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Ashley What do you think of Winona and Mark's relationship? What about how he reacted to his daughter and Noah going to the prison? Do you think he was justified?

Do you think Winona will be elected?

Any and all thoughts on Winona reopening Dallas' case. Good idea? Bad idea? Predicted outcome?

Jencey/ (Jencey) | 409 comments I like Winona and Mark together. It isn't a conventional relationship. I thought that Mark helped open up a side of Winona we hadn't seen. I am sure that Mark wants to back his mother up and her testimony.

Winona's relationship with Mark helped her to see Vivi Ann's side of the relationship with Dallas and growing closer to her nephew has only helped matters.
I think reopening the case was not only a gift to her nephew but her sister.

Ashley It seemed to me that they fell into a relationship really quickly... Do you think so?

Jencey/ (Jencey) | 409 comments I agree. I think they both met needs that the other one had. Sort of a temporary solution.

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