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[image error]

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Wynter Skittles  (Shawties-Skittles) Jynx knocked on the door.

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((nice room *snickers* I'm totally gonig to spy on this!))

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((*snickers* I'm going to say this is the first time hes been in it. Thats why its so... neat.))

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((or he's gay which would be great.))

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((HA! yes, yes it would since hes such a girl magnet. But no))

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Wynter Skittles  (Shawties-Skittles) Jynx knocked again.
" Hello, anyone in there?"

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Lewis and Natalia tumbled into the room.

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Wynter Skittles  (Shawties-Skittles) Something brushed against jynxs arm. She turned and seen a handsome stranger. He smiled and blushed.

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Natalia continued kissing him as she locked the door.

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((i know! sorry my mom was on the computer so I had to go off for a bit..but I'm on for about 2hours now))

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((vani, post! i wanna get down to business..and jynx, please leave))

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((woo! sorry))

Lewis pulled back and looked at his room for the first time. "Okay... this place is... clean."

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"It's perfect..." Natalia said, looking around. The bed was big.

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((lolz, jynx is outside, you're good to 'get down to business', Rosie!))

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((oh lord, here we go... :)))

Lewis smiled and kissed her again, they fell on the bed.

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((lmao, the bed is big, the palce is clean...they gonna dirty up that big bed?? BWAHAHAHA! What if they were like, going at it, and then Bay came to give him shirt back?! I can ruin the moment again!!))

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((here we go! *about to fall down the longest roller coaster drop ever*))

Natalia pulled him close and wrapped a leg around his waist.

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Delaney{I'm Just a Daydream Away} wrote: "((lmao, the bed is big, the palce is clean...they gonna dirty up that big bed?? BWAHAHAHA! What if they were like, going at it, and then bay came to give him shirt back?! I can ruin the moment agai..."

((no you can NOT! :)!))

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((what if she's about to knock but hears them and leaves?))

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((the anticipation is killing me!!! Delaney, I was honestly thinking of something like 'It wont be clean fo long' lol, that would be almost be as good as him being gay... WHICH HE ISNT!))

Lewis kissed her neck. He worked at her shirt. "This okay?"

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((He's a bit of a horndog, isn't he?))

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She moaned pleasurably. She would leave him to take off her clothes..."Perfect.."

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((damn it all, I wasn't going for that angle. But too late :)))

Lewis couldn't believe he was doing this. They just met and they were already stripping off clothes on his bed. He blinked and pulled back.

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((Are they stopping?))

Natalia looked at him, wondering what had made him pull back. "Je t'aime, but if you want we can stop doing this..."

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((momentarily... but nope))

"No. I, uh, just thought it was fast..." Lewis said. Wow, your JUST NOW effing mentioning this. Youre pathetic, he thought to himself and shook his head. He watched her underneath him.

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She looked away from him, reading his expression. Pathetic, he calls me. Are French guys really this mean?

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Lewis watched her hurt expression, confused. "What? I just, uh, thought that we just met and... I'm sorry." he said softly.

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((Burn... ouch.))

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"No, it's fine, really. I just didn't want to make it uncomfortable for you. That's all." She looked at him, her eyes watering, but only slightly.

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((was lewis calling himself pathetic or me?))

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((he didnt mean SHES pathetic... aww this is not what I meant to happen... *realizes* and who all is reading this, speak up))

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((mmmeeeee But I already said I was gonna spy :p))

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((Um... not Whitnee.))

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((haha, this is funny.))

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Lewis watched her start to cry, honestly confused. He rolled off her. "I'm sorry, but what did I do?"

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((ahh! This is NOT how them gettin down was suppose to go!))

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((shit, i didn't mean crying crying....*curses under breath*))

"No, no, you didn't do anything, nothing..I just didn't know if you were ready for this. And I love you. I want to do this, I just need to know if you do." She blurted out. She looked at him and smiled. "Do you want to try?"

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((idk! it happens! with science and things...????))

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((Sounds like Natalia has an issue))

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((chemistry, hon. But that's lust not love...))

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((shut up Whitnee! (i still love you) i just understood something wrong...))

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"I'm so sorry about that...I misunderstood..." She said against his lips as she pulled him closer and wrapped herself around him.

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((see, thats why old fashioned Lewis wants to wait more than a day of meeting her... eww I strangely just reminded myself of a creepy, sparkly vamp))

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((gah! I accidentally deleted it! *slaps forehead*))

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((tick tock, vani))

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