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message 1: by Aditya, the garbage man (new)

Aditya (adic) | 4328 comments Mod
Anyone read Pamuk? Wanting to hear some views/reviews and the best of his works that i can start with...

message 2: by Smitha, Col. (new)

Smitha (SmithaPrabhu) | 17814 comments Mod
his novels are supposed to be dark and gloomy. I had started on Diary, but left it halfway through - not that it was bad, just lost interest for a few days and could not pick it back

message 3: by Sherin, arm chair sleuth (new)

Sherin Punnilath (Shery_7) | 6689 comments Mod
I've read My Name Is Red.
It was pretty good.
Some of my friends couldn't finish it,though.

Anbu (Anbutheone) | 4455 comments Never heard of him... :(

Abhranil Dutta | 84 comments StaRted reading 'ISTANBUL'...!! Though just read the initial 20 pages the novel appears to be interesting...!!

message 6: by Smitha, Col. (new)

Smitha (SmithaPrabhu) | 17814 comments Mod
checked it out. Many good reviews are there. Added it to my forever increasing to-read list (not possible to cover the whole thing in a life time :( )

Parikhit | 3403 comments I started "My Name is Red". Was glued to it but had to return the book for I was travelling and then could not read for a while. Will pick up this next.

Julia (jujulia) | 19 comments I've also read My Name is red - phantastic intellectually stimulating book with so many aspects that I think almost everyone will found a part to enjoy. There's a lot of philosophy and history of arts, but there's also sex, crime and mystery - plus, Pamuk's language is beautiful and evocative. I'm looking forward to reading Winter in the close future....If you want to check out something really short, but brilliant and wonderuflly moving, read My Father's suitcase - it's the text he read when receiving the nobel prize of literature. I've found it on the web in German, so it might be available in English as well.

Ankur (toohey) | 165 comments i hv read Snow and My Name is Red, of which My name is red is def easier to start with, and its also the one which got him popular acclaim, so best to start with that.

Despite what ppl say, Pamuk is not very easy to read, and u really hv to be at it for at least 100 pages or so to really feel like finishing it.

message 10: by Smitha, Col. (new)

Smitha (SmithaPrabhu) | 17814 comments Mod
Smitha wrote: "his novels are supposed to be dark and gloomy. I had started on Diary, but left it halfway through - not that it was bad, just lost interest for a few days and could not pick it back"

Sorry I confused Chuck Palahniuk with Orhan Pamuk...

Priyanka (chembarathi) | 9 comments I have read My name is Red, but I had to use all my will power to finish it.May be because it gives a very detailed description of illustration, painting etc and I don't know how to appreciate it in the true sense. But it still had some crime, mystery, lust and philosophy which hooked me up to this book at certain parts.

And I completely agree with Ankur's view that Pamuk is not very easy to read.So think twice before you pick up one of his books.;)

Still I want to read Snow because I've heard a lot about this book, and also I haven't quite written him off from my list of authors. :)

Ruchik | 32 comments I have read Istanbul, Snow, A Museum of Innocence;Other Colours have not been able to complete My Name is Red; I like the themes he writes about essentially the change happening in Turkey; it is easy to identify with; the philosophies he explores about a country caught between the west and east; between tradition and modernity; between fundamental islam and the sort of modernist sufi view of Islam is fascinating; applicable to india as well; also the family relationships, the relation between science and fundamental islam are very well nuanced; I would recommend Museum of Innocence it is his most accessible novel to date unlike my name is red; also he writes very good non fiction; Istanbul is wonderful as well; his description of his early life as a writer, relationship with his brother, the descriptions of the city of Istanbul is wonderful..his Nobel prize lecture my father's suitcase is among the best essays I have read ..

Nisanth Thomas | 387 comments have read "silent house" like the name denotes..its silent and wonderful...slow peaceful his " museum of inncoenc" in the to read list....

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