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Deana (ablotial) | 312 comments I've rented the movie and plan to watch it this week. Does anyone else plan to watch it? Has anyone already seen it? What did you think?

Shea | 74 comments I saw the movie before I read the book. It did help me keep track of the characters, however, as alway, there is SO much more in the book. It has been a while since I saw the movie but my impression is they did a good job with it given how much the story must be condensed for film. My other distinct opinion is, like Gone With the Wind, the main female lead is MUCH more likeable in the film. Both Scarlett and Becky are softened for the big screen.

message 3: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob | 60 comments Shea wrote: "My other distinct opinion is, like Gone With the Wind, the main female lead is MUCH more likeable in the film. Both Scarlett and Becky are softened for the big screen."

Yeah, that's the way I remember the movie. As I read the book, I kept being surprised at how irredeemably nasty she is at core. I guess this was a major disappointment to me because I've been kind of obsessing over it. I really wanted her to reform at least a little bit. But at the end she's more of a psychopath than ever.

In a way, I suppose I admire Thackeray for not giving in to sentiment on this point. Similarly unsentimental, regarding a different character, is his line about the "tender little parasite."

Deana (ablotial) | 312 comments I gave in and watched the movie last night after all, decided I couldn't wait until the weekend.

There are definitely some major differences, though it held fairly true to the book for the most part. I even recognized some of the lines from the book!

But! The big differences I saw:

1. Becky was far less evil overall. She definitely seemed to actually like Rawdon in the movie (and who wouldn't! He was quite attractive and much less of a country bumpkin than the book made him out to be). She also seemed a bit less cruel to her son - even put her hand on the glass of his carriage and he put his hand up as well when he was sent off to school, kind of a tender moment.

2. Lord Steyne seemed much more malicious here. He was put out in the forefront very early in the movie, they made it obvious he was watching her for a very long time. Whereas in the book, he is introduced quite late and I remember all of us complaining at first WHY IS HE GOING ON AND ON ABOUT THESE NEW PEOPLE SO LATE IN THE BOOK?! It seemed he was much more at fault than Becky for the tragic ending to her social climbing... She did not sent a note to Rawdon when he was jailed saying she couldn't come.

3. The ending with Jos! This movie has a HAPPY ending! And it was quite pretty. You know still obvious that she would probably take advantage of him but a far different feel. And he is alive and in India with her. Very different sort of ending.

My other notable differences:
- George Osborne is a much larger jerk in the movie, I believe.
- Amelia was super obnoxious in the movie. Wow.

Also, it seemed like the soldiers hairstyles, especially Osborne and Rawdon, were far more in style today than they would have been in 1830...

message 5: by Bob (new) - rated it 4 stars

Bob | 60 comments Was Amelia *intentionally* portrayed as "super-obnoxious" In the movie?

In fairness to thackeray, lord steyne does appear early in the post-Waterloo phase, for example in the chapter on "how to live on nothing a year" or thereabouts. His presence isn't really explained yet, he just appears as someone who's always hanging around at the crawleys' house.

Deana (ablotial) | 312 comments Fair enough. I guess he just didn't make a lasting impression at that point.

I felt that Amelia was portrayed as obnoxious intentionally, but I could be wrong. I mean, even in the book she did spend a lot of time crying and feeling bad for herself, but in the movie it seems more-so, somehow. She was always crying and complaining and moping and hardly ever smiled at all and looked a mess, especially compared to Becky's always meticulous appearance, but even compared to the other women. It made me wonder what Dobbin could ever see in her.

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