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**Start RP**

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(We are going to need a hospital when the wars over)

βεℓℓα のαωη ((there's a war?))

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((Yes but it's paused))

βεℓℓα のαωη ((was it from the ball?))

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(Not a clue)

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((Nope. Just people duking out their hatred the old fashion way. Tyler we never got to RP cause my internet died. Wanna RP at the lake?))

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Ryquer looked at her.

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"We can still see him." He said.

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"I'm sorry." Ryquer said, pulling her into a hug.

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"I'm here for you." He said, into her hair.

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"Do you want me to come in too?" He asked.

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Ryquer nodded.

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He followed her in

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Ryquer smiled at Chris. "Hi, I'm Ryquer, like she said."

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Ryquer laughed. "Believe it or not, but girls are amazing."

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"She's one of those amazing girls." Ryquer answered, glancing at her.

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Ryquer smiled and looked at Chris.

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"She cares about you." Ryquer said, before following her out into the hallway.

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He wiped her tears away. "Hey, he's your brother, you love him and care for him."

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Ryquer pulled her into a hug.

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Ryquer buried his face in her hair.

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"It's okay." He replied.

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Taylor walks I with Aryll in his arms next to rain. Doctors quicktl rush over with a bed, and take her away.

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Rain waits in a coroner watching him.

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Taylor walks back over to rain. "They'll care for her and replinish her blood supply, fix damaged organs," he tells her.

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Rain nods.Good I still feel like a horrible earth keeper though.I'm suppose to keep monster like him out of earth.Mother nature is going to be very upset

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It wasn't your fault that he exists. There must be a.balance between good and evil for the world to properly function he thinks to her, taking a seat.

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Rain licks her paw and then over at him.Yes this is true.I'm glad you came.I do not know what I would have done if I had to save her and fight him

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Taylor smiles. Your welcome I suppose he tells her.

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Rain snortedWell at least I didn't have to call my brother

((Did you see the doctor who marathon yesterday?))

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((What? Holy crap there was a Marathon? DAMN IT!))

Taylor nods. is it fun beinga mountain lion?

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((Yeah it was great. And they showed the new episode for the session))

Rain grinsThe most fun

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Taylor laughs. "Being a gaurdian great. There are too many rules though."

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Rain laughed.Yeah I have rules too but I like to take them like guidelines

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Taylor smiles. "Generally I do that same. Today I felt the urge to follow the rules like an idiot."

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Rain smirks.Yeah I know what you mean

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Taylor smirks as a doctor comes out. "Are you a family member?" He asks. Taylor nods. "Her brother." The doctor hands him some forms to fill out and leaves.

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And you lie easily.Very nice angelRain grinned

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"If we want to get in after they stabalized her, I need to be family. They can't see you, so your good," he tells her, easily breezing through the form.

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Rain nodded watching him closely.Yes I would. For Shia I must make sure she is ok.He is a delicate demon

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Taylor laughs. "I know. I've been watching Aryll for some time, and checking up on shia to make sure he wasn't something I'd need to constantly watch."

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Rain smirked.Yes now I watch him

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Too different things created for the same purpose. That's what we are. he says, finishing up the forms.

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Rain nodded.That we are

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Taylor gets up, and hands in the forms. After about half an hour, he is told he can see Aryll. "Come on then rain."

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Rain followed him to see Aryll.

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As they come in, Taylor sees Aryll is still unconscious. She's hooked up to a ventilation tube, and a blood drip. She has bandages around her throat.

((Under her gown as well but you can't see that))

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*Sea* !Vegas! (seavegas) | 268 comments Siara walks through the halls

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Rain walks to the side of the bed. She puts her front paws on the bed to get a better look at her.Poor thing.I'm glad she's alive.Shia is going to be happy to hear that.

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