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Liz M | 3066 comments 1. Combo (5 points): Read a book in for one task that could have applied to another task as well. If a book applies to one other task, you will receive 5 style points. If it applies to two other tasks, you will receive 10 points...and so on.

2. Review (10 points): Inquiring minds want to know your thoughts about the books you’ve read, so help us grow our to-be-read lists by posting a 100+ word review with your completed task.

3. Lost in Translation (10 points): Since many tasks often focus on English-speaking settings and authors, take the opportunity to read books that were originally published in languages other than English.

4. Oldies (5 to 25 points): Put down the bestseller list and read something with a bit more mileage on it. Based on a book's original publication date, style points will be awarded according to the following scale:
-25 to 75 years old: 5 points (1936-1986)
-76 to 150 years old: 10 points (1861-1935)
-151 to 250 years old: 15 points (1761-1860)
-251 to 400 rs old: 20 points (1611-1760)
-400+ years old: 25 points (1610 and older)

5. Jumbo (5 to 25 points): Receive extra points for reading books according to the following scale:
-500 Pages: 5 Points
-700 Pages: 10 Points
-800 Pages: 15 Points
-900 Pages: 20 Points
-1000+ Pages: 25 Points

Completion Bonuses:
1. RwS Finish (100 points): Complete all Reading with Style tasks.

2. Mega Finish (200 points): Complete all Reading with Style tasks and BtS tasks.

A note on YA: If you want to claim style points for a YA novel, you can do so--with one catch: You must have read a YA novel with a Lexile score of at least 700. Not familiar with Lexile? Want to find out if your book has a high enough score...go here.

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