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Boy or girl? Cause I want to be the girl but i don't want to be rude, and what should we RP about?

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I know one thing. I am NOT romance person. Maybe a little romance, but sure as heck not a lot. And, yeah. I like the idea of witch and wizard. You can make yours first, if you like.

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Um, ok. And it doesn't matter much if you can't see the link. I'll make a description, but you have to tell me first.

Name: Nausicaa
Age: 14
Gender: F
Species: Witch(Not evil)
Appearance: (With glasses.)
Personality:Happy, funny, shy, brave, and loyal to her friends.
Family: None.
Brief Bio: Family died mysteriously.
Crush: Dusk
Other: Always has a camera and a wand in her book bag, which she always carries around. Also has a glider. Colorblind.

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((Let's start.))

Nausicaa walked around.

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She went to the baseball field, and sat on the bleachers, alone, because a game wasn't going on, and she took out one of her favorite books, and started to read.

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Nausicaa didn't notice them coming.

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Nausicaa looked up at the crack of hitting the ball. She raised her eyebrows at the kid running.

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Nausicaa sighed and got up. She went over to the field. "Can I play?"

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"I don't care."

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"Great." She stepped up to the plate.

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She missed.

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She missed again. "Try throwing a curveball. Those are my best shots at hitting."

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She hit it with an ear-splitting 'CRACK!', and it went farther outward than she had predicted. She ran but estimated, and stopped at second-base, right when one of the outfielders picked up the ball and threw it to second base. She slid, and it was safe.

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((Wait, he's in the field?))

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((Is she? I am so confused.))

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((Me, or you? Because are they on different or the same team?))

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Nausicaa got ready to run.

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"Come on, come on..." She whispered to herself.

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((She didn't run.))

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"Yes!" She ran straight to 3rd base then straight to home.

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She jumped and slid.

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"Out or safe?" She said after she had touched the base.

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"Yes!" She got up and stepped away.

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Nausicaa was psyched.

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Nausicaa whistled. "I have to go. See you guys some other time." She grabbed her book bag and headed away, and her wand accidentally fell out of her bag, and she quickly picked it up and put it back in her bag, blushing and hoping nobody noticed.

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She kept walking, thinking, 'That was so embarrassing? What if one of them saw it?'

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Nausicaa sat down at the edge of the lake. she took out her wand and waved it around and made the water move around so it bended it to make a story.

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Nausicaa noticed a small light, but didn't think much of it, and made a water tower.

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Nausicaa looked over and saw red sparks, and then smoke. She ran over to the place where it was and found the boy from baseball unconscious. She quickly brought her wand out again and used it to summon water to splash lightly and kindly on his face.

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" 'He' disappeared. Are you alright?"

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She waved her wand and touched his forehead with it, and tried to cure the headache.

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"Sorry. The wand usually works for me." she took it off his forehead and put it down. She put her hand on his forehead to make sure he wasn't getting a fever.

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"Wait! If you break it, something bad will happen. Trust me, I've done it before."

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"Dude. Do you see this wand?" She held up her wand, which looked very special. "This wand is my 15th wand. It's made from petrified bark and a pheonix feather. It can't be broken. You break that, you'll get the worst wand in history." She looked like she was trying very hard not to uselessly try to break her wand by setting it on fire. "this can make you very powerful. It can also make you very vulnerable, and very weak."

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"Goody. I wish that I didn't need this. But, you don't need my help anymore. See ya." She ran off, accidentally left her wand behind.

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She couldn't hear him.

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"Yes?" She said, still running.

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"Oh. Hold on, I'm headed for the lake!" She jumped off a cliff, (big enough to seriously hurt someone) and landed nimbly on her feet. "C'mon boy! Since I don't know your name, but c'mon!"

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She sat down.

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"Thanks." She took it.

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She smiled back. She looked at the shore of the lake.

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"Wanna go for a swim? Cause I'm not waitin' for you!" she jumped up and dived into the lake, with all of her clothes on.

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She used her wand to put a bubble around herself, keeping her dry, but giving her a view of the lake perfectly.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

She went up. "Need a bubble, or do are you fine?"

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