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Catia walked in, head hung low. Why am I taking French? Why don't I just take Russian, and pass it? She thoguht, taking a seat near the back. She had tried elarning French when she first came to the states, and failed epically. Russian just made sense, naturally. That was her main, fluent language. She glared at the white board up front, sighing heavily.

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Catia looked up at Rusty from behind, and shook her head. Another person who'll hate my guts by the time this is all over...

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She looked at the hand, and considered whether to do the same. After a while, she extended her hand and shook. "'Ewello..." He accent was sounding worse and worse everyday, she thought. "Rusty...I am Catia...Tickled pink to meet you..." Her face looked expressionless.

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"Russia...Well, if you vant to get technical, Belarus. My accent, da? Isn't it quite obvious?" She had never met a British person in her life, and had just assumed American's talked like that, too.

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Her eyes widened. "England, you say? Hmmm..." She looked off. "First year and all?"

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She nodded. "I see." She folded her hands in her lap, looknig down. What else was there to say? But, she didnt want him to go away. Being lonely was a given for her in her old country, but not here.

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Catia began writing to, but it was slow going. Speaking English was much easier than writing it. She kept writing Russian, and then erasing. "God damn..." She muttered under her breath.

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Catia looked to Rusty and smiled. "Only if you don't mind that I really really suck..."

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She smiled wider. "Alright, then." She looked down to her paper, and her horrible hand writing. "Just a random conversation? About anything?"

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(9Just use google translate! Watch!))

"Vous pourriez aussi bien s'enfuir, Rusty. Pendant que vous le pouvez encore. Je ne suis rien que des ennuis. Rien que des ennuis laid. Vous n'avez aucune idée ce que vous vous embarquez." She knew more than she gave herself credit for. She spoke words she hoped he wouldn't understand, because what she was saying was a plea.

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