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message 1: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments Here we are. :D

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments YAY!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I don't particularly want to do a fantasy since I've got a few going... is that okay with you guys?

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I'm not sure. let's brainstorm some ideas until she comes back!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I agree. um, I was in a couple of cool rps that died that we could try... One was a modern fantasy with an interesting plot and another was an angels and daemons... with no real plot...

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I was for a bit, but I left.. I was thinking of one in a different group.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Hm... I'll do a modern fantasy. All my rps just take place in medieval times or earlier, so I just want something a little different.

message 8: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments I like the Angels and Demons idea.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I'll do either.
The modern fantasy i was in had elves and faries and such, but in the modern world. And the plot involved some freak monster that began mass killing and one character was involved in an organization that was researching these daemons.

so which should we do

message 10: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments Yes! Let's put them together! See, it's a modern world with a lot more fantasy creatures, but the Angels and Demons have control over the world and they are the ones in a battle, and they use the humans and creatures to do their battle.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I like!!

message 12: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments Great! We can have characters in any creature or form, but we should use them wisely and make them fit in with the story. We can have angels, but not God. We can have demons, but not the Devil. Got it?

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments sweet! And would adding Fallen Angels or Banished Daemons be too complicated for a roleplay?

message 14: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments No we can add those as well, plus powers. It'll all work out, and it will be so cool. If you don't mind, I absolutely LOVE being villains...and I'm a fair villain as well.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Go for it! I'll be good or bad, as the roleplay demands it. :)
What ratio of angels:daemons:civilians do we want, or does it not matter?

message 16: by Hylian Princess (last edited Aug 17, 2011 03:13PM) (new)

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments I want a devil! hehehhe >:)
oooooooo someone could be Lucifer's son! He could be a major character! (since Lucifer himself is off limits)

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments i couldn't play him right though... Maybe Misty could?

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments bang pow! lol :)
I'll probably make a few characters...

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Yeah, I'll have at least two.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments So,should we start making characters?

message 21: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments Great! Okay i gtg though, sorry!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Aw ok! See you guys later!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Oh sorry!! I forgot to post!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Name: Fia
Gender: F
Age: looks 20, but is older than dirt
Species: Devil
Appearance: tall and slender, long dark hair and purple eyes.
Personality: sausy, flitty, (to be roleplayed?)
History: tba

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments wow, my charrie sheet looks lame...

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments nah! Okay, I have two angel charries already made that I could use. Pick one: Celia, Ariella or a new charrie.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ok!!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Name:Ariella ((Her name means "lion of God"))
Age: idk yet
Gender: F
Species: Angel
Personality: fun loving, happy, hard-working

History: tba
Other: She's a pretty high ranking angel

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Heeeey Misty!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments We miss you!

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments :E

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments hehe:)

message 33: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments Sorry fellas :)

Name: Soren Hayes
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Description: He has brown hair and brown eyes, but his hair has bleached streaks of blond from the sun. His eyes are flecked with gold pigments from the light. His muscles are lean and powerful, but he's not stocky and showy with them. He has long, slender fingers and a ring on his ring finger with the symbol of an even arm-cross, for pre-christ.
Personality: To be rped.
Race: Angel
Power: Angelic powers that apply
Other: None for now.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments am too!

message 35: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments :) I have to type up my short story with the time i have, since my home computer is busted, so I can't rp immediately. I gotta let joey read what I have so far with this story. :)

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ok

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments me too.

message 38: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments No no not THIS story, it's a short story I'm writing.

message 39: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments It's really good. I should send it to you to read. :)



Soren glanced out his rear view mirror, watching his home town fly away in the dust. He looked at the road and saw the opportunity for a new life. He was going to snatch it, because if he didn't, he knew he was going to have a hard time finding a new one.
He had to hide his identity. And his last girlfriend found it.

He had to flee.

message 40: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments ((No don't say that!!!!! You're just roleplaying with a girl who wrote a novel.... and anyway, I'm sure you're perfectly good.))

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ((I have ideas for stories, but my trouble is finding a deeper conflict.... If that makes sense?

So, do the angels and devils live amongst the others or do they live in heaven/hell?))

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ((okay! And on occasion they're called back to heaven/hell for emergencies/other important reasons?))

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ((of course!))

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ((uuuummm...... ask Misty. It was her idea))

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments The lid to the sanitary bin fell back into place with a loud clang after Ariella angrily tossed her soiled latex gloves inside. She washed her hands vigorously and splashed the cold water on her face. She stood there for a short moment just rubbing her forehead before she felt a hand on her shoulder.
"Ariella," Liz said softly, "It wasn't our fault, he would have died no matter what we did. We did our best." Liz gave Ariella's shoulder a squeeze before leaving her in peace. Ariella knew the man's death wasn't her fault but she couldn't help but beat herself up a bit every time one of her patients died. At least telling the family the sad news wasn't the surgeon's job.

message 46: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments ((Yes. War.))

Soren reached over and pulled a map up to the steering wheel so he could look at it and drive at the same time. "Hm." He murmurs to himself. Kansas was only a few hours away. New state, new life. That should do it. He gunned the engine and the '67 mustang zoomed down the dirt roads of friendly Nebraska.

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments Ariella looked at the clock.
"My shift is over, I'm going home," Ariella told Liz, "But don't hesitate to call me back in if you need my help." Liz nodded and waved as her friend removed her operating coat and tossed in the laundry bin before leaving.

Ariella hadn't been home two minutes before she had contacted her brother who was still stationed in heaven.
"Hey Aeillus," she began the conversation.
"Who are you checking up on this time, Ariella?" Aeillus sighed.
"His name was Jonathan Lawrence."
"Did you even know him?"
"Ariella, if you keep this up we'll have to drop your rank low enough that you can't contact us on your own any more. Just because one of your patients dies doesn't mean-"
"Stop Aeillus! You've given me this lecture before. But are they really thinking of cutting my ranking?"
"Just stay focused on your business on earth. We'll take care of things here. Good bye sis!" And with that her connection broke. She sighed and plopped onto the couch, cradling her head in her hands as she thought things over.

message 48: by Hylian Princess (last edited Aug 19, 2011 09:04PM) (new)

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ((okay couple questions... how do we wanna work angel/devil situation; I've seen it done a couple of ways: One, angels/devils are born like humans would be (so they're like a species of their own) and those humans (or in our case, humans, elves etc) that die are just reincarnated. Angels and devils, of course, never die. Two: We follow the more common religious belief and the good souls become angels after death and the bad devils.
What's your vote?
Second question: I just had Ariella contact her bro in heaven... do we want that to be a mental connection or through a cell phone or other such device?))

message 49: by Misty (new)

Misty | 14 comments ((I like the angels after death depending on their souls, but they don't know they were dead before.

I don't care who they make contact.))

Hylian Princess  (HylianPrincess) | 1445 comments ((okay! And when do we want our charries to meet?))

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