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Brad (judekyle) | 1639 comments It worked so well last time we're going to do it again, although it will have to be slightly different because of the way Kim Stanley Robinson's book is structured. This should provide discussion options for everyone.

1. Each week this month I will be adding two sections from the book as topics. If you want to, you can aim to read the two sections within the week. Each thread will be about one of the two sections. No spoilers.

2. Read as fast as you want, read at your own pace, and jump into the usual theme based discussion topics (these topics will also be added as we go. I have a bunch to put up, but I won't be putting them all up at once, so please be patient, and suggestions are always welcome (thanks alreday, Qylie). Just let me know).

3. There will be one big thread for anyone who prefers to discuss the book that way. There may be overlap between that big thread and our smaller threads, but that's okay since not everyone will be using all the threads.

Of course, if you read the whole thing fast or are already finished you can jump into the chapter discussions as they appear.

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