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"Look what I found." (spoiler)
Amanda Amanda Sep 07, 2011 11:52AM
What does the baby represent? I think it's supposed to symbolize redemption/a new beginning.

JD (last edited Nov 26, 2011 05:48AM ) Nov 26, 2011 05:44AM   0 votes
The entire book is about people trying to carry on with their lives after an incredibly disruptive event. Some people took the event to re-evaluate their own lives, others let it destroy what they had. I think the baby at the end was there to show that, despite all the lives lost, life marches on. Also, to remind the reader that the this baby will grow up without any real understanding of what happened. This changed world isn't changed for the new lives that come into the world. As wrapped up as you get in these characters and how it effected them, it was a reminder that it won't be as bad for those new to this world.

"In Perotta's novel, those who break or betray the bonds of human relationship in the aftermath of tragedy become lost." True. But in regards to christianity-- the disappearance of people on earth did not have anything to do with the christian based rapture, so to relate it to christian virtues, don't know.. I liked how there wasn't a lot of of leads to why the disappearances happened but the aftermath of the lives of people still on earth.

At one point in the book I thought I had the answer to why those that disappeared were "chosen". When Nora was thinking back to the day her family was having dinner. To make this quick I will just say that Nora was in a bad spot/mood whatever, she felt unappreciated,unloved etc., and was kinda wishing they would all just go away... and they did!

In addition, when Jill was sitting next to (damn I cannot remember her name) the girl that she was kinda forced to be friends with because their moms were friends, she was thinking about how they had drifted and really were not friends at all and how she wished she did not have to be there.

So, I thought we would be given the answer at the end of the book as to why everyone disappeared and we were not. I was disappointed with the ending.

Now that I have done a bit of research on the book after watching the first very boring and dreadful two episodes, it sounds the flaws of the book are exactly why I do not like the tv show. I am done.

I think the baby symbolizes future. In any tragedy, you can stay in the tragic and cling to what was but eventually the truths about living repeat themselves and a new "now" is created. I liked the symbolizm of the baby. In fact, I liked the whole story. Such a unique concept. Talk about ambiguous loss for those left behind.

The Miracle Child was the name of the section-maybe it was to give the characters hope again.

Thanks I did not knew what it symbolized either,but I did not really enjoy the book though. I was the least favorite book by Perrotta, but I did get what the story was about, but the plot was not very consistent to me.

I agree. My first reaction was one of disappointment. It seems rather trite. haul out the Madonna and child and we will all go "ooh,' then tear up and everyone lives happily ever after. However, myths have power for a reason. Kevin and Nora are a kind of Adam and Eve, or Joseph and Mary. In Perotta's novel, those who break or betray the bonds of human relationship in the aftermath of tragedy become lost. The three cardinal Christian virtues are faith, hope, and love. The baby becomes a symbol of the ways in which those virtues are realized.

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