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Iran > The Blind Owl: A Novel from Persia. Sadegh Hedayat

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A. Fedosia | 2922 comments Sadegh Hedayat, author of The Blind Owl, translator D.P. Costello, is said to resemble Edgar Allan Poe, some of whose writings involve characters' insanity. The main character of The Blind Owl is an artist who decorates pen cases, drinks a lot of wine, uses opium, and mentions the properties of the Mandrake plant. He realizes he always paints one scene of a cypress, a man, and a girl,
...the subject of all my painting...consisted always of a cypress tress at the foot of which was squatting a bent old man like an Indian fakir. He had a long cloak wrapped about him and wore a turban on his head. The index finger of his left hand was pressed to his lips in a gesture of surprise. Before him stood a girl in a long black dress, leaning towards him and offering him a flower of morning glory. Between them ran a little stream.
One day, this scene unexpectedly becomes real. Looking through an aperture/window, he briefly glimpses the girl's magical eyes. It is the thirteenth day of the festival Nouruz, a day of picnicking. Anguished, he looks everywhere to find her, until the black-robed girl/image enters his house, lays down, and feels coldly dead, the painter experiencing a plethora of physical and psychological affects...

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