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message 1: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) Here is a game that will help us get to know each other a little bit better....

It is called If you....and it is a game where we ask each other a question that starts with If you.....

EX---If you could only have one book in your house what would it be? The person to answer this question must ask the next question...

The only rule to this game is that all questions must start with If you....

message 2: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) So I will start.....

If you were stuck on a deserted Island what ONE thing would you want to have with you??

message 3: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Nichols | 44 comments Only one thing, huh? Hard to decide...

Probably some kind of waterproof tarp.

If you were sent 1000 years into the PAST, what's the one modern convenience you would miss the most?

message 4: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) My Laptop....totally need that to survive!!!

If you had to chose being poor with your perfect family...or rich but on your own which would you chose???

message 5: by Miss.terri (new)

Miss.terri | 179 comments How can you be poor with your perfect family?

If you had it to do over again, would you still choose the same job?

message 6: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) I agree Miss. Terri...you can never be poor with the perfect family...

I would have chosen the job that I am doing now as opposed to working in the factory that I worked in for 10 years....I am much happier where I am now!!!

If you could only have one book in your house what book would that be???

message 7: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) I don't think I can pick one book...does my nook count because it is the size of one book? Ok...I will pick The Complete Novels of Jane Austen.

If you had only one wish what would it be?

message 8: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) Wow that is a tough one Carrie....there are ALOT of things that I want....I would say more hours in my day!! Then maybe I could squeeze in a few extra minutes for reading!!!!

If you had one moment in your life that you could re live...what would it be???

message 9: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (Crimsonorchid) | 2 comments It would be last Sunday, the day one of our cats got hit by a car. If it was possible to go back in time, I would have kept him in the garage or the house were he would have been safe and sound; then none of this would have happened.

If you could switch lives with any one person for an entire day, whom would it be?

message 10: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) I am so sorry Crimson...hugs are sent to you!!!

I would trade places with my friends baby...he is a few months old...the reason....I get to nap,be carried all day, have people wait on me hand and foot!!! That would be awesome!!!!

If you could have anything in the world for Christmas what would you want???

message 11: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle A Cockerspaniel (black)!
If you had an ipod which was stuck on one song which song would you most like it to play again and again and again?

message 12: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) OOOO BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't really pick a song....ooooo...I don't know what song I would want to hear all the time....maybe....ummmmm......oooooo.....I love all their music....ummmmmm....ONE BON JOVI SONG...really.....AHHHHHHHHHH....alright I will chose....Thank you for loving me.....

If you could pick one Christmas song to listen to from now until Christmas what song would that be....

message 13: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) Rocking around the Christmas Tree...Have it stuck in my head already. lol

If you could relive today over what would you do different?

message 14: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Erm...I should have got dressed before lunch time, put more garlic in the stirfry I made, and done some revision.

If you could only wear one colour ever which would it be? (Be specific)

message 15: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the color yellow!!!! I would wear Yellow pants and shirts and coats...well my coat is yellow...it matches my yellow snowmobile and yellow purse.....ummm I think that you get the point...!!

If you could have any vehicle in the world what would that vehicle be and why!!! (vehicle could be car/van/truck/motorcycle/ basically anything you can ride or drive!!)

message 16: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle I've always fancied a go on one of those lawn mowers (though I do not have a lawn!), they just look like tons of fun! :P

If you could have a holiday free of any charge plus loads of spending money where would you go?

message 17: by Jade aka MrsTosh (new)

Jade aka MrsTosh (MrsTosh) I would go to New York and shop until I drop!!! especially at Christmas time is my dream to Ice Skate in Central Park :)

If you could invite one person around for Dinner either alive or dead who would you ask?

message 18: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle No way!

If you had to decorate all your house would you choose paint or wallpaper?

message 19: by Hayley (new)

Hayley Stewart (Haybop) Paint (and can't believe you said no to living forever :O I'd be a big fat yes!)

If you had to watch one thing on TV would it be comedy or drama?

message 20: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments It would be drama, definitely. Most sitcoms just aren't funny to me.

message 21: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments Forgot my question. If you could only listen to one kind of music what would it be?

message 22: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle I quite like female R&B at the moment so I guess that...

If you were back at school again, what would you do different?

message 23: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments As miserable as I was in HS, probably nothing. It helped to make me the person I am today---well, that's what I keep telling myself

message 24: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle You forget question again!! :)

message 25: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments Ok, Vodka, or gin? :)

message 26: by Kelli (new)

Kelli (manxkitti) | 9 comments Anne wrote: "Forgot my question. If you could only listen to one kind of music what would it be?"

Either classic rock or R&B

message 27: by Kelli (new)

Kelli (manxkitti) | 9 comments Anne wrote: "Ok, Vodka, or gin? :)"


message 28: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) I would say R&B

If you could have super powers what would they be?

message 29: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments I'd like to be able to communicate with people telepathically.
If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

message 30: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) My height...I'm 5' would like to be 5'5"

If you could switch place with someone for a week who would it be?

message 31: by Teri-lynn (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) I would switch places with a baby....I wouldn't have to work, I would have everything done for me...and I could NAP!!!!

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go???

message 32: by Meg (new)

Meg (betweenthecovers2014) | 1 comments I would like to go sooo many places I have only been to maybe two places my hole life. Alaska and Ireland would be the main to...what about you?

message 33: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments Great Britan and maybe India

message 34: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Your not too good at asking questions are you?!

If you had the opportunity to pick someone famous to be your personal slave, who would you pick and what would you make them do?

message 35: by Teri-lynn (last edited Dec 19, 2011 04:51PM) (new)

Teri-lynn (bookworm31) LMAO...Poor Meg!!!!!

Jon Jovi....and I don't think that I can post what I want him to do on here!!! ;)

If you could have a conversation with any author who would you want to talk to and what would be the first question you would ask???

message 36: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments I'd pick Alton Brown, and I'd have him cook and clean for me. And then, read me a story, in that lovely low baritone, and then give me a cookie, and a kiss.
That's all I can say here.
If you could undo anything that's ever happened in your life, what would it be?

message 37: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments I remembered the ? this time.

message 38: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) LOL...Ok I think I would undo a lot of the fighting with my brothers that we did as kids. Now that I have my own kids I realize what a pain in the butt it can be for parents. I tell my kids all the time wait until you have kids and you will see what I mean!

If you were turned in to a mythical creature what would you want it to be?

message 39: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments I'm pretty sure I'd be a dragon.
Or a flying horse. (a Pegusi)
Peas, or carrots? :P

message 40: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) Peas

If you got a tattoo, where would you put it on your body?

message 41: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments I'd have it on my upper arm. It would be an open book.

message 42: by Anne (new)

Anne Mikusinsi (abghostwriter) | 19 comments Candy canes, or sugar plums?

message 43: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) Candy Canes

If you could do anything you wanted for a day what would it be?

message 44: by Tahanya (new)

Tahanya | 8 comments Travel to a NEW world and meet new people.

If you could eat only one dessert the rest of your life, what would you choose?

message 45: by Carrie (new)

Carrie (CarrieAJ) Homemade cinnamon rolls

If you could be any character from a book who would you choose?

message 46: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle Erm...Someone female, with a reasonable good life...probably one of the sisters in Little Women.

message 47: by Kendyl (new)

Kendyl (Kendyllouwhoo) Since the last person didn't ask a question I'll answer Carrie's. If I could be any book character it would be...um..one of Jane Austen's leading characters, a girl of course with good morales and knows how to live.
Question: If you had to choose to be stranded on an earth with no occupants with one other person, who would it be and why?

message 48: by Jonathan, A dream within a dream (new)

Jonathan (Mistborn22) | 387 comments Mod
Um only one person? Can I give up my spot and go travelling through the stars on a spaceship?
Probably my best friend because at least we'd have a good time before the world kind of ended for us both. Or I could be stranded with my worst enemy so he suffers the same as me!

If you had to pick a prize and had a choice between money or your dream job which would you pick and why?

message 49: by Nicolle (last edited Apr 09, 2012 12:58PM) (new)

Nicolle Dream Job, as that would be for the rest of my life (at least till I'm old and retire) so I would rather be happy in the long term. If it was money it would eventually run out and therefore only be short term happiness (though I would die to own a pair of black louis vuitton red bottom shoes like this http://www.forcheapredbottomshoes.com...)

If you only had flour, eggs, sugar, butter, water, salt, pepper and milk what would you make and which of the ingredients would you put in?

message 50: by Jonathan, A dream within a dream (new)

Jonathan (Mistborn22) | 387 comments Mod
I would make pancakes and mix in the flour, eggs, butter and milk to make them. Fairly simple recipe.

If you had to pick a single day to remove from the week which one?

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