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message 1: by Jana (new)

Jana (Jazziegirl2010) | 9 comments I have checked out Blanket from the library twice and not opened it. It might be too popular (read by everyone already?), but it came to mind.

message 2: by Curtis (new)

Curtis Hempler (cshempler) | 13 comments I read Blankets a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I think it would be a good subject for a group read.

I think Watchmen would also be a good one to start with, since most people can easily find a copy, or already have one on the shelf.

message 3: by Curtis (new)

Curtis Hempler (cshempler) | 13 comments Here's one more suggestion... The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead (Volume 1): Days Gone Bye

This is a zombie story, so it's not for everybody, but the story is really about the survivors, and their struggle to survive and create some kind of functioning social structure after society has collapsed.

This is my favorite currently ongoing series, and Robert Kirkman keeps the quality high as it goes on. he has also said he plans for the series to run a LONG time, which is grwat news in my opinion.

Actually, I would recommend this hardcover edition which collects the first 2paperbacks at a good price. The Walking Dead

but the first paperback might be better for a group discussion.

message 4: by Jana (new)

Jana (Jazziegirl2010) | 9 comments In my To Read queue I have Green Lantern:Secret Origins by Geoff Johns. The Watchmen is there as well.

message 5: by Melina (new)

Melina Martin (tuesdayparade) | 6 comments I definitely am for "Sandman", and would like to add "The Swamp Thing" too!

message 6: by Sérgio (last edited Aug 21, 2011 12:55PM) (new)

Sérgio | 458 comments My suggestion is Black Hole by Charles Burns.

Here's the link:

message 7: by Sérgio (new)

Sérgio | 458 comments Melina wrote: "I definitely am for "Sandman", and would like to add "The Swamp Thing" too!"

Hello Melina, I think you should pick one volume of each series. An entire series would be too heavy for a single discussion I think. :)

message 8: by Melina (new)

Melina Martin (tuesdayparade) | 6 comments I'd be for "Black Hole" as well-
for "Sandman" and "The Swamp Thing", I meant the first volume of course :)

message 9: by Sérgio (new)

Sérgio | 458 comments Melina wrote: "I'd be for "Black Hole" as well-
for "Sandman" and "The Swamp Thing", I meant the first volume of course :)"

Oh. I made that remark because I thought that, in those series, you could read any of the volumes independently, that they are not ongoing stories. Of course I could be wrong since I didn't actually read them. :)

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't know about The Swamp Thing, but I've read the first three volumes of The Sandman and I think it's best definately to follow the order, if only to understand how characters are introduced. I haven't finished (yet) the series, so I can't tell if stories will be developed as one or independent episodes.

message 11: by Jay (new)

Jay Bullman I would suggest Scalped by Jason Aaron, Queen and Country by Greg Rucka, Local by Brian Wood, and I Kill Giants by Joe Kelly

message 12: by eHawk (last edited Aug 22, 2011 09:23AM) (new)

eHawk rivera Let's see... i have a couple books languishing on my shelf seeking attention:

Incognito, Vol. 1 by Ed Brubaker

Daytripper by Gabriel Bá

message 13: by Jay (new)

Jay Bullman Sorry. Listening is a skill I'm still working on. I wojuld probably say Queen and Country and Scalped would be the two.

message 14: by Jay (new)

Jay Bullman Yes. Always good to start at the beginning.

message 15: by Curtis (new)

Curtis Hempler (cshempler) | 13 comments I second Daytripper, Alana!

It's been sitting on my shelf for a while. It looks very good, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

message 16: by Mooch (new)

Mooch | 7 comments I'm still up for Watchmen. The other book I would be interested in discussing is American Born Chinese

message 17: by Sérgio (new)

Sérgio | 458 comments Hey there Ken.

There was one rule that Mooch specified in the other forum that made sense to me. That is, that one shouldn't vote for the books that he/she has suggested; I think that way there isn't the risk that every book ends up tied with one vote.

But it's up to you, just making a suggestion.

One other thing, if there's a tie for the top-voted book, what should happen? Should the book that reached his votes the fastest be chosen?

Sorry to nag you but discussing the rules is actually a source of entertainment for me. lol

message 18: by Melina (new)

Melina Martin (tuesdayparade) | 6 comments Hmmmmm... well, since we have almost as many options as members, maybe each person could get two or three votes? Ranking or something?

I'm not sure how the polls can be set up on this website, but that could be a solution to the problem Sérgio pointed out.

message 19: by Brian (last edited Aug 26, 2011 06:53PM) (new)

Brian Dickerson (bcdickerson) | 5 comments My suggestion is something outside of my normal reading. I suggest Superman: Red Son or Allstar Superman Vol. 1

message 20: by Jana (last edited Aug 29, 2011 03:34PM) (new)

Jana (Jazziegirl2010) | 9 comments Take care, Ken! And all others who are affected by Irene. May she wimp out...

message 21: by Ed (new)

Ed Nemo (Ed_Nemo) | 3 comments My suggestion is: Midnight Nation by JMS.

message 22: by Ed (new)

Ed Nemo (Ed_Nemo) | 3 comments No Problemo.

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