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Bee Bailey (BeeBaileyBham) | 10 comments Just got finished with Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl. I always highlight my favorite lines so I can quote them in my review. Usually what I highlight is the funniest line but I have read one part of a scene over a couple of times....

Luke put his mouth to her thigh, then her hip, her belly, her waist. All she could do was breathe until the dark spots in her vision faded.
As Luke stood, she kicked the pile of clothing off her feet and fell to her knees.
"Shut up." His back thunked against the wall when she swung him around, but before he could protest, she'd worked his buckle open and reached for his zipper.

My thighs are getting week just THINKING about that! What is the best scene, sexiest line you've ever read.

Shelly (shellye77) That is good!

Koosh | 9 comments I'm obviously adding that book in my TBR list!

Hmm, will have to think of the good lines I've read...

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