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Gonzalinho da Costa Gonzalinho (last edited Mar 03, 2012 07:11PM ) Aug 08, 2011 07:39PM
I haven't yet purchased the book but I intend to. Why is the title, "When the Trees Say Nothing"? Is this a line from Merton's poetry or his writings? Could anyone tell me?


I have already purchased the book. Excerpt:

Why do I live alone? I don't know. ...in some mysterious way I am condemned to it. ...I cannot have enough of the hours of silence when nothing happens. When the clouds go by. When the trees say nothing. When the birds sing. I am completely addicted to the realization that just being there is enough, and to add something else is to mess it all up. It would be so much more wonderful to be all tied up in someone...and I know inexorably that this is not for me. It is a kind of life from which I am absolutely excluded. I can't desire it. I can only desire this absurd business of trees that say nothing, of birds that sing, of a field in which nothing ever happens (except perhaps that a fox comes and plays, or a deer passes by). (page 177)

For Merton, the silence of the trees is a fullness, not an emptiness. The trees say something.

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