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Me Talk Pretty One Day
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David's interests

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Lurenny | 13 comments David is the main character of the story, were he is now taking guitar lessons. His teacher is a midget and he doesn't seem to like him, always making him uncomfortable on how he should treat his guitar as a woman. David finally steps up to say that he has no interest in playing the guitar, and tells his father that his just not fit for it. As days go by, David realizes that he has no interests in his father engineering career. He finds it to boring. His always more interested in his own little experiments. David feels jealous for his sister's Gretchen talents, were she can draw beautiful paints, gets a perfect tan, and he is just to simple. He tries to be interested in the art department and takes classes, but realizes that he is just not fit for that field. He sees his surrounding of people who are talented an unique, but doesn't feel comfortable with who he is just jet. David is still trying to find out who he is in the story, and step by step he will reach the top.

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