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message 1: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (Neilar) | 594 comments Catch-22 can manage about 2 chapters a day of the neurotic storyline
The Seekers as light relief.

Need to add a SF/Fantasy book from my tbr list, and the time to read it.

message 2: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 1197 comments I remember when catch-22 took over my life for the week that it took me to deal with it. I always planned to read it again. Amazing book.

I am reading Slave by Mende Nazar. It hurts.

Slowly down the Ganges, Newby and his wife, both of them still quite ill, are still stubbornly trying to regroup and get on the water.

Her Royal Orangeness (OnlyOrangery) Thanks for starting the thread this week, Ice!

Yesterday I finished an amazing incredible phenomenal wonderful book - Replay by Ken Grimwood.

I'll just copy what I wrote in my review: "Why isn't this book more well known?!? It's simply amazing! It's wildly creative, very well written, and thoroughly engaging. Grimwood draws the reader into the repeating lives of Jeff Winston (and eventually Pamela Phillips, another "replayer") with intricately detailed stories of possibilities and journeys and hope and disappointment. Ultimately it becomes an exploration of the very meaning of life: Why are we here and what is the point of life? Grimwood messes with your head and stirs your heart, and challenges you to think about what is really important about our existence."

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mjkirkland) I am reading a historical fiction novel: A Catch of Consequence No, I'm not a romantic fiction lover at all--but I liked the cover (I love the classic paintings as covers-separate topic). And I like stories about characters plucked out of the familiar and dropped into the unknown or uncomfortable.

I read historical fiction because I didn't pay attention to my history classes when I was in school.

message 5: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 1197 comments history classes in school were never that interesting.

besides, I just knew they were fudging it

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mjkirkland) Fudge? . . did someone say Fudge? Where?

The only problem I'm having with the current read is that I have to keep looking up translations of the occasional french fraises . . . phrases.

message 7: by Ice, Pilgrim (new)

Ice Bear (Neilar) | 594 comments Did someone say French Fries ... where ? !

And Fudge for dessert.

I can see the extra lbs already.

Back at base camp I still have yet to grasp what Catch 22 is all about.

message 8: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (new)

Magdelanye | 1197 comments Ice wrote: "Did someone say French Fries ... where ? !

Funny, I was jonesing for french fries today.

Back at base camp I still have yet to grasp what Catch 22 is all about."

and you wont till its over!

message 9: by Ice, Pilgrim (last edited Sep 08, 2011 01:54AM) (new)

Ice Bear (Neilar) | 594 comments From the library Frost At Christmas - 12 days to read & return it.

A wait nearly as long as those The Dogs of Riga

Reminded family about borrowing The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - originally intended as a summer read until The Idiot took over.

message 10: by Magdelanye, Senior Flight Attendant (last edited Sep 09, 2011 11:10PM) (new)

Magdelanye | 1197 comments finished Slave by Mende NazerSlave by Mende Nazer so impressed with the author, her dignity and compassion and courage and restraint.
From reading others reviews I found out about an interview with her and watching that strengthened my love and admiration for this amazing woman.

Hard to decide what to read next.
I chose to linger in London, another outsider story, this fictional account of Chinese immigrants
Sour Sweet Sour Sweet by Timothy MoTimothy Mo

came to the picture album in Newbys book. I had already flipped through it of course but took the time to really study it. I am liking Newby better as he drops most of his pretentions and attempts to communicate in native vernacular.

message 11: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mjkirkland) Just finished A Catch of Consequence last night. I found it a satisfying story that wrapped up well. I was afraid it was going to come together with a "happily ever after" ending, but it did not.

Starting another historical fiction novel, the first book in a long series of huge tomes. Ice described in another thread the frustration of splitting one book into two, well this book is so big I can hardly hold it up--and all the following in the series are similar.

Hoping it will not turn into one of those overdone themes of western settlement, but it's looking like it so far. May not finish :(

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