter. But it was something like that.

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael (MichaelJSullivan) | 15 comments I really like when there are little thread that run through a story. For instance in the first Harry Potter Hagrid uses Sirius Black's motorcycle even though you have no idea who Sirius is until MUCH later in the series.

I like that on a re-read you discover things that "now" mean something that when you read them the first time (with no context) just went in one ear and out the other.

message 8: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) I agree with Michael. I love those little details that make a story seem... real ! Love it!

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Otter...Aquatic Mammal? OFFENSIVE! Of course I'm water so I've seen the otter naked plenty of times...

message 10: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) Aqua, you are hilarious.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

So was the otter.

message 12: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) *facepalm*

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Laughs not so quietly to my self.

message 14: by Shannon, Princess of Winter Fey (new)

Shannon | 222 comments Mod
I love how fantasy books are packed full of details!!! :) For example, when I was reading "The Hunger Games" I could visualize everything that was happening and what the characters looked like. It seemed really realistic to me, that's another thing that I love about fantasy books :)

message 15: by Brandon (new)

Brandon (mmiiaaooww) Lol, most good fiction books are like that.

message 16: by Shannon, Princess of Winter Fey (new)

Shannon | 222 comments Mod
Yes, they are :)

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