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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #1)

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Tatiana (tatiana_g) Do you think the Time Loop is a good method of protecting peculiar children? How does it affect their emotional and intellectual growth?

CrystalBookSnob (crystalbooksunbound) I thought the concept of the loop was very interesting but I would have liked a better explanation of how the loop was made. Did the children actually die when the bomb hit or was Miss Peregrine able to make the loop fast enough before it had a chance to hit? I think it's a good way of hiding the children because the "monsters", who are searching for them in the present, would only be able to find them in the exact spot where the loop starts.

Betsy (betsypie) | 30 comments I was also a little confused on exactly how the loop was created. I hope in the next book we get a little bit better explanation about it all. I thought it was a neat concept, though.

Tatiana (tatiana_g) The most confusing thing for me about the loop was that I couldn't quite understand what effect exactly it had on the children. They kept reliving the same day and didn't grow up physically, but the had memories of all the repeated days. So, did they grow up emotionally? If yes, how did they feel about being in children's bodies? And if they didn't why, what stagnated their emotional and intellectual growth?

Shelley Daugherty (ShelleyDaugherty) | 6 comments I think it would have helped if they had better explained the loop. I get the idea that because of the loop the children survived but there wasn't enough detail as to how it was accomplished. I found this frustrating because there were many other loops involved as well. However, I did find it very interesting that if the kids moved out of the loop for too long they would age to their real age. I can only imagine what this would do to the physical body. I am not sure that any of them could truly survive the experience even though they had documented that one had actually gone through it.

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Angie | 2691 comments Mod
I thought the loop was created before the bomb so that the children lived, so I don't think they ever died. I think that time was just repeating itself. I also couldn't really tell the age of the kids. After seeing the last picture in the book of Emma and Jacob's grandfather she seemed to more 17 or 18. But while reading the book everyone seemed like they were 10. The loop was confusing when they could travel around in different loops. What I mean by that is.. so they travel to Jacob's current world in the loop their in and so they age. So does that mean they always have to travel through loops before their time (since they are on the hunt for another loop right?).

Oscar | 51 comments I was confused too. It seemed that it was created to protect the kids because it was war time and because of their, um, peculiarities. ;)

However, I am not sure...

And I really didn't get whether or not this is something like Peter Pan's Neverland or something like the girl from The Interview with the Vampire (I forget her name) where she doesn't age, but seems to get mentally older. So the bit with the Grandfather and Emma also confused me.

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