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Dr Claire's story?
Diane Diane Aug 26, 2011 11:03AM
What did you think of the story Dr Claire wrote? It didn't end and I didn't know what the purpose of the story was. Was Dr Claire really not in love with her husband? Why would she romanticize the life of Emma Osterville? Any thoughts?

To me it seemed like the whole story about Emma Osterville was just told to add some more pages to the book...

Was puzzled by what I felt was an inconclusive ending. However, if one were to surmise (from clues in the margins of Dr. Claire's story of Emma and other actions occurring in the narrative) that T.S. was actually the offspring of Dr. Claire and Dr. Yorn, it certainly would go a long way in tying up the numerous loose ends we are left with otherwise.

deleted member Feb 08, 2012 04:41AM   0 votes
I really liked it because it allows us to both see a part of the background of this family's life and also made me want to have that as a separate book.

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