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message 1: by Fran, Moderator (last edited Aug 26, 2011 07:56PM) (new)

Fran | 8165 comments Inez Kelley, a Romance author; will be joining us for a Q&A and book giveaway on September 8- September 10, 2011.

Meet Inez:
Inez Kelley lives in the Midwest in a house affectionately called The Brady Bunch place. She spends most of her time in a cramped little office (Alice’s room) surrounded by a multitude of books, a few plastic geckos and her computer. The growing horde of dust bunnies, her children’s request for meals and a never-ending laundry pile vie for her attentions. As a former 911 dispatcher, she is used to calamity and doesn’t get too worried until either someone is bleeding or the fridge is empty. With one teenage daughter and growing twin boys, those things occur regularly.

Her backlist includes the riveting contemporary Sweet as Sin, a laugh-out-loud comedy Jinxed, the award-winning fantasy Myla by Moonlight and the sequel, Salome at Sunrise, steamy Lipstick on his Collar and books two and three of the erotic Dirty Laundry series, Talk Dirty to Me and Coming Clean.

Every woman has a craving. Those cravings change. Some days you may feel like a good cry. Some days you want nothing but a laugh. Other days, you want to be swept away to a magical land. But every woman craves a love story that reaches into her soul, grabs her heart and makes her fall in love. My name is Inez Kelley. Welcome to my world.



Sweet as Sin by Inez Kelley Coming Clean by Inez Kelley Jinxed by Inez Kelley Turn It Up by Inez Kelley Lipstick on His Collar by Inez Kelley Myla by Moonight by Inez Kelley Salome at Sunrise by Inez Kelley To Cop A Kiss by Inez Kelley Frisky Business by Inez Kelley Mayday! Mayday! by Inez Kelley Over and Out by Inez Kelley Sliding Home by Inez Kelley Police Protection by Inez Kelley Trick or Cheat? by Inez Kelley Late for Dinner by Inez Kelley If Only in our Dreams by Inez Kelley Wishing for Grace by Inez Kelley

Giveaway: Inez is giving away 2 copies of her book Turn It Up and 2 copies of the winners' choice from her backlist. This giveaway is open to everyone.

message 2: by Nissie (new)

Nissie | 483 comments Hi, Inez! Thanks for stopping by to spend some time with us. I think I like your world. :)

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 08, 2011 06:27AM) (new)

Hi Inez. I am not sure if I di Nissie's sentiment. With the write-up given above, it seems to me that your world is more than a little chaotic. And yet it is surprising that you can still write. How do you do it?

You've written a lot of books. When did you start writing? And what prompted you do so?

message 4: by Dee, Moderator (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7309 comments Welcome Inez, it's a pleasure to have you with us!

I hope you enjoy your time with our members; and good luck to you all!


Members, if you can please write the questions in bold; it would be easier for her to know that you have asked a questions and less chance that it will be missed. Thanks!

message 5: by Sakura (last edited Sep 07, 2011 09:23PM) (new)

Sakura | 4 comments Welcome Inez,

I've read your book Sweet As Sin, and I was wondering, where do you get your ideas for your stories?

message 6: by Janhvi (new)

Janhvi | 6 comments Hi Inez!

I wanted to ask you that when you write are the characters from your books inspired from someone in your life or do you just come up with them from your imagination?

message 7: by Ananda (new)

Ananda Hello Inez and thank you for stopping by, giving us the opportunity to ask you few questions. Has any of your books been translated in Europe, and if so, in which country?
And one more question - You say ever since you were a child you consumed books like chocolate, bringing home wagons of, which is your favorite author or authors, and are there any that had a great influence on your writing?
Thank you!

message 8: by Dee, Moderator (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7309 comments hi Inez - Do you have any auto-buy authors?

message 9: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Hi all! Thanks for having me.

Mina, If I don't write, I go crazy it is my release valve. I don't watch television so that frees up a lot of time plus I treat writing as my job(which it is). I have to put the hours into it if I want to see the outcome.

I've written for myself since I was 11 but only decided to try and get published in 2008. I sold my first book JINXED later that year to Samhain Publishing.

Sakura and Janhvi, every character I write is straight from my imagination and I have no idea where they come from. They often pop into my head fully formed, with attitudes and quirks, eye color and names and yell WRITE MY STORY!!

Anada,I don't believe they have been TRANSLATED but most of my books are for sale through Amazon in Europe and Germany. I also get email from readers in Thailand and Brazil so I assumed they purchased those the same places.

Favorites authors? I have a few auto buys and I enjoy many others. I love Lynn Kurland and Margaret Moore (old school stuff). I tend to read reviews and buy one new author at a time now sine my time is limited by my own writing.

Anne Stuart is my latest WEEEEEE! Author and I just bought most of her backlist and am working my way through that.

Dee, as for the auto-buys, a few. I love Faye Kellerman's detective series, JR Ward's cracktastic BDB, Jeannie Lin, Cherise Sinclair and Jodie Picoult.

message 10: by Ananda (last edited Sep 08, 2011 09:01AM) (new)

Ananda Thanks for the answer Inez..and hope you don't mind me asking another question (2 actually). How many hours a day are you involved in writing and what is the hardest part in being a writer?
Thanks again

message 11: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Ananda, hours... vary. Sometimes I work for 2 hours, other times for 10. It depends on my children's schedule, my deadlines, if my house if falling apart, etc. I do work every single day however. It might only be an hour or so doing research or promo, but I do it.

The hardest part of writing for me is the actual writing part. I write linear, never skipping around, and edit as I go. If I write a scene that doesn't work, I might cut it and start over.

Plus I might be working on the same scene for 3 days if it takes that long to get it right. *THAT* gets annoying but it works for me. When I write the last word, I only have to do another edit round then send it to crit readers, then fix any issues they might find. After that, I submit it. SO the actual words on the page take the longest and cause me the most headache. But they also give me the most pleasure so it's not so bad.

and ask away! I'm good for however many questions anyone has!

message 12: by Habrewer (new)

Habrewer | 4 comments Hey Inez,

You know I love your books. I still think Sweet as Sin is one of my all time favorite contemporary romances.

I know that you have twin boys and now that school has started, do they or your daughter participate in after school activities?

When do you find time to read? I agree JR Ward is an auto buy for me and I loved the last book - even though many didn't.

message 13: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 732 comments Hi Inez! So glad that you join us. I was wondering....

what time of day do you feel most creative?

message 14: by Ananda (new)

Ananda Inez, you feel the best writing romance, but could you see yourself trying out a different genre? And if you could, what exactly would it be?
And again, thank you very much

message 15: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Habrewer, right NOW they don't have after school activities but that varies on sports season. One plays basketball, one plays baseball and one wants to go out for track. And I read when my fingers get too sore from typing or in the bathtub (paperbacks only) or when my husband is watching football or his hunting/NASCAR/WWII shows.

Samantha, I am real night owl and work best after midnight.

Ananda, yes, I really could. I have a YA contemp started that one day I will finish and several plot lines in my head for mainstream fiction pieces.

message 16: by Teri (new)

Teri Jackson (terbear) | 208 comments Afternoon Inez,

Were would you say you like to write/read the most?

And thanks for being here ^-^

message 17: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Teri, I write only in my office right now but before I moved, I wrote mostly at my kitchen table. For reading, I read mostly in bed or on the couch.

message 18: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 732 comments do you have any music that inspire you? If so what do you listen to? Or do you like to work in silence?

message 19: by Dee, Moderator (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7309 comments and to follow up on Samantha's queston - do you have soundtracks for your books - songs that you think about when you are writing scenes?

message 20: by Teri (new)

Teri Jackson (terbear) | 208 comments I like to read in my bed too =P

How many books do you own?and what's your inspiration for any of your characters?

message 21: by Tina Theresa (new)

Tina Theresa | 241 comments I loved Sweet as Sin. I love the cover. Do you pick the book covers for your books?

message 22: by Inez (last edited Sep 09, 2011 04:59AM) (new)

Inez Kelley Samantha & Dee - I don't have sound tracks, i write mainly in silence. However I do have certain songs that inspire or help me set the mood for some books, normally my longer full lengths.

(be warned, I am a country gal so some but not all of these are country)

JINXED - (okay this one didn't have a song!!)

SWEET AS SIN - What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flats

TURN IT UP - She's Always a Woman to Me -Billy Joel

MYLA BY MOONLIGHT - Breathe - Faith Hill

SALOME AT SUNRISE - Celtic Woman - The Voice

message 23: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Terri... I have no idea, a few hundred! And anything can inspire a character: a song, a line in a book, a sign, you name it!

Tina, I WISH!! I have very little control over the titles and covers *sigh*

message 24: by Dee, Moderator (new)

Dee (austhokie) | 7309 comments I love country!!! lol! the USO here had free tickets to Toby Keith (military only) and I couldn't find anyone to go with me :(

message 25: by Liss (new)

Liss Martz (Liss125) Hi Inez, thanks for being here with us, my question is kind of weird, Wich of all of your books do you "love" the most, and why? I mean, wich book you are the most connected with, in an emotional way, and wich was the hardest for you to write and why?

message 26: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Hi Liss,

Hardest to write? I should say SWEET AS SIN since it is the darkest and most gut wrenching but I can't. I wrote that book like a demon possessed Energizer Bunny. It POURED out and was honestly one of the easy ones. TURN IT UP was so easy it was like spreading butter.

In all honesty, the hard one was SALOME AT SUNRISE. I went a few places I had never gone before writing wise and I really stretched myself in that story. Romantic Times Magazine gave it 4.5 stars so I guess I did okay *cheesy grin* but it was hard to write, like pulling teeth. And damned if I don't think it is some of my best work ever.

The one I love the most?

hmm... Toss up between SWEET AS SIN and MYLA BY MOONLIGHT. Myla by Moonlight made me cry while writing it and the love story in it is just so... pure. With Sweet as Sin, I was *SO* connected with the characters that I swear I almost thought they were real. I could hear John Murphy in my head as plain as day.

message 27: by Samantha (last edited Sep 08, 2011 04:03PM) (new)

Samantha | 732 comments How do you come up with your ideas? Does it start with a single character that calls out to you and from there you formulate a storyline?

Also you mention to be very structured in your writing. Do you ever stray away from your original thoughts and find that your book is ending different than what you had thought?

Btw, I love country music.

message 28: by Inez (last edited Sep 08, 2011 04:20PM) (new)

Inez Kelley Samantha, I have no idea how my brain works. It does, so I listen to it. I usually get one main character who comes to me with an issue and it grows from there. For example, in SWEET AS SIN, I *THOUGHT* I was going to write a romantic comedy. I saw Livvy and shrugged, opened the blank page and frowned in concentration.

All of a sudden, I felt like this big, dark, angry guy pulled out a chair and said, "Start writing because when I'm done, I'm done. And don't sugar coat this shit!"

Yeah, that was how I met John Murphy. *sigh*

As for straying, oh yeah. Many many times LOL
Another example - In Myla by Moonlight, I had no freaking idea how I was going to resolve the situation. None. Nada. Zip.

I didn't stop writing. I had to trust the characters I had created to show me the story in their own time. They always do. Several times during any given story, I write a line then pause and go, "Wow, didn't know that."

There are two types of writers PLOTTERS and PANTSERS. Plotter know every single detail down to the commas. Pantsers write by the seat of their pants and have no clue what they will end up with. I call myself a navigator. I have certain markers I know I have to hit over the course of the story but the trip in between those markers is up for grabs and that is what makes writing fun to me.

message 29: by Liss (new)

Liss Martz (Liss125) LOL, I bet you do! I have another one how many places have you gone to have inspiration for your books? and How's your perfect man?

message 30: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 732 comments I like that you navigate with markers in between. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

message 31: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Liss, I rarely go anywhere with the intent to get inspired. However, inspiration can strike anywhere and often does. But between you and me, I get most of my ideas while washing dishes. Mindless things I have to do that frees my mind to wander.

Perfect man? Wow, have to think about that. I have a thing for the wounded bad boy but I always seem to instill a strong sense of valor in my bad boys. I love a man's hands. I think they can be extremely sexy, powerful, hard and yet tender, etc.

If I had to pick eye color/hair color then it is dark haired men with blue eyes. Dunno why but now that I write it, I married one LOL Of course, he's now silver.

message 32: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Samantha, my best advice is simple but the hardest to hear at times.

Dear Aspiring Writer, you are not ready. Stop. Put that finished story away and start another one. In a month, go back and look at the first story. RE-EDIT it. Then send it to a person you respect in the field who will be hard on you. Pray for many many many red marks. Fix them. Then put it away for two weeks. Work on something else. Finally, edit one last time. Now you are ready to sub your first work.

Criticism is hard to take at first. Trust me, I've been there. But learn to think of crit marks as a knife. Each one is designed to cut away the bad and leave a scar. Scars prove you've lived, learned and walked away a winner. Any writer who tells you they don't need edits is lying. I don't care if they have 100 books out. Edits make you grow and if you aren't growing as a writer, you are dead.

message 33: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 732 comments That is good advice.

message 34: by Rossy (new)

Rossy (naughtybookjunkie) | 2192 comments That is fantastic advice Inez, glad to have you with us! Hope you don't mind, but i'm sending that quote on facebook orbit, every writer should hear that advice!

I'm really enjoying reading the questions and answers thus far. Have to think of a question to ask later.LOL

message 35: by Dina (last edited Sep 08, 2011 05:14PM) (new)

Dina (MissDina) | 807 comments Inez wrote: "For example, in SWEET AS SIN, I *THOUGHT* I was going to write a romantic comedy. I saw Livvy and shrugged, opened the blank page and frowned in concentration.

All of a sudden, I felt like this big, dark, angry guy pulled out a chair and said, "Start writing because when I'm done, I'm done. And don't sugar coat this shit!""

Wow, that's how I felt when I read the book. The title and the first pages led me to think it would be a fun, light read, and then, wham!, John took over the story and I was mesmerized. I loved the book, can you tell? ;)

I don't have a question yet. I just wanted to gush a bit, LOL.

message 36: by Dina (new)

Dina (MissDina) | 807 comments Oh, here's a question: How do you feel about ARCs? Do you get any money from each ARC the publisher gives away? Money-wise, is it the same as selling a book?

message 37: by Inez (last edited Sep 08, 2011 06:12PM) (new)

Inez Kelley Dina, no. I see no DIRECT revenue from ARCs but meh, so what? What I do reap are bennies that far out weigh the price of a single book. Let's say that reviewer Ms. Q has never read me. She asks for and gets a free ARC (advanced reader copy). She reads it and reviews it. Wow, she loved it and gushes about it on her blog. 7 of her readers then buy the book. 5 REALLY like it and tell friends about it. 3 people remember my name and their friend's praise while browsing Amazon or B&N. They buy a book or two.

Now, one freebie was sent out but I reaped the rewards of that and sold 10+ books. Plus my name is bandied about and my stories are getting talked about. If the publisher sent out 10 ARC... well, you do the math. Works for me. :-D

message 38: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Rossy, no problem, spread the wealth I say LOL

And Dina, yes! Sweet as Sin almost had a false beginning but then, isn't life like that? You never know if what you see is really what you are getting. Real life doesn't come with a back cover glimpse into people's lives.

message 39: by Samantha (new)

Samantha | 732 comments I agree. The ARC then paid for itself and then some if people enjoy it and spread the word about the book and they also start purchasing books off your backlist.

message 40: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (clairedelune05) | 1 comments Hello Inez. You definitely are a good romance writer. Do you somehow base your stories on real people's lives? How do you get ideas for each of your stories? Thank you.

message 41: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Hi Cheryl and thanks. Honestly, I've only semi-based one story on real people. COMING CLEAN was inspired by a real life triad who have been together for over two decades.

Normally my ideas come to me while washing dishes or driving, times when my mind is not focused on a single task and I sort of day dream.

message 42: by Dina (new)

Dina (MissDina) | 807 comments I've got another question, regarding the format of your books: From what I've seen, most of them were published only as ebooks. Do you plan to have them released in paperback? Call me un-PC, but I love the smell of dead trees and I like having my keepers nicely tucked in my bookshelves. *grins*

message 43: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Dina, I would LOVE to have them as print books. However the ultimate power rests with the publisher and whether they choose to release them as print books. If there was a print fairy I could bribe, I would be so there!

message 44: by Ananda (new)

Ananda Hello Inez, Hello everyone...
I still haven't read any of your books, but I hope I will a question..does any of your book contain a bit autobiographical elements, or is any of your characters a person you know in real life..or it just a vivid imagination in question?
Thank you very much and wishing you all a great day:)

message 45: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Anada,in a way, every books contains some of me. I worked under a baker (in catering) during college, so that translated into Livvy's job and of course, John's writing process mimics my own. I do have Charlie's (TURN IT UP)sass and my first love provided the seeds for Jinx in JINXED. I've talked a bit about the triad in COMING CLEAN, so there is that as well.

I've actually lived many of the incidents I write about but I twist and embellish them, of course. I worked as a 911 dispatcher for over 10 years. That laid the foundation for Bram's character in LIPSTICK ON HIS COLLAR. It also gave me HUGE amounts of fodder for my imagination.

message 46: by Ananda (new)

Ananda And that brings me to another question..:) Did you sometimes regret the fact that you left a steady job in order to become a writer? Could you see yourself now working something else, besides writing? I'm asking this, 'cause surely the beginning was hard, especially because of the finances...and you're a mother of 3 it must have been really hard.
Once again..thank you

message 47: by Brie (new)

Brie C. (brieromancearoundthecorner) Hi Inez! I'm a huge fan of all your books but I have a soft spot for Myla and Salome. I see that you are writing another book set in that universe and I was wondering if you have a possible release date.
Thank you very much for doing this Q&A, have a nice day!

message 48: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Leaving was hard! I loved my job. 91 is stressful, emotional, and technologically challenging at times but it was fabulous. It was really tailor made for me.

But my husband took a new job that involved a lot of travel. Daycare costs for 3 kids (one who is considered special needs as well added to the $$)was over half my salary. We discussed it for several months when I decided that it was time to walk away and focus on writing. We did have to tighten our belts until I started earning something.

I've thought about working outside the home again a few times but right now, this works for us. My teen is now old enough to stay with the twins so daycare would not be a issue and I do miss coworkers and having an outside the house outlet. But writing is my job and I wouldn't want anything to interfere with it.

message 49: by Inez (new)

Inez Kelley Brie, I wish I did. The story is beautiful! However, my editor said my hero was too perfect so I am working on rewrites now.

Just wait until you meet Darach! *fans face* Oh, and Warric will melt your heart.

Yes, I am being evil and teasing LOL

message 50: by Fran, Moderator (new)

Fran | 8165 comments Thanks for joining us Inez!

I finished Turn It Up last night and I loved it! You can be sure I will be reading your entire backlist. I really enjoyed the banter between Charlie and Bastian(sigh) during their on-air radio show.

How did the idea of making the two of them radio sex-talk hosts come to you?

I also loved Caz, Bastian's brother. The relationship between the two of them was so well done, such a nice secondary story.

Any chance of revisiting these characters in a future book? I would love that!

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