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Colin Leslie (ColinWanderer) | 27 comments Mod
Okay, every other group has one so this is our thread where you can tell us all what British Horror you are currently reading.

I've just finished The Eighth Black Book Of Horror and just started House of Fear House of Fear  An Anthology of Haunted House Stories by Jonathan Oliver The Eighth Black Book of Horror by Reggie Oliver

Cult Reads | 1 comments Hi,
I've just finished Excerpts from the everyday unknown. A really original book. Incredibly nasty but seriously well written. The villain of the piece, an 80's freak made into a killing machine is a joy. Strongly recommended.

!  | 5 comments Sparrowhawk by Paul Finch Sparrowhawk  A Victorian Ghost Story by Paul Finch

James Everington | 20 comments I'm reading a Ramsey Campbell one that passed me by until now:

The Seven Days of Cain by Ramsey Campbell

A nice slow starter so far; tension building nicely. Hope it meets this early promise; when Campbell is good he's untouchable.

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James Everington | 20 comments p.s. how was House Of Fear, Colin? I bought that in a big book splurge the other other day too.

Colin Leslie (ColinWanderer) | 27 comments Mod
Sorry James, Haven't finished it yet, I got diverted by A Book Of Horrors a new anthology edited by Stephen Jones so reading that at the moment.

James Everington | 20 comments I just found out today I've won a copy of A Book Of Horrors (signed I think)! Looks a great content list. Stephen Jones sure knows how to 'do' a good anthology.

Colin Leslie (ColinWanderer) | 27 comments Mod
Stunning lineup and excellent all round so far. Presume the sig will be by Mr Jones and not Mr King who has a story in it :-)

James Everington | 20 comments No Mr King signature unfortunately no! Does have a few of them: Campbell, Lisa Tuttle... plus some I can't read!

Very excited to read it now. Must resist urge to drop books currently reading to do so!

Colin Leslie (ColinWanderer) | 27 comments Mod
The John Ajvide Lindqvist story is fantastic well worth dropping the other stuff for!

James Everington | 20 comments Just read the Lindqvist story... you're right, it's fantastic. Really creepy build up and then a climax that's genuinely horrifying.

The other stories so far have all been good; I really liked Dennis Etchison's one too.

James Everington | 20 comments Oh great. Aickman is a big, big favourite (and influence) of mine.

Jason | 1 comments Almost finished the 4th book in the Autumn series (and would have, if I'd not left it in work) by David Moody. Highly recommend them.

James Everington | 20 comments I'm currently reading the huge anthology The Weird: A Compendium of Dark and Strange Fictions

"I may be some time"

James Everington | 20 comments Taken a pause for breath on the above... after reading some great books not I shan't mention here because they're a) not horror, or b) no British, I'm now on Cate Gardner's Theatre of Curious Acts.

Her short story collection (Strange Men in Pinstripe Suits & Other Curious Things) was one of my favourites of last year, so have high hopes for this novella.

Bryan Chapman | 1 comments I'm not at the moment, but will start with twins of evil by Shaun Hutson shortly. Never read any of his stuff before so looking forward to trying something new.

Adrian Chamberlin | 12 comments Hi all.

What other genres do you enjoy reading? Any historical fiction fans in here? Contemporary thrillers? High fantasy?

Janette Fleming (Janfleming) | 3 comments Just started The Faceless by
Simon Bestwick The Faceless by Simon :)

Colin Leslie (ColinWanderer) | 27 comments Mod
A while since I posted anything but here's what I am currently reading -

Adam Nevill - Last Days
Peter Crowther - By Wizard Oak
John Connolly - The Underbury Witches

Janette Fleming (Janfleming) | 3 comments Oh is that the new Adam Nevill? I am looking forward to that and I loved the Underbury Witches!

Colin Leslie (ColinWanderer) | 27 comments Mod
Janette wrote: "Oh is that the new Adam Nevill? I am looking forward to that and I loved the Underbury Witches!"

Sure is the latest from Mr Nevill and very good so far. I love all John Connolly's stuff and am planning a re-read of all his stuff at The Black Abyss

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