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Cartle  Love♥ | 383 comments Yes!

TPBM doesn't like braces

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No but I don't have any

TPBM: Loves dogs

Cartle  Love♥ | 383 comments Yes.

TPBM has a dog

Robyn S. Nope.
TPBM has Math class later

Cartle  Love♥ | 383 comments No. I have dance.

TPBM likes chocolate

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TPBM: likes butterfingers

MizziQ Nope. I also hate any1 was intrested. :)

TPBM: Is slacking (*sigh* again)

Cartle  Love♥ | 383 comments Sorta. :)

TPBM is done with school!

Robyn S. Nope.
TPBM is bored.

MizziQ NEVER~! Oh well...maybe a bit

TPBM: Is the same time as being excited!

Cartle  Love♥ | 383 comments not really.

TPBM stinks (hahaha I do! I just at the hardest dance class of the year. So far.)

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TPBM: has no nicknames

Lady Bilbo  (A Baggins of Bag End) (LadyBilbo) Nope.

TPBM likes The Pirates of the Caribbean

Cartle  Love♥ | 383 comments YEAH! Though I've only seen one movie.

TPBM doesn't like being up at 7 am

Robyn S. I do actually
TPBM likes nail polish

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I'm a dude sooo..............................but I like the smell

TPBM:is a girl

P.S. am I the only dude in this group?

MizziQ Yes.

Probably, most likely.

TPBM: Teeth hurt

message 368: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes they always do

TPBM: is mad because he is the only boy in this group

MizziQ Yes. :) *smirks*

TPBM: Is calming down??

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TPBM:is tired

MizziQ A little.

TPBM: Is overwhelmed.

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TPBM: is sad

MizziQ Nope. Not now. :)

TPBM: Is in between tabs on the computer?

message 374: by [deleted user] (new)

No not anymore

TPBM: is gonna find out if they are the only boy in this group

MizziQ No. (I gtg. sorry. The dumb book is singing my name! :) lol)

TPBM: Is trying to find out the best way to do that?

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TPBM: has to read a book or they will die

Robyn S. YES!!
TPBM wants to doodle or do something creative, but has to do homework instead.

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TPBM: wishes they didn't have homework

MizziQ Yha. I can't even describe how revolting this book I'm reading for school is. :( Sheesh. It's awful.
Oh and I got a 65% on my math test...*sigh*

TPBM: Has a relative on GR?

Robyn S. Yes.
TPBM really wants to go jump in all the leaves in their back yard.

MizziQ Nope. The leaves haven't fallen yet.

TPBM: Is surfing

Robyn S. I wish.
TPBM just got attacked by leaves!! O.o

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No the leaves haven't fallen yet :(

TPBM: is mad

MizziQ A little ticked...otherwise nope. :)

TPBM: Is thinking of going to bed and then remembers there's school to do (slacking is way overrated)

message 385: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 06, 2011 04:37PM) (new)

No I'm gonna watch the X factor :)

TPBM: has a cat

MizziQ Yup. Yup. Oh is it on???

TPBM: Is GOING to answer! :)

Lady Bilbo  (A Baggins of Bag End) (LadyBilbo) Do you mean answering the TPBM? If so, yes.

TPBM has watched Smallville

MizziQ Yes. And I wanted Garrett to answer but that's okay. I just wanted to know about the TV show and if it was on.
I liked Smallville for a long time but around the middle of Season 4 I coudn't watch anymore. I don't know what came over me. Have you watched it all?

TPBM: Just shook a spider out of their pants? (don't ask)

message 389: by Lady Bilbo (last edited Oct 06, 2011 06:03PM) (new)

Lady Bilbo  (A Baggins of Bag End) (LadyBilbo) No, only up to season 7 I think. I can't really remember. And no, I did not just shake a spider out of my pants, but I have before.

TPBM has held a baby tortoise (I have)

MizziQ Aw I love tortoises! I've held both turtles and tortoises but I can't tell the diffrence.

I think I'm going to skip season 4 and try season 5.

TPBM: Has a name someone always pronounces wrong?

Robyn S. My last name, yes. My first name, not usually, but it has happened once.
TPBM is cold.

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No not really
TPBM: has a nickname

Robyn S. Yup. Rob or Robbie. (My papa calls me Tweety) lol
TPBM likes to sing.

MizziQ Yes. I'm bad but I love it. Whenever I'm home alone I'll sing as loud as I can! :) It's so fun! :)

TPBM: Is happy!

Robyn S. Yes.
TPBM has a headache

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Yes :(
TPBM:hasn't had breakfast

MizziQ Yup. JUST woke up.

TPBM: Likes waffles

Robyn S. Yes!
TPBM needs to start getting to bed at a regular time.

MizziQ Yes! OMG! My mom is really ticked that I got up at nine...I decided not to tell her I got 7 hours of sleep. :) lol

TPBM: Is avoiding school

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No I don't have school

TPBM: Doesn't want to do school

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