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message 1: by Dutch (last edited Aug 08, 2011 12:21PM) (new)

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments What does this have to do with martial arts?... Oh wait I just answered my own question: NOTHING.

You've spammed this message in all 223 groups that you've just joined.

I would delete this thread if I was Goran, but instead, I will get in to the ready stance.. and give it a sudden, sharp jab with my leg, then balance back, cutting it swiftly with my right elbow. Double kick with my right leg, and leap back in to a defensive position awaiting my next move!.......

Before making her profile private just now, I was able to see that Melissa just joined 223 groups to copy/paste this message on all the boards within an hour or so, regardless of the groups' descriptions. :)

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments LOL Yes, Melissa, of course she is. Maybe you could have paid attention to that when you branded the book as YA sci-fi romance paranormal. But now lookie here! Now it's a martial arts book! But nonetheless, thanks for spamming this message in 223 groups, this one included.

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments Oh wait, I forgot..

**Reverts to defense mode to give high kick to the spam, punches with left hand, pulls and flips spam with right, flips backward and turns again in defense mode towards the spam!**

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments **Circles spam in ready-mode.... this is no ordinary spam, as it talks back!... Alas, I will need help from other members - I am determined to avenge this group's dormancy with all my strength! I can only tackle so much of this spam before I tire!**

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments **Foolish spam! Thinking it just needs automation to spam, whereas copying/pasting/joining groups and soliciting their work without developing a relationship within the group can give the same result!**

**Kicks, punches, jabs furiously**

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments Wow, ok, so her page is now private (I guess she didn't like how anyone could view how much she spammed this message to every group she just joined).. she leaves the group.. and I have flagged her original message as spam. :)

Interesting morning so far.

Goran Powell (Goranpowell) | 31 comments Mod
Been on holiday so didn't see this thread until now. It seems that the main protagonists have ended their battle now... so i'll leave it as it stands. (Don't want to be too hard on the author as I know how hard it is to get a book off the ground!!)

message 8: by Dutch (last edited Aug 17, 2011 09:43AM) (new)

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments LOL! I'm sorry you missed her original message. Then you would have understood.

Hey, I'm all for promoting a book on space monkeys who fall in love and can read minds, but it was obvious her audience wasn't in a martial arts group. :)

Barbara Langley | 12 comments Hey: Just joining this thread. If anyone is interested in reviewing martial art books and DVDs, please contact me. Best if you have some background in martial arts. Regards,
Ummmm. Am I offending anyone with this message? Sorry if I am.

Dutch (dutchess) | 46 comments If you mean me, Barbara I'm not offended! I wasn't the only one who thought the original message was spam and that's why I was razzing her. I do know that in fact, she had her message deleted by GR and was sent a warning, and she was also intrusive in many other groups that didn't support the focus/genre of her book, and those messages were also deleted.

Barbara Langley | 12 comments Thanks Dutch...meant no harm. Just hard to find good reviewers with some martial arts background. I'll be real careful not to offer it again. I don't want the GB gods on my case! Thanks for the info!

Barbara Langley | 12 comments oops! meant GR gods.....oh, well, you know what I meant!

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